USA Today Reporting the Janitor At Penn State Didn’t Report Sandusky Because He Was Afraid To Lose His Job

“A Penn State janitor, for instance, told fellow workers in 2000 that he had just seen Sandusky having oral sex with a boy. The janitor was terrified he’d lose his job if he reported on someone as powerful as Sandusky, who had been Paterno’s most prominent assistant. That suggests whistle-blower protection laws might help as much as laws punishing failure to report.”

The rest of the article is about mandatory reporting laws, but this piece of information verifies what I have said all along.

I sure hope the janitor still has the job he sold his soul for.

Victims have no chance in this world with adults like this in it.


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5 Responses to USA Today Reporting the Janitor At Penn State Didn’t Report Sandusky Because He Was Afraid To Lose His Job

  1. little nel says:

    Obviously, this janitor was threatened by his employer. I read that he went to the campus police and was really upset when he reported what he saw.

    Can you imagine how smug Sandusky must have felt when nothing happened after getting caught? He must have felt like a god who could get away with anything on campus.

    • Alethea says:

      “He must have felt like a god who could get away with anything on campus.”

      Yep, especially when the janitor and McQueary saw that nothing was going to happen to the child rapist that they reported to their superiors, and they continued to keep their mouths shut. I wonder if there are any photos of McQueary and Sandusky buddy to buddy, enjoying games, hanging out at parties etc etc….AFTER McQueary found Sandusky in the shower with the boy?

      I would bet YES.

      • SurvivorSunshine says:

        I would bet YES, too. They all feel like Gods after decades of abusing kids and not getting caught. I’ve been posting about how I think they all ignored the victims because they were poor black boys from broken homes. My personal experience with this dynamic is my ex-husband’s adopted father was a light-skinned black police officer, fairly articulate and well-liked in his neighborhood, who I think preyed on and sexually abused hordes of Puerto Rican boys from broken homes and poor neighborhoods around the city. He finally married my ex-husband’s mother, poor and able to speak very limited English, when he was close to 40. She was the mother to two attractive Puerto Rican little boys and provided open access to all of her relatives. I believe he went on to abuse dozens or more of them over a 30 year time frame. I overheard many of HIS black relatives say who cares what happened to those Puerto Rican kids when we’d hear about them going to jail for domestic violence, drug use, theft, etc. They disregarded and dismissed them because they weren’t their blood relatives. They talked about how angry they were when he married this poor Puerto Rican woman who barely had anything in common with him. He paraded around like he was invincible and would do anything to help these little boys when their mothers couldn’t financially care for them. He was so manipulative and created dissension amongst the boys and their mothers as they got older. I’m sure many of them (like my ex) were enraged that their mother’s basically pimped them out to a sicko for money and stability. He coaxed them into a codependency with him because he was their only friend and confidant. I’m sure that’s exactly what Sandusky did to his victims.

      • little nel says:

        Ouch! McQueary and Sandusky are both perps! “Birds of a feather”

  2. Andre' says:

    Imus in the morning was saying that this probably went all the way up to the governors office. I believe that. Americans have no idea how big this is. They are sports addled.

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