Family Member Accuses Jerry Sandusky

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — “A former Penn State assistant football coach accused of molesting boys for more than 15 years faces two new claims of child sexual abuse, including one from a family member, but both are unfounded, his lawyer told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Attorney Joseph Amendola said one claim against Jerry Sandusky stemmed from a Sandusky family dispute, and he characterized the other as an example of people trying to mimic other allegations.

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg first reported one of the new claims involves a family member.

“That doesn’t surprise me, because we believe there would be a number of copycat allegations, people who really maybe not even had direct contact with Jerry but … try to jump on the bandwagon,” Amendola said.”

My guess is the family member is a boy.  Men and boys rarely lie about having been sexually abused by a man.

“Jump on the bandwagon?” Oh yes, because it’s so fun and rewarding to lie about child sexual abuse, lie to a court, be shunned and ostracized by family/neighbors/friends, and to go through the fear that people will think you are homosexual when you are not (this is something victims of same-sex abuse go through).

“Amendola said he plans to attack each allegation against Sandusky, with an alleged assault in 2002 — in which then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary told the grand jury he saw Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy about 10 years old — “the biggest one we’ve decided to attack first.”

A man who Amendola said told him that he might be the alleged victim in 2002 went in to talk to the lawyer after the grand jury report was released Nov. 5.

“He says Jerry didn’t do anything sexually to him, not only that night but any other night, so we’re attacking that one first,” Amendola said.

Translation: Sandusky’s attorney is going to attack the victims.

Of course the victim might be denying any sexual abuse took place. If he is the boy from the grand jury report, and he was sodomized or orally raped by Sandusky, he is probably harboring profound shame and does not want to expose himself in such a way. Some victims are strong enough, and have a good support system. Some victims are not, and have no support system.

“Apparently, Mr. McQueary golfed and socialized with Mr. Sandusky after March 1, 2002, conduct that is inconsistent with Mr. McQueary’s testimony: Most people do not socialize with individuals they believe to be child-rapists,” the lawyers wrote.”

Ha!! What a joke that is. Many people golf, go on vacations, have parties for, buy gifts for, socialize with, and even have sex with people they know are having sex with children. Wives, girlfriends, and family members do it all the time with the perpetrators in families of incest.

Just like I said in another article, I bet there are photos of McQueary buddying it up with Sandusky after seeing a child being raped by him. McQueary’s behavior is nothing new under the sun.

If the Grand Jury report is accurate, McQueary, the janitor, and the University staff have all behaved like an incestuous family –protect the perpetrator, deny the abuse, and act as if nothing happened.

Update, 11-26-11, Fox News is reporting it’s his grandson.


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2 Responses to Family Member Accuses Jerry Sandusky

  1. SurvivorSunshine says:

    I’m really not surprised at these allegations. Sandusky is a serial pedophile, so any child of his preference is fair game. Even his own blood. Disgusting!

    I wonder if it’s the son of the estranged daughter-in-law who got a court order barring her children from ever being alone with him? I hope so!

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