Expert On Memory and Abuse Co-Authors Book About Casey Anthony and Her Daughter’s Death

Casey Anthony: What REALLY Happened to Caylee? And Why Truth Matters
Wendy Murphy JD
Charles Whitfield MD
Barbara Whitfield RT

“In the most compelling and comprehensive account of this trial, the authors go below the surface to explore what really happened to Caylee. Wendy Murphy JD gives us a gripping analysis of the trial that captured a nation. Filled with facts that were never discussed at trial, this new book raises important questions about evidence the jurors never heard, and which has been hidden from the public.

With a century of combined experience in child advocacy law, psychiatry, psychology, and grief counseling, the authors analyze the story clearly and in striking depth. Charles Whitfield MD shows us how to recognize and prevent this kind of child abuse and neglect and details core issues between Casey and her family. Barbara Whitfield shows us how to grieve such a lossand what we can do right now to find meaning in Caylee’s death.”

Charles L. Whitfield MD wrote the book, Memory and Abuse: Remembering and Healing the Effects of Trauma. That book helped me greatly when I first began to remember the trauma and incest that my police-officer father put me through when I was a child.

Charles L. Whitfield, M.D., is a physician, psychotherapist, and internationally recognized expert on mental illness, behavioral problems, and recovery. It will be interesting to read his take on Casey Anthony’s attorney claiming she suffered from an incest/trauma-induced state of dissociation and denial to the point of her developing what one of my readers, Little Nel, calls, “party-girl personality disorder” after her daughter died.

In the book, the authors claim to answer:

  • Is there evidence that someone other than Casey killed Caylee?
  • Who else had access to Casey’s car ?
  • Is there a real “Zanny the Nanny”?
  • Did Cindy lie about searching the Internet for “Chloroform”?
  • Is there something suspicious about Casey’s friends?
  • Was any evidence sealed from public view by court order?
  • Is there evidence that Casey was pimping Caylee for sexual purposes?
    (This one above is particularly interesting to me. There may be some evidence of this.)
  • What’s the real reason Casey failed to report Caylee missing for 31 days?
  •  Did Casey abuse or neglect Caylee?
  •  What is child abuse and neglect?
  •  What dysfunctional core issues did Casey and her parents exhibit?
  •  How can we prevent another similar death?
  •  How can we make meaning out of this tragedy?
  • What is a likely future for Casey and her parents?
  • What can we learn from this painful story?
I just ordered this book. I’ll keep you posted as I read it.
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