How Much Did Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Know?

“Jerry Sandusky allegedly molested at least six victims in various locations. Given how close Sandusky and his wife were, are we to assume she knew absolutely nothing? Was she just as blindsided by the allegations as we were?

She helped Sandusky raise their six adopted children. She was his partner in the Second Mile foundation that was seemingly constructed to lure in and abuse children.

Even so, if the scandal was widely known about throughout the Penn State community as many believe, it’s hard to believe she knew absolutely nothing about it.

Everyone wants to know exactly what Dottie Sandusky knew, but just like many matters in this case, it’s tough to sort out who knew what, the mystery and the most troubling question of all, “Why didn’t anyone say anything?” –

Nine times out of ten, these women know, suspect, have heard, or otherwise been given several clear indications their husband is a child rapist. But most of the time, these women ignore all the evidence -and sometimes even direct knowledge- and they do so for their own self-convenience and self-comfort.

I have no idea what the case is here, but if you read some of the comments made by the wives in similar sex abuse cases, you can assume that Dottie Sandusky might very well have known.

This is especially true since Sandusky was left unchecked for decades, thinking he was above the law, given the fact that when he was allegedly seen raping a child, nothing happened to him.

I just hope people don’t start saying that because Dottie is a gray-haired “nice looking older lady” that she could not have known.

Click here and here to read similar sexual abuse cases, where the wives did know.


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8 Responses to How Much Did Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Know?

  1. Patti S. says:

    I cannot help wondering about his “6 Adoptive” children, if they have also been victim’s?

    • Alethea says:

      Me too Patti. If they were, they might have blocked it out. I read that one of them said Sandusky and his wife gave them a life that they could not have had otherwise. People, who have an ideal image about their perpetrator, often psychologically block trauma and emotional pain inflicted by the perp because the perp is their sole provider and they have an emotional bond with them that would be jeopardized if the child were to remember and deal with the betrayal.

  2. little nel says:

    Most women who are married to men who are high profile, like Sandusky, get lots of false reports of infidelity. They also get some true reports.

    I don’t see how Sandusky’s wife could have known about the sexual abuse that happened on campus, away from home, with all the covering up that was done. Inside the home is a different story.

    It seems that the wife is always the last to know about her man’s sexual exploits away from home, unless she’s the “fornication police” and does lots of investigating or hires a detective.

    The rumors are never ending for women married to high profile men.

    • Alethea says:

      Rumors of infidelity are one thing, a rumor of child rape is quite another, and she would be a blind idiot to count such a report as being false without doing some investigation. Regardless of false reports, most women know or suspect when their husband is cheating on them for many years.

      Any man, who is brazen enough to rape a child in the showers, in plain sight with coaches and janitors in the building, is a man who does not hide his crimes.

      • little nel says:

        It is highly likely that he preyed on “troubled” kids because they have a propensity to lie and deieive.. It was his word against the child.
        I have seen cases where foster parents only took “troubled teens who have a history of lying,” so they have a built in pre-approved alibi when one is accused of sexual abuse

        Judge Adams, the batterer, said it best, “children lie” so they are not credible witnesses. This seems to be the standard attitude in family court when there is no evidence to support claims of abuse.

        “Troubled children” have issues that tend to make them capable of lying, stealing, and hiding things.

        I’m sure Sandusky lied to his wife many times with prepared alibis. I don’t see her as a part of Sandusky’s “secret sex life” on campus.

        As far as investigation, she probably asked Joe Paterno about any rumors of child rape on campus in the showers. Who knows what he would have told her. I don’t think that she was part of the cover up at Penn State. I think that the cover up gave Sandusky license to “take risks” on campus.

        • Alethea says:

          Oh you bet Sandusky chose his victims like that. Same thing that Michael Jackson did.

          There is an article that says Sandusky is accused of molesting kids in his basement, so not all of it was on campus. Little Nel, I don’t know why you don’t see her as being a person who might very well have known or suspected something.

          We see what we want to see; we hear what we want to hear; and the statistics are against her.

        • SurvivorSunshine says:

          They were troubled BLACK kids, so many that knew didn’t care what happened to them. Most media reports aren’t bringing this up because they are afraid not be PC but I can’t help but think this is a major reason people looked the other way. I think it explains so much of the decades-long cover ups and apathy toward stopping Sandusky. He got away with abusing so many little black boys because NO ONE thought it would make any difference either way. They definitely didn’t think they would lose their jobs, positions or whatever was important to them. They probably thought those same ” troubled” kids had it worse off where they were living. I know it sounds bad but I’ve seen and heard that line of thinking from people in my own life. The wife probably knew and just didn’t care about her husband’s perversions with black children.

          What ethnicity are those adopted kids? Have we heard anything from them?

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