Alleged McQueary E-Mail Says He Thinks He Did Something

(STATE COLLEGE, Pa.) —”A day after the former Penn State assistant football coach who is charged with sexual abuse of boys declared his innocence in a television interview, an email surfaced from a key witness against him, saying he stopped an alleged attack in the team’s showers.

The Nov. 8 email from McQueary to a friend, made available to The Associated Press, said: “I did stop it, not physically … but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room … I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police …. no one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds … trust me.”

I’m sorry, but if this is an authentic account of McQueary’s e-mail, he did not physically stop it, and Curley and Schultz are charged with not alerting authorities, and Paterno allegedly never followed up or called police, and because Sandusky was never arrested and was allowed to continue in his “normal” activities. The alleged abuse was NOT stopped.

“He told the friend that he felt he was “getting hammered for handling this the right way … or what I thought at the time was right … I had to make tough impacting quick decisions.”

The grand jury report issued Nov. 5, the day Sandusky was charged with 40 criminal counts for alleged sexual abuse against eight boys over 15 years, goes into considerable detail about the March 2002 incident. McQueary was putting sneakers into his locker late on a Friday night when, the jury said, he saw Sandusky having sex with a young boy.

He left, “distraught,” and contacted his father and then head coach Joe Paterno, jurors said. McQueary later met with athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz to describe what he had seen, the grand jury said. Curley and Schultz are charged with not alerting authorities to the report and lying to the grand jury. Paterno lost his job last week, but has not been charged and is not considered a target of investigators, state prosecutors have said.”

So which is it? The email says he went to police. Did he? Or was it merely campus police? Or did he just call his father and then tell Curley and Schultz? He says he left the locker room “distraught.” Well, I am certain he was no where near as distraught as the little boy who wanted to be rescued, but wasn’t.

“The grand jury report detailed a 1998 investigation by Penn State police, begun after an 11-year-old boy’s mother complained that Sandusky had showered with her son in the football facilities. Then-District Attorney Ray Gricar declined to file charges.

Another apparent missed opportunity came in the 2002 incident that McQueary reported to Paterno.

The case took on new urgency about two years ago, when a woman complained to officials at her local school district that Sandusky had sexually assaulted her son. School district officials banned him from school grounds and contacted police, leading to an investigation by state police, the attorney general’s office and the grand jury.

Sandusky’s next court date is Dec. 7, when he is due for a preliminary hearing in which a judge would determine if there’s enough evidence for prosecutors to move forward with the case.”


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3 Responses to Alleged McQueary E-Mail Says He Thinks He Did Something

  1. little nel says:

    McQueary believed at the time that he stopped the abuse, but in hindsight he did not. He believed that he “did the right thing” but in hindsight he did not.

    He said that he was “distraught.” Why didn’t he get angry and tell Sandusky what a pervert he was?

    My brother got angry when he found my mother’s boyfriend in our shower and told him what a pervert he was, just because he called out my name and said that he had leopard briefs he wanted to show me in the shower.

    McQueary should have been “outraged” at the sight of a man in his 50’s who looked like he was sodomizing a 10 year old child.

    He should have called the police immediately and reported it.

    • Alethea says:

      Little Nel, McQueary is merely making excuses for himself. Instead of admitting that he should have physically stopped Sandusky, called police, and then follow up on the matter when nothing was ever done…he chose to allow other people to “do something.” Other people, so he could then say to himself, ‘I did my duty. I reported it to the school authority, my hands are clean.’

      The human self does not like to be criticized or told it is wrong. McQueary is making excuses for himself because he is being called on his bad act. He knows deep inside that he did not stop it, and did not do the right thing. His conscience, and self-punishment will probably get to him for the rest of his life. I have sympathy for him to have to live with that.

      Your brother had more conscience and more goodness in him than McQueary and the others who brushed it under the rug.

      • little nel says:

        I agree, Alethea.

        There seems to a deficit of “goodness” at Penn State where children are concerned.

        Sandusky has done a thorough job of exposing Penn State’s lack of goodness and lack of integrity at the highest levels.

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