Is Hillary Adams More Into Fame and Revenge Than Trying To Enlighten People About Child Abuse?

Thank you to the Blogger who calls herself the Duchess of Hackney.

The Duchess has rightly described the Judge Adams situation as a public carnival, and Hillary as the girl who “will not shut up.” The Duchess is right when she points out the analogy of Hillary as “running with scissors.”

The Duchess is reporting that Hillary has now revealed in a tweet that her father is addicted to pain killers. Hillary alleges in a tweet:

“He used painkillers, morphine, and even fentanyl lollipops, which are supposed to only be for the terminally ill.”

Who goes around exposing their father’s addictions on Twitter for Heaven’s sake!? Who does that? Spiteful, ugly, thoughtless, unloving human beings –that’s who.  Then, when someone asked Hillary about her father’s drug use, Hillary replied:

“No idea, that was something that happened before I was sentient as far as I know.”

As the Duchess wisely remarked, how can Hillary publicly accuse her father of  this alleged drug use when she isn’t even sure if it’s true? Is her mother telling her this stuff? I find Hillary’s mother to be an instigator, and a vengeful woman who is orchestrating a lot of bad behavior.

Hillary having been a victim as a child and teen is no longer even in my radar. She has successfully caused me to have little sympathy for her, and to now have sympathy for the man who beat her. Hillary has totally deflected from the subject of child abuse and turned herself into a passive-aggressive victimizer.

Hillary is no defender of children or voice for abuse survivors. I don’t want her in my camp, that’s for sure.

I think the Duchess is totally right on when she points out that Hillary has now jumped on the “fame” bandwagon. Hillary sure seems to be enjoying the media spotlight, plane rides around the country for interviews, and all the free hotels, meals, and luxuries that go along with it.

The Duchess quotes Hillary:

“I still say you’re not famous until someone stops you in public. Hasn’t happened yet, I can still run around unnoticed!”

The Duchess writes:

“I don’t know if to blame [Hillary and her mother’s] behaviour on the alleged abuse they claim they suffered or just a reflection of their true personalities.”

Good question Duchess, because there is no real way of knowing. Some people, victims in childhood or not, are just plain selfish, self-centered people.


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3 Responses to Is Hillary Adams More Into Fame and Revenge Than Trying To Enlighten People About Child Abuse?

  1. little nel says:

    Linda Tripp with her tapes and Hillary Adams with her video. Nobody likes a whistle blower!

    Nobody wants to see a charming president like Bill Clinton or handsome intelligent powerful judge exposed by unauthorized tapes and videos.

    If only Bill hadn’t left sperm on the dress…if only Hillary had not taped the lashing…

    If only Hillary will just “shut up!”…and quit enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.

    • Alethea says:

      I think Hillary ought to shut up and deal with this within her own family; and the court system should be involved with Judge Adams presiding over child abuse cases.

      Clinton was a national betrayal. This was a betrayal within a family from a number of years ago. No Youtube was needed.

      But I have always found it disturbing that Clinton was impeached for lying about having sex in the White House, but Bush, who is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent victims in illegal wars, has been uplifted and supported by much of America. For the record: I am NO Clinton fan. I was just making an observation.

      • little nel says:

        I think that Hillary should take a look at her childish behavior and immature thinking, and fortunately, that requires some maturity on her part.

        She may very well be on the road to maturity, when all the dust settles, and she realizes, “Oh, shit, I fucked up. I let my stress and anger dictate my behavior, when all I wanted was for my father to apologize and validate my pain, like mom did.”

        Hillary may have very well found a solution to a problem, and that solution would encompass lifelong resentment and estrangement. I don’t foresee “the reconciliation” with her father that she claims that she wants, ever.

        I agree, that the mom many very well be using Hillary’s issues, with her father, for selfish motives.

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