Some of the Harsh Realities of Child Sexual Abuse: Blotter

Alabama, 06/30/02

“Ricky Lawrence Jackson, 41, was arrested earlier this month on charges of first and second degree rape, first and second degree sodomy, and incest involving an underage girl. Katrina Blagburn, Jackson’s 33 year old niece, alleges years of sexual abuse by her uncle who is seven years her elder. She said she was 5 and her uncle almost a teen when the attacks began. He often babysat her and would slip into her bedroom late at night. By age 6, she said, she had been raped. One Christmas Eve, the uncle forced her to perform sexual acts. By age 9, she said, she realized her uncle was abusing her. When he slipped into her bedroom at night, she fought and pushed him off but he fought back, both mentally and physically. “He said, ‘You have sisters,’ Ms. Blagburn recalled. “From then on, I felt that as long as I kept his attention on me, they were OK.” By the time she was 12, her uncle had sexually assaulted another girl, she said. That’s when she finally told her mother.

I have to say, a lot of children tell an authority figure about being sexually abused, when the abuser starts to molest another child. They tell because the abuse has stopped, not to stop the abuse. I have NO IDEA what the case was here, but I find it interesting that the girl used the word “attention.” Some children do tell to stop the abuse from happening to their siblings or another child. But there can be a lot of jealousy and confusion in the victim, who thinks that the abuse is good, feels good, or gives them attention or special favors.

Michigan, 6/1/08

“Kirk Coleman, a 27 year old former Army paratrooper, is accused of raping his 3-month old daughter in Michigan.  He has pleaded guilty to attempted child abuse after prosecutors agreed to drop charges of criminal sexual conduct and child abuse.  Coleman faces up to five years in prison.  The baby suffered brain damage and broken bones, she is unconscious and needs a ventilator to breathe.”

The punishment for the crime of raping his 3 month-old daughter is only five years in prison????

New York, 10/23/03

“A 38 year old West Hempstead man pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to charges he videotaped himself engaging in sexual activities with his 6 year old daughter. He and his wife were both arrested by FBI agents on similar charges in November 2001. The wife has pleaded not guilty and plans to go to trial, using as a defense that she is not competent to be convicted. They were arrested as part of a nationwide probe into an Internet site dealing in child pornography. In his plea, the father admitted to engaging in 13 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. He faces between 14 and 19 1/2 years in prison when he is sentenced. The couple has been held without bail, pending the outcome of the charges.”

Ha! “Not competent to be convicted.” That’s a good one.


“Amber Bauer, 13-months-old, was allegedly fed a bottle of juice poisoned with windshield washer fluid and sexually assaulted by her 14-year-old uncle, Braxton Bowers. The teen is accused of allegedly mixing windshield washer fluid with juice in a bottle and giving it to her after baby-sitting for several hours and the baby scratched him while he was changing her diaper. Juvenile Court Judge Steven Nash cited Bowers’ history of arson and the “fundamentally brutal, vicious crimes” he is charged with in the December 6th, 1999 death of Amber. Defense attorney Adam Brenner argues the boy did not know the fluid would kill her.”

Who the fuck leaves a 14 year-old boy alone to babysit a 13 month-old girl? Total idiots, that’s who.



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One Response to Some of the Harsh Realities of Child Sexual Abuse: Blotter

  1. What we have here are a number of savages who attack children and babies as the opportunity presents itself.

    I have to ask myself, “Why the savage violence towards defenseless babies?”

    There is no rehabilitation for people who are capable of that type of behavior. Put them away for good or let the “experts” who defend them take personal and professional liability for the next heinous act that they commit.

    These people are not human, they are savages, who “eat the young.”

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