Imperfect Justice, NO Justice, No Sense

Jeff Ashton’s new book, Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, is hard to put down.

I’m not stoked on the title. I think it would have been courageous if Ashton had instead used the title created by the clever person who runs the Facebook page, C.M.A: Child Murderer Acquitted. The Facebook page refers to Lee Anthony repeating “C.M.A” at Caylee Marie’s memorial service. It was evident that he was referring more to his sister, Casey Marie Anthony, than the victim, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Anyway….within the first few pages, Ashton remarks about the jury’s few short hours of deliberation, and that they didn’t ask to review any of the jailhouse tapes or Casey’s conversations with law enforcement. Ashton has three decades of experience, and the vast majority of his murder cases have resulted in a conviction. He says the jury’s refusal to review evidence was highly unusual for a case of this magnitude. Although Ashton didn’t say it… this is just further proof that the jury didn’t want justice; they wanted to go home.

The book immediately puts the reader in touch with small details that were forgotten during the trial, but were absolutely key pieces of evidence ignored by the jury.

Within the first few pages, we are reminded that, on June 16 2008 (the last day anyone saw Caylee alive), Casey, with Caylee in the car, pulled away from the Anthony home in her Pontiac Sunfire, after telling both her parents that she and Caylee were going to stay with the nanny for a couple of days –a nanny, who was invented long before the so-called drowning accident.

I do not understand, in any way, how the hell the jury could have ignored the fact that Casey made up the fictitious nanny BEFORE the day Caylee was last seen alive. Where do the jurors think Caylee was when she was allegedly with “Zanny the Nanny” (Zanax?) all those time before Caylee died? Why the hell does the jury think Casey would invent a nanny and pretend her daughter was with the nanny, long before the alleged “drowning accident” if it was an accident?!

A mother, who is committing no nefarious acts, and has only good intentions for her child, does not invent a nanny and pretend her child is with the nanny, when no one really knows where the child is, because there is NO nanny!

In the next few pages, we are reminded that it was Casey Anthony who abandoned that Pontiac Sunfire, which undeniably smelled of a dead body. It was not George Anthony who abandoned the car. The evidence clearly showed that Casey abandoned that car –an abandoned car with the smell of a dead body in the trunk.

Stay tuned, more about the book in the coming days and weeks….

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  1. Eileen says:

    This case has handled so haphazardly, much like the O.J. Simpson trial, wherein the jurors were sequestered from hearing vital and crucial evidence that would have put both criminals behind federal bars. I have a feeling that Casey, along with O.J. will eventually reoffend in a way that puts her where she belongs, in a federal prison for the rest of her natural life. And, I also believe that she killed Caylee to get back at her mother.

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