Sandusky Case: I Love Victim Number Four!

I love this guy. Not in the romantic sense. I love him for his strength, and lack of fear in the face of power, threats and backlash.

After Sandusky, the coward, waived his preliminary hearing this morning, the man known as “Victim Number Four” had his attorney release the man’s written statement:

“This is the most difficult time of my life. I can’t put into words how unbearable this has been all my life, both physically and mentally. I cant believe they put us through this until the last second….I will still stand my ground, testify and speak the truth.”

The man’s attorney said he even underlined the word truth three times.

God Bless those who find the courage to speak the truth to power.

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2 Responses to Sandusky Case: I Love Victim Number Four!

  1. little nel says:

    It does take great courage for a victim to be a witness in court against such a powerful man who had so many powerful people covering up his illegal and immoral behavior.

    I believe that statement from #4. My heart goes out to him. I know that he is under severe stress to “recant” and pretend that nothing happened because he was a “troubled child.”

  2. Tiffini Flynn Forslund says:

    It takes great courage. I stand behind #4 all the way there are so many that never come forward.

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