Time Magazine Wants To Make Casey Anthony Person of the Year: Please Vote NO!

I think it is disgusting that Time magazine would even consider making a sociopathic, lying, child murderer (in my opinion) as “Person of the Year” and put her photo on the cover.

Even if you think her daughter drowned, and that Casey went into some incest-induced trauma trance…. remember that she never tried to help her daughter after that alleged drowning. She made her brother, and those who loved Caylee, suffer for months. She defamed an innocent person (Zenaida Gonzales). She made thousands of people give up their lives to search for Caylee, and she wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people’s money in that search. She also let her daughter’s body rot like trash and get eaten by animals in a swamp.

Please vote no by clicking here:


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4 Responses to Time Magazine Wants To Make Casey Anthony Person of the Year: Please Vote NO!

  1. SurvivorSunshine says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t become a journalist like I always dreamed of as a child. The whole damn profession has been reduced to sensationalism and the exploitation of anyone’s life, especially the innocent that have been victimized or murdered (Caylee). Basically selling one’s soul for ANY story that will sell magazines or papers. I’m sick to my stomach over giving that witch anymore attention. I don’t even want to vote on their website because I feel it’s a ploy to get more traffic.

  2. little nel says:

    Isn’t an incest-induced trauma altered state, that resulted in “party girl personality disorder” coupled with “throw the baby’s body in a swamp to rot compulsion” and “Zanny the Nanny obsession”, after the accidental drowning of her child, a good reason for putting Casey on the cover? Especially, now that she is faced with people who hate her because they don’t believe her explanation?

    This is truly a “special” case and Casey is so “special” in every way. Just ask her, but which personality do I ask?

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