Sandusky Case: McQueary’s Eyewitness Account Now Changing

STATE COLLEGE — “Minutes after Mike McQueary says he stumbled upon something between Jerry Sandusky and a boy in a Penn State shower in 2002, he went to his father’s State College home seeking advice.

There, Dr. Jonathan Dranov, a family friend and colleague of McQueary’s father, sat with the then 28-year-old graduate assistant and listened to his very first account of what he had seen, a source told The Patriot-News.

According to the source with knowledge of Dranov’s testimony before the grand jury, it went like this:

McQueary heard “sex sounds” and the shower running, and a young boy stuck his head around the corner of the shower stall, peering at McQueary as an adult arm reached around his waist and pulled him back out of view.

Seconds later, Sandusky left the shower in a towel.”

Who cares? This version or the other; they both warrant taking immediate action to confront Sandusky and to get the boy the hell out of there, and then to alert police.

“That account is different from the hand-written statement obtained by The Patriot-News that McQueary provided for investigators when he was interviewed in 2010.

It’s also different than the summary of his grand jury testimony in the 23-page initial grand jury presentment.

In both of those accounts, McQueary says he witnessed Sandusky sodomizing a boy as he stood with his hands against a shower wall.”

Which I am certain is the truth, not the new, watered down, more comfortable version.

“McQueary says the pair turned and looked at him before he left.”

Sounds like Mcqueary has now convinced himself that the boy willingly participated. Notice the use of the phrase, “the pair?” As if they were lovers!

“However, Dranov told grand jurors that he asked McQueary three times if he saw anything sexual, and three times McQueary said no, according to the source.

Because of that response, the source says, Dranov told McQueary that he should talk to his boss, head football coach Joe Paterno, rather than police.”

If the above account is the truth, then you take what information you have to the police department.  You find out who the boy is, and you tell his parents. You tell your supervisor, and follow up on it when you see that the man you witnessed in a shower with a little boy, making sex sounds and pulling the boy out of sight, is still working with kids.

“Since charges were filed Nov. 4, several variations of McQueary’s story have come out publicly.

  • His grand jury testimony says he heard slapping noises and saw a boy being sodomized by Sandusky.
  • His hand-written statement to police says, “I did not see insertion. I am certain that sexual acts/the young boy being sodomized was occurring.” He says the whole incident lasted about a minute.
  • In an email he sent to friends following the firing of Joe Paterno, he says “I made sure it stopped,” something not mentioned in the grand jury testimony or police statement.
  • And now Dranov’s testimony describes a new scenario.”

An entire minute? He stood there for an entire minute listening to the slapping noises (anal rape) and did nothing?

“Spanier, who was forced to resign the same night Paterno was fired, testified before the grand jury that he had signed off on a decision to ban Sandusky from bringing children to the locker rooms in the future; however, Spanier, Curley and Schultz all deny they were ever informed a sexual assault occurred that night.

Sandusky, through Amendola, has offered yet another version of what happened in the showers. He doesn’t deny there was a boy showering with Sandusky that night, but Amendola says the child was surfing in the shower — horsing around — and never saw McQueary come into the locker room.”

Surfing in the shower! Is that the bullshit they bought?

“Instead, Amendola says, a few days later Sandusky was contacted by Curley, told that someone felt uncomfortable about what they’d seen, and Sandusky gave the name and phone number of the boy to Curley to help clear up the situation.

The grand jury report points out that no effort was made to contact the boy.”

Oh, so McQueary was “uncomfortable,” poor guy.


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