In the Wake of Penn State, Education About the Effects of Sexual Abuse is Vital

The Examiner –“Our focus has not been upon alleged serial child sex predator, Jerry Sandusky and his alleged victims. Perhaps it’s time to share the cold, hard facts about child sex predators and their victims. The only fact that needs to be shared regarding alleged serial child sex predator, Jerry Sandusky is that where there are 8, there are most likely 800.”

Yep, that is absolutely correct. Male pedophiles have a high rate of having countless victims, who never come forward.

“Psychological effects of sexual abuse:

  • Fear – Sexual abuse is usually accompanied by coercion, bribery or threats. The child is afraid to tell because of what the consequences might be. e.g. punishment, blame, abandonment or not being believed.
  • Helplessness/powerlessness – Children in this situation often feel that they have no control over their own lives or even over their own bodies. They feel that they have no choices available to them.
  • Guilt and Shame – The child knows something is wrong and blames him or herself not others. The offender will often encourage the child to feel that the abuse is his or her fault and sometimes s/he will feel that s/he is a “bad” person.
  • Responsibility – The offender often makes the child feel responsible for keeping the abuse a secret.
  • Isolation – Sex abuse victims feel different from other children.
  • Betrayal – Children feel betrayed because they are dependent upon adults for nurturing and protection and the offender is someone who they should be able to trust. They may also feel betrayed by a non-offending adults who they feel have failed to protect them.
  • Anger – Not surprisingly this is one of the strongest feelings, which many children have about their sexual assault. Children may feel anger against the perpetrator and also against others who they feel failed to protect them.
  • Sadness – Children may feel grief due to a sense of loss, especially if the perpetrator was loved and trusted by the child.
  • Flashbacks – These can be like nightmares, which happen while the child is awake. They are a re-experience of the sexual assault and the child may experience all the feelings a gain, which they felt at the time. This is also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

— Please note, that when the child becomes an adult, the triggers are often SUBCONSCIOUS, and the person might feel anger or rage, or they may over-react to a seemingly benign situation, but will not consciously know why they are behaving or feeling badly.

“Long term effects as an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse often include the following:

  • Depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping.
  • Low self esteem.
  • “Damaged goods” syndrome. i.e. negative body image due to self-blame. This may be intensified if physical pain was experienced during the abusive incidents.
  • Dissociation from feelings to the point of living an emotional “double-life.” (or a feeling of being separated from life and others).
  • Social isolation.
  • Relationship problems such as an inability to trust, poor social skills or a reluctance to disclose details about themselves.
  • Self-destructive behavior such as self-mutilation or substance abuse.
  • Sexual difficulties such as fear of sex or intimacy or indiscriminate multiple sex partners.” (and for those who are abused by an adult of the same sex, confusion about their sexual orientation).
  • “Parenting problems such as fear of being a bad parent, or fear of abusing the child or being overprotective.”

…and the author of this article left out all the physical problems that many survivors of sexual abuse have as adults.

“So while everyone is busy arguing whether or not Joe Paterno should have been fired and speculating the ulterior motives of Governor Corbett’s support for the removal of Graham Spanier, as a society, do we not have a moral obligation to do all the we can to support the victims?”

Yes, and that support includes condemning those who know about abuse and do nothing to stop it, or even holding them criminally liable.


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17 Responses to In the Wake of Penn State, Education About the Effects of Sexual Abuse is Vital

  1. Shana Dines says:

    Do you know how old McQueary, spelling, was when he witnessed the abuse with Sandusky? I have mixed feelings, seems he was the age as Sandusky’s son, I heard, Seems like he should have shit kicked Sandusky, don’t know if he was fearful and just reported it or what. What are your feelings and knowledge of this. All makesme sick

    • Alethea says:

      I think he was young. I have yet to read the report. But I don’t buy the excuse. If it had been a puppy that Sandusky was beating or raping, I bet those guys, regardless of their age, would have stopped it.

      Something happens when it is a child victim. Some strange psychological phenomenon happens for so many adults to allow so many children to be sexually abused. Maybe they blame the child. Maybe those guys thought the good old boy was having a man-boy “love” relationship with a teenager and didn’t think he should get involved.

      I don’t know. It’s all pretty baffling.

      • Andre' says:

        I think a lot humans are bitter and dont like other people even if they are children. probably from the abuse cycle of history

        • Alethea says:

          That’s a good point Andre’… Maybe even especially if they are children. There is a history of child abuse within entire societies that is not so distant. Just two centuries ago, adults used kids to see if a home was still infected with the plague. If the kids died, the home was not safe to live in. Children were buried alive inside bridges, in ceremonies, when the bridge was built. There are endless stories like this in recent history.

          • Andre' says:

            In ancient Rome, the Rome they dont teach about, the elite had sex with what was considered “non freeborn” children. Also they didnt distinguish between sex with a man or woman. So this has been going on a long time. I believe there are isolated towns all across the united states, that engage in this. Its just one of those things that are covered up.

            • little nel says:

              I read that the youngest, son of Marie Antoinette, was sexually abused by males and females, as a means to defile him physically, mentally, and spiritually, by his French revolutionary captors, because his family was Catholic. It made him insane and he died from the abuse at age 8.

  2. SurvivorSunshine says:

    Awesome post! I tweeted it so more people will CLEARLY see the devastating, life changing effects of child sexual abuse. My ex-husband is dead because of a pedophile adopted father who preys on little boys who are poor, without fathers and have mothers who are desperate for ANYONE to help care for their many kids. I skeptically watched him from afar and heard stories of his supposedly selfless attempts to assist these mothers and let these boys live with him for months or years at a time. It all never sat well with me but I had no proof of abuse because I stayed away from him to protect my own children. Thankfully, he was never around them much in order for them to even know him. Finally after six years of us being together, my ex admitted he was abused as a child. However, his father moved constantly and my ex cut us out of his life to bond again with his father. I became the enemy in his family for encouraging him to stand up and report his father. He ended up slipping deeper into his alcoholism so I left the area with our kids and he died in a drunk driving motorcycle accident two years later. I still blame his dad for EVERYTHING. I can’t wait until he gets what he deserves just like Sandusky. What’s done in darkness will eventually come to light.

    • Alethea says:

      Sunshine, again, I am so sorry for your loss and the emotional turmoil you must have lived during the time with your ex. I only wish that all mothers were as protective as you were.

      • little nel says:

        I agree with Alethea, Sunshine. The turmoil of living with an alcoholic is tremendous. Alcoholism always ends in insanity, death, or incapacitation unless the sufferer finds sobriety.

        You are so much more courageous than those “sissys” at Penn State. Give your brain a kiss.

  3. little nel says:

    Sandusky preyed on children who were broken. He didn’t care if he destroyed them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    The rest of his “team players” ignored the laws that protect these children and that equals a lack of leadership and courage.

    These “titans” of college sports are disappointing as human beings.

  4. Andre' says:

    “After retirement, Sandusky hosted many summer football camps and was active in The Second Mile, a children’s charity he founded in State College, Pennsylvania in 1977.[9] President George H. W. Bush praised the group as a “shining example” of charity work in a 1990 letter,[10] one of that president’s much-promoted Thousand points of light encouragements to volunteer community organizations.[6] Citing Sandusky’s work with The Second Mile charity to provide care for foster children, then U.S. Senator Rick Santorum honored Sandusky with a “Congressional Angels in Adoption” award in 2002.[11]”

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