By Not Allowing the Accusers to Speak, Sandusky Sealed His Fate

By waiving the right to a preliminary hearing, Sandusky and his attorney have made a move that is highly advantageous for the victims, and will probably send Sandusky to prison for a long time.

I know some of the accusers were disappointed about not being able to voice their pain yesterday, but this way, the victims will tell their story face to face with Sandusky, for the first time, at the criminal trial.

When the victims finally testify, their emotions will be raw and their pain will probably surface in a dramatic way.

Some of the victims might still be repressing their pain, and might come across as lying because they are not expressing any emotion, but their shame will come across loud and clear. People who are telling the truth about child sexual abuse, especially same-sex abuse, cannot disguise the shame –even if they are repressing their true emotions.

Sometimes, after years of therapy, survivors of child sexual abuse don’t sound believable to juries because the person doesn’t testify with visible emotion. But this only happens after years of intensive therapy.

Some of the accusers will have therapy before the trial next year, but none of them will have enough therapy to wipe away the deep emotional pain, betrayal and physical trauma of having been sexually abused, or raped, by Sandusky (allegedly).  More importantly, the victims will not be facing Sandusky until their day in court, and when they see him at the defense table, it will draw their emotions to the surface.

By not allowing the victims to reveal their experiences yesterday, Sandusky has probably sealed his own fate.

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2 Responses to By Not Allowing the Accusers to Speak, Sandusky Sealed His Fate

  1. little nel says:

    I was not surprised by Sandusky’s move to waive the preliminary hearing.

    There will probably be a lot of talk about the media coverage and how it taints the ability for Sandusky to get a fair trial, him being a special “famous person” like he is, so he should get “special rights” and all that BS.

    It will be interesting to hear what those victims have to say in court, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Andre' says:

    The accusers need to put their testimonies in writing as their “first witness” .

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