Old Men, Grandmothers, People With AIDS: Sex Offender Blotter

“New York , 09/29/06  –Ariel Berlin, a 73 year old former screenwriter, was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday for sexually violating a 5 year old girl in her Lower East Side bedroom as the girl’s transsexual father, who had set up the tryst, sat nearby, in drag, watching. Berlin met the father through a telephone dating service and express interest in the girl after seeing her picture and the father obliged. The father is now serving 15 years for repeatedly molesting the girl himself.”

This goes to show that even 73 year-olds have the capability and desire to sexually abuse kids. I have heard some people comment about why they don’t do something about a perpetrator they know. They say, “Oh, he’s old, he isn’t doing that anymore.” Ha!

New York, 01/09/04 –“A 17 year old timid girl told Brooklyn jurors yesterday how her AIDS-infected father turned her into his personal sex slave when she was 10 and repeatedly raped her until she was 16.

She said her father started abusing her in early 1997 and continued every month after that. She said he would take advantage of her while her mother worked full-time, caring for the sick and elderly in their homes.”

To knowingly infect a child with AIDS is pure evil.

New York– “Joseph Bullard, a.k.a. Jo-Jo, a 26 year old man, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on charges that include first degree rape and first degree sodomy. It all started when a 54 year old Mastic grandmother traded her 15 year old granddaughter for crack and allowed a man to rape and sodomize her. When the woman showed up one night in August 2002 at the nearby Poospatuck Reservation looking for crack cocaine, all she had with her were some stolen boxer shorts and her granddaughter. She found a drug dealer known as “Jo-Jo” and offered the boxers in return for some crack, but he refused. She asked to buy drugs on credit, but again he refused. Then Jo-Jo looked at the granddaughter and said, “She looks cute.” After getting her drugs, the woman shoved the girl toward Jo-Jo, telling her to go with him and give him a kiss. He took the girl about 10 yards away behind a house and raped and sodomized her. “The little girl was screaming for grandma, and grandma didn’t come to her aid. After the assault Jo-Jo made the girl urinate, which can wash away DNA evidence of sexual assault. Then at home, the grandmother made the girl shower, further removing any physical evidence. The grandmother initially was arrested in August for endangering the welfare of a child, but is now also charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy under the legal theory that she acted in concert with the assailant. Bail was set at $20,000 cash and if convicted, she faces up to 25 years in prison.

Bullard’s bail was set at $25,000.

Before any witnesses testified against him, Bullard pleaded guilty February 10, 2004 and ended the trial. Bullard was sentenced February 24 to 6 years in prison. The 15 year old girl walked to the front of the courtroom and while reading from a sheet of paper, said to him, “You have caused me to do something I never did before. You have taught me to hate. You have taught me to hate my grandmother.” On the day the girl was to testify, he accepted a plea deal for the lesser charge of first degree attempted rape. Just before his sentencing, he told the judge he had been pressured into admitting guilt. Bullard was also sentenced to 5 years’ post-release supervision.

The grandmother was formally sentenced to six months in prison yesterday but she walked free out of the courtroom because she had already served more than twice that time while awaiting trial.”

Interesting. The girl blames the man for her hatred of her grandmother, when her grandmother is the one who made the conscious choice to sell her granddaughter for sex, to do nothing when her granddaughter screamed, and to even cover up the crime.

Six months in jail. No justice here.


Washington, 08/10/02 –“U.S. Customs Service officials announced charges Friday against 10 American and 10 Europeans involved in “the club,” a group of parents who sexually molested and photographed their own children and swapped pictures over the Internet. Forty-five children were victimized, including 37 Americans ranging in age from 2 to about 14. The suspects are men except for Bente Jensen of Denmark, who was charged along with her husband, Eggert. Among the U.S. citizens charged since January are chiropractor Lloyd Alan Emmerson of Clovis, California, who has pleaded not guilty, and eight others named in a federal indictment unsealed Friday in Fresno, California. Jeffrey Naimo of Killeen, Texas, has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. This was a joint investigation with the Danish National Police that reached Belgium, Germany, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands. More arrests are expected. Authorities are still trying to identify children in some of the pictures.”

New York, 01/20/08– “A 12 year old Staten Island girl who fell asleep in school woke up crying and blurted out she had been raped and molested by her father. The girl’s 41 year old father was arrested later that day and charged with rape, second degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. He was ordered held on $100,000 bail.”

The subconscious mind is strongest when we sleep. She must have been dreaming about the incest at the time, and it leaped over into her consciousness as she woke up.



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