If George Anthony Committed a Crime Involving Caylee’s Death, Then Why Did He Push Casey To Speak Privately With the FBI?

Notes from Imperfect Justice:

During the very first visit at the jail between Casey and her parents, George Anthony tried to get Casey to reach out to law enforcement. Casey rejected the idea. George and Cindy returned to the jail later that day for a second visit with their daughter. After a warm and personable exchange between George and Casey, George became happy when Casey agreed to speak with the FBI.

On July 30th 2008, George Anthony told Casey at the jail that he had arranged for her to meet with the FBI. Casey immediately tried to manipulate the terms of that meeting by making it seem that she would speak more freely to the FBI, but only if she could go home. George told Casey the family did not have enough money to bail her out, and he cried during that conversation. He begged Casey to to do anything she could to get help for Caylee.

Casey Anthony

On August 14 2008, the Anthonys had their last conversation with Casey at the jail. Again, George Anthony encouraged his daughter to stop allowing Jose Baez to talk for her. George tried his best to coax Casey into talking directly to the police. He even suggested that Casey send a letter to the sheriff’s department to request a personal visit between herself and the sheriff’s investigators.

By late July, a short time after Casey Anthony was arrested in suspicion of the murder of Caylee, she was already trying to implicate Jesse Grund. This woman has no conscience. If she would quickly try to blame her daughter’s murder on her ex-fiance, then she would just as easily try to implicate her own father.

My questions for the jury:

If George Anthony committed a crime involving the death of Caylee, why would he have pushed Casey to speak privately with the FBI and the sheriff’s department?

Who throws large garbage bags, full of stinking trash and scented dryer sheets into the trunk of their car, and who puts a scented dryer sheet in the trunk itself, in order to cover up the smell of a dead body? Who does this? –an experienced homicide detective…or an immature, inexperienced, young woman who killed her child? (and please note that Casey’s boyfriend, Tony Lazarro witnessed Casey abandoning the car).

Furthermore, who is more likely to throw a dead child’s body just off the side of the road, right down the street from the family home in a lazy attempt to cover up a crime? Who? –an experienced ex-homicide detective… or a lazy, self-centered, immature mother who murdered her child?


Source: Imperfect Justice by Jeff Ashton

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  1. little nel says:

    Casey may be a lazy, self-centered, immature, murderess but she knows that talking to the police will not help her to escape the fate of a cold-blooded criminal.

    Jose made her a free woman and a star. It’s a “no brainer”.

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