The Cowards at Penn State Who Saw the Rapes, Didn’t Even Physically Defend the Children

I just realized something. I have not read the grand jury report, but I understand that there were at least two grown men who walked by the showers, on two separate occasions, and both witnessed (allegedly) Sandusky orally raping, or sodomizing a child.

Violence in the form of self-defense is morally acceptable, as is the defense of another person, especially a child.  Not only did these two witnesses do nothing to have Sandusky arrested and removed from society, but neither of them physically defended the children. A man cannot just walk by and go make a call, or report the acts the next day. He also has to physically defend the child in that moment.

As a woman, I probably would not be able to overpower Sandusky, and would have to get help, but these were two grown men who saw the (alleged) oral rape and sodomy.

And someone else made a great point today on the Anderson Cooper show: The boys probably thought in that moment, “It’s over, someone just saw this happening. This will finally stop.” But when nothing was done, the boys were betrayed a second time.

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7 Responses to The Cowards at Penn State Who Saw the Rapes, Didn’t Even Physically Defend the Children

  1. SurvivorSunshine says:

    Found a link to a blog expressing exactly what I was saying-

  2. SurvivorSunshine says:

    I’m gonna throw this out there and play devil’s advocate but have no proof to back up this theory since the kids’ identities are protected. I truly believe the kids were MINORITIES and that is one of the main reasons they weren’t protected. I’m not shouting racism but it’s along the lines of those men having a disinterest because that kid is NOT part of their inner circle, family, neighborhood, etc. So if they’re seeing them being abused, oh well that’s sad, but not going to make them feel motivated to save or protect them and possibly lose everything in the process.

    Does anyone know what ethnic background the victims are from?

  3. JoLynne Mendoza says:

    I agree what cowards..I to am very upset over this. THese grown men could have help/saved this child and did nothing. And 9 yrs later say something..I’m sick …They are just as guilty as Sandusky..There should be charges also brought against them. If they would have done something then in 2002 just think of the other boys that would not have been violated as well

    • Alethea says:

      That’s right JoLynne! I forgot about that! Had all those men DONE something about children being orally raped and sodomized (allegedly), they most likely would have STOPPED other oral rapes and sodomy on children by Sandusky. I am almost certain that Sandusky, if guilty, has had many many other victims since he was witnessed raping boys at Penn State (allegedly).

  4. The whole thing, looking into that child’s eyes and then walking away.. I can not wrap my head around that.

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