Was Casey Pimping Out Caylee?

Where Was Caylee When She Was Supposed To Be With the Nanny?

The fictitious nanny was around long before Caylee Marie was killed. Evidence shows that at least a year before Caylee was murdered, and even from the spring of 2006, Caylee was with unknown persons many times. During the murder investigation, several people testified that Caylee was not with Casey for extended periods of time, and that she was also not with her grandparents, Lee, or any other person known to Casey’s friends or family. The person, or persons who Casey said had her daughter, were always referred to as “the nanny” by Casey, but there is zero evidence that any such nanny existed.

Several witnesses told authorities that during the early part of 2008, while sleeping at friend’s apartments (Casey’s boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, also testified to this), Casey and Caylee would be asleep in the same bed when everyone turned in for the night, but that Caylee would be gone by morning. Casey told everyone that Cindy Anthony had called during the night and wanted her granddaughter brought home to her, but evidence and statements show that Casey never took Caylee to Cindy’s house in the middle of the night.

Who called Casey in the middle of the night? Why would a mother wake her child, or move her child, in the middle of the night to take her somewhere? Who did Casey leave Caylee with? What would be the purpose of taking Caylee to an unknown location, with unknown people, in the middle of the fucking night, if not for nefarious reasons?

Who are these people that had consistent access to Caylee, on and off, for nearly two years?

Where was Casey getting all her money during those two years that she wasn’t working, but was lying about having a job?

Sure, she stole some money here and there from friends and family, but not nearly enough –or consistently enough– to support a lifestyle of monthly cell phone bills, clothes, tattoos, night clubs, drinking, food, hair cuts…the list is endless. And that’s just items and entertainment for Casey. It doesn’t even include what Caylee needed on a daily basis. George and Cindy weren’t sporting Casey’s lifestyle, nor were they paying for Caylee’s expenses all those times that Caylee was missing with “the nanny.”

Casey seemed very desperate for money after Caylee was murdered. Was this because the pimping had stopped?

Small children go for a high price as a sexual abuse victim.

By all evidence, Casey was searching the Internet for how to make Chloroform. Did you know that Chloroform not only knocks a child out to be sexually abused, but that it also causes amnesia in the victim?

Chloroform and Zanax (“Zanny the Nanny?”) are commonly used for the sexual exploitation of children, and both are known for their ability to keep the victim from remembering frightening experiences.

Chloroform is cheap and easy to make. Casey could also have been searching the Internet for how to use the drug, in order to silence Caylee, who was nearing the age of verbal expression.

Remember George’s suicide note? He said he was going to “go after these people Casey hung with prior to Caylee being gone. That is why I got that gun. I wanted to scare these people. You know, they know more than they have stated, you cannot sugar coat, kid glove these people. They need hard knocks to get info from.”

Many people, including myself, have noticed the dark circles under Caylee’s eyes in numerous photos of the toddler. Do a Google image search for Caylee Anthony, and you can easily see them.

Casey Anthony was a woman with no conscience. She lied and stole from friends and family –even her own grandmother. She took friend’s cars without their permission. She lied to friends and family about things that would, and did, affect their lives in a major way. Casey tried to implicate her ex-fiance’, who loved Caylee very much, in her murder.

Casey Anthony was a manipulative, cold-hearted, calculating liar who did whatever she wanted to do; no matter who it hurt. She crossed boundaries with people, she was self-centered, and had no regard for others. She most likely has a murderous heart. Do I think she was also capable of selling Caylee to low-life, or even high powered, sexual perpetrators? You bet I do.

No one wants to think that beautiful little Caylee might very well have been sexually abused, over and over again, by degenerates and high-powered child sexual abusers. But this is a fact and reality of life, and people’s denial system perpetuates these crimes.


Source: Casey Anthony: What Really Happened To Caylee? –And Why The Truth Matters, Wendy Murphy, JD,  Charles L. Whitfield, MD, Barbara H. Whitfield, RT. 2011

Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, Jeff Ashton and Lisa Pulitzer, 2011

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7 Responses to Was Casey Pimping Out Caylee?

  1. koolkitten says:

    Also, it wasn’t Tony Lazzaro that reported Caylee missing in the middle of the night, it was Ricardo Morales. Tony was Casey’s boyfriend at the time of Caylee’s disappearance. Tony NEVER allowed Caylee at his apartment at night, but he welcomed her there in the daytime. Casey couldn’t go there at night with Caylee, hence IMO one of the biggest reasons why she wanted Caylee gone. I do respect everyone who is a Caylee warrior, but please research your facts people, they are out there. Read the document dumps and transcripts. If only the jury had…

  2. koolkitten says:

    Casey wasn’t cashing her grandfather’s social security checks. Her grandmother had given Casey a check for her birthday. She never cashed it (it was for a small amount) but instead used the information on the check to steal. The bottom left of every check contains the banks routing number, the bank customers checking account number, and also the individual check number. She paid a $384 cell phone bill by logging into her cell phone account, and using the pay by check option and entering the information from the check she received as a gift. She also paid for Caylee’s 2nd birthday party using
    one of her grandparents checks. I’m not sure which account the birthday party money came from, but the
    account that the cell phone bill was paid from was the account linked to the nursing home her grandfather was living in. The nursing home was the only entity that legally had access to write checks on that account. Charges were forthcoming, that’s another mess that Cindy somehow talked Casey out of. The information is out there, just search through the document dumps.

  3. little nel says:

    Only a monster who is capable of killing a child, without remorse, and throwing them away like trash, could pimp out a toddler.

    There are mothers who have been caught pimping out their children and the motive has usually been for money or drugs, as they have “contacts” who will pay “cash on delivery.”

    Casey fits the roll of this type of monster, so every activity that she engaged in with Casey should be examined closely. She had motive, opportunity, and a lack of normal maternal loss for Caylee.

    She is capable of delivering up her daughter for cash.

  4. SurvivorSunshine says:

    I believe she was definitely “pimping” Caylee out for money. I remember reading a blog post’s comments during the trial and an anonymous reader said that the child sex ring in Orlando is huge. He/she even said that the police and higher ups were implicated so that’s why they didn’t present ALL of the evidence at trial, hence why all the dots weren’t connected. Throw in a psychopath like Casey, who has no conscience, and something went very awry. Perhaps whoever had her gave too much Chloroform so she died (or Casey did) and then she had to dispose of the little angel’s body. She drove around with her daughter’s body in her trunk and finally decided on the nearby swamp, probably hoping her dad would be blamed. I think she planned on blaming George all along.

  5. Eileen says:

    Who are these people that had consistent access to Caylee, on and off, for nearly two years?

    * Maybe, the bio dad?

    Where was Casey getting all her money during those two years that she wasn’t working, but was lying about having a job?

    * She was forging and cashing her grandfather’s social security checks, which was brought up at the beginning of the investigation.

    • Alethea says:


      Why would she pretend that Caylee was with a nanny that does not exist in order for Caylee to be with her bio father? Why would Casey pretend he does not exist and not tell a soul that Caylee was with him?

      She was cashing those SS checks every month for two years? I highly doubt it.

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