The Jurors in the Casey Anthony Case Committed a Moral Crime

With the turn of each page in Jeff Ashton’s new book, Imperfect Justice, it’s evident that Casey Anthony, and only Casey Anthony, is responsible for the murder of Caylee Marie.

The evidence in the book computes differently from hearing it on television during the trial. The book makes things more concrete, more real, more serious. On TV, and in the media, it was more like a circus. But when Ashton details the scene of the 911 call from Cindy Anthony, and Casey finally speaking to authorities during the call about Caylee being gone, it reads very much like cold-hearted Casey trying to buy herself more time. In NO WAY do Casey’s lies depict a traumatized person who is suddenly confronted with reality.

Casey’s words clearly indicate a woman covering for herself…. not a traumatized individual, still dissociating from a traumatic incident, and told by her father to lie.

Casey Anthony’s lies were always to cover her own ass, not to cover up George’s alleged poolside drowning/ hide the body/don’t tell anyone caper.

(This photo was taken 3 days after Caylee died. Three days.)

Ashton’s book shows how the intricate, detailed lies about “Zanny the Nanny” and her apartment, where Casey says she had “looked” for Caylee after she was “taken,” were lies that were all too pre-planned, too thought-out for a traumatized woman. Trauma does not drive a person to pre-plan detailed fabrications. Self-protection and pre-emptive strikes to authority with hard questions are what drove Casey Anthony’s lies.

When Casey was caught having gone to the Fusion Bar partying and dancing for the cameras, she told police she had gone there to look for Zenaida Gonzales because she was ‘known to frequent the bar.’ This is not a person who has been traumatized into a state of dissociation and thus, functioning ‘as normal.’

No. This was nothing but a big fat lie to explain the “beautiful life” she was now living without her child.

Re-reading the evidence in Ashton’s book makes the verdict in this case, even more disturbing. I would go so far to say that if Casey Anthony ever harms another child or another person; each of those 12 jurors is morally liable.

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3 Responses to The Jurors in the Casey Anthony Case Committed a Moral Crime

  1. pamela judd says:

    The jurers in casey case should hang there head in shame

  2. Shana Dines says:

    I hope the day comes when she is held accountable for the murder of little Caylee.I have to get Jeff Ashton’s book.

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