Dorothy Sandusky Probably Chose Not to See

Most of you are aware by now, that one of Sandusky’s accusers says that, while being raped in the basement of the Sandusky home, Mrs. Sandusky was in the house. The accuser says he screamed for help and no one came.

First off, it would be highly unusual for a man to make up allegations of rape by another man. Secondly, it is even more rare for a person to falsely accuse someone of child rape and to say that the wife of the accused was home at the time, and possibly ignored a child’s screams for help.

Dorothy Sandusky says the accusations are false and believes her husband is innocent.

Any honest woman, who knew nothing about her husband being a child sexual abuser, and who is faced with statements from eyewitnesses like McQueary, and faced with a Grand jury report and her husband’s own damning words in television interviews, would not publicly defend him. Some people might say she is “in denial” but my opinion is that Jerry Sandusky probably had his wife’s silent approval to abuse boys.

She has stated, “I continue to believe in his innocence.” This is an interesting comment, and it may be Freudian.  She continues to believe in his innocence. This could infer that, at the time of the alleged crimes… she had an idea, belief, or suspicion that abuse was taking place. The statement is also a form of serious denial. ‘No matter how bad the accusations, and no matter how potent the evidence becomes, I will continue to deny that my husband has harmed a child.’

Of course there is a possibility that she did not hear the child screaming. But given the fact that Sandusky allegedly felt brazen enough to sexually molest and rape children in the basement of his own home, he most likely felt safe enough to do it.

Any woman who would stand by her husband after learning all the evidence against him, and after seeing his interviews, is a woman who -for her own convenience- turned a blind eye to what her husband was doing. In my opinion, Dorothy either chose not to see, or she facilitated known abuse.

What the hell did she think her husband was doing down there in the basement with little boys?

“One civil litigation lawyer who read Wednesday’s grand jury report, Joseph T. Musso in Alexandria, Va., said he saw nothing in the victim’s statement that on its face would give rise to criminal or civil liability for Dottie Sandusky.

But, Musso said, “ordinary people will likely ask themselves, ‘How does she not know what’s going on?'”

The explanation may be complicated.

It is not unusual for family members to shut out or deny the abuse of others at the hands of a family member, analysts say.

For instance, they can do it out of fear, hopelessness, helplessness or psychosis, said Harold J. Bursztajn, co-founder of the Program in Psychiatry and the Law at Harvard Medical School.

“You have a variety of flavors of denial,” Bursztajn said.”

Yes, but denial is always self-serving. In these kind of cases, the woman usually knows something, and denies it for her own self-interests.


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7 Responses to Dorothy Sandusky Probably Chose Not to See

  1. little nel says:

    Lots of people chose not to see the behavior of Jerry Sandusky including the Chief of Police who closed the case and who just happened to be a neighbor and friend.

    What would you think if the the Chief of Police and DA closed the case against your husband and you suspected that your husband was guilty?

    I would be thinking that they were protecting him and that I didn’t have any support from LE. In fact, I would feel threatened, intimidated, silenced, and unprotected by LE. Powerless against these men who ignored the other mother’s complaints and cries for justice.

  2. little nel says:

    If my husband was down in the basement alone with a young child that was or was not a family member, and I heard the child scream, I would investigate promptly, as it is normal for me to drop everything and immediately respond to calls of distress from children as an instinctive maternal behavior. I would do it automatically.

    It is also normal for me to notice any unnatural sexual attractions by adults towards children as it is noticeably evident by the behavior and language of the adult. There are many “clues” that indicate that something is amiss and my gut feelings are “flagged” by a knotted feeling inside them.

    My gut tells me that Jerry’s wife is either the most stupid, clueless, co-dependent, who is the silent partner who doesn’t want to “rock the boat” that she is sailing in or she really believes that Jerry is innocent.

    Denial is a wonderful thing. It saved my life in childhood and it served me well, for a while, as an adult, until it chocked the life out of me and I was hard pressed to get therapy.

    Jerry’s wife may be hard pressed right now, so she is “saving face” by her statements. I have a hard time believing that she has convinced herself that he is innocent.

    Alethea’s comments about Mrs. Sandusky are reasonable and solid.

    • Alethea says:

      “Denial is a wonderful thing. It saved my life in childhood and it served me well, for a while, as an adult, until it chocked the life out of me and I was hard pressed to get therapy.”

      Sure, denial saved me for many years too. It’s one thing when denial protects ourselves from feeling our own pain, and quite another when it puts a child in harms way or allows a child to be hurt.

      Thanks, as always, for posting Little Nel. I always enjoy your responses.

  3. SurvivorSunshine says:

    The fact that Dorothy Sandusky called one of the victims to discuss the allegations tells me, without a doubt, she KNEW about the abuse. She was trying to cover-up and run interference just like a classic co-dependent co-abuser. She SHOULD face charges for failing to protect a minor while in her home. Her husband is sick and she could’ve saved many kids by exposing him a long time ago. She’s the same as Paterno and the assistant. But she won’t be maligned in the media like they were because everyone always feels sorry for the wife. Please, they are usually the FIRST to know something’s wrong with their husband. This is disgusting!

    Huge trigger for me because after my ex-husband disclosed the sexual abuse by his stepfather to me and his mom, she left our house and proceeded to call ALL of her male relatives that had close contact with her husband. She asked questions that were leading like, “He didn’t do anything to you, right?”

    • little nel says:

      I agree with you Sunshine. Jerry’s wife has her own “stinkin’ thinkin” and motives for her behavior, but the reality is that she did not cause Jerry’s problems, so the resulting public humiliation and media exposure is his fault, so she gets sympathy as another victim.

      If she failed to report the abuse, when she knew or saw something, like the others as you stated, then she is responsible for her own misconduct and all of them should be charged.

      Jerry’s wife has the least amount of power in this drama as I see it. I have seen many women who reported child abuse or other abuses against a powerful man that they were married to, get “trashed” by lawyers and LE.

      I have witnessed cases where wives reported abuses and the reports were “lost” or “misplaced” when the wives asked for copies of the police reports to prove that they reported it.

      I like your insight and observations of your ex’s mother. If she only finds one victim, then she can rationalize that there is not a pattern of abuse and your “ex”, her son, is the deceitful one, so she can choose to ignore the lies and excuses that her husband gives her. She can continue to live with her legally and morally corrupt man, who should be in jail for sexually abusing her son.

      I used to live on a pink cloud like that before it evaporated and left me sick and depressed. I came by that type of faulty thinking honestly as I was raised with it.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks Sunshine. Yes, what in the world did she plan to say to the accuser?

      “I am so sorry for what you say happened to you, but my husband is innocent.” (read: you are a liar)

      “I am calling to tell you that you are a liar.”

      “Are you sure of your memory? Or maybe you are confused. Maybe you misunderstood what happened.”


      I can think of no good reason for her to call.

  4. Andre' says:

    Lets review – Corey Feldman on Nightline. Hollywood is filled with them. Dr Tom Phitpott 1983 investigation and video “Boys For Sale” There are more boy prostitutes than girl prostitutes by 9:1, he was speculating. The Franklin Cover-Up, going up to the highest levels of The White House. Watch “Conspiracy of Silence” Then we have Brice Taylor, Kathy O Brien, with Disney and Bob Hope, if they are telling the truth. Then on a local level we had one principal, and one superintendent of high schools, courting young boys. Id say its an epidemic. You could almost say the underlying social pretext of any country is pedophilia/pederasty. Masquerading as some altruism such as education, sports, or entertainment. Just like in Roman times.

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