Penn State To the Boy in Shower: ‘Why Did You Have To Go and Get Yourself Raped? You Caused Us a Big Mess’

Mike McQueary testified last week that, without a doubt, he told Joe Paterno about “severe sexual acts, and some kind of intercourse” happening between Jerry Sandusky and the victim in the shower.

McQueary testified that he had stopped by the campus football locker room in the spring of 2002. He heard “slapping sounds” in the shower and saw Sandusky with a naked child, “behind the boy,” who was 10 or 12 years old. McQueary said Sandusky’s hands were wrapped around the child’s waist, and the boy was facing a wall, with his hands on the wall.

Although McQueary says he never described it as anal rape or intercourse, and said he could not see Sandusky’s genitals, he stated it “was very clear that it looked like there was intercourse going on.”

McQueary also said he peeked into the shower three times. The first time he used the mirror to see them, and the other two times, he looked directly at them. By the time he looked directly at them, Sandusky had separated his body from the boy.

He peeked into the shower three times, and still did nothing to help the boy.

But there can be no doubt in any person’s mind, that McQueary saw, and reported seeing, Sandusky raping the boy. It’s like walking by a bedroom, and seeing a grown man on a bed with a naked child, hearing grunting sounds, and seeing them in a position of sexual intercourse…but not seeing the penis in the child.

So what does Mike McQueary say Paterno’s response to this information was? He “slumped back in his chair and said: ‘Well, I’m sorry you had to see that. It’s terrible. I need to think and tell some people about what you saw, and I’ll let you know what we’ll do next.’ ”

I’m sorry you had to see that? This shows Paterno’s state of mind. He did not say, “Thank goodness you were there to witness this. Let’s get that boy some help and stop Sandusky.”

No. Joe Paterno was sorry that poor Mike McQueary’s innocent eyes had to witness child rape. Paterno’s mind-set was to then cover it up.

People wonder why victims of child sexual abuse and rape don’t tell anyone what is happening and why they carry so much guilt. It’s because the fucking adults are so stupid and worried about themselves and the perpetrator.

If Joe Paterno weren’t seemingly on his way out of this world soon (due to poor health and his age) I would root for him to be charged with a crime. The crime of negligent indifference to the suffering of a child.

“Paterno said he took what he thought was the appropriate action when he told Curley, but not the police, that McQueary had seen Sandusky doing something of a “sexual nature.”

“I figured Tim would handle it appropriately,” Paterno told the grand jury. He added: “I didn’t push Mike…because he was very upset. I knew Mike was upset, and I knew some kind of inappropriate action was being taken by Jerry Sandusky with a youngster.”

“I didn’t want to interfere with their weekends, (so) either Saturday or Monday, I talked to my boss, Tim Curley, by phone, saying, ‘Hey we got a problem’ and I explained the problem to him,” Paterno said.”

He didn’t want to interfere with their weekends?! What the hell is the matter with human beings?

This is the man that Penn State students defended in a massive riot against his termination?

The behavior and words of every adult, who did nothing to help the child in this case, is quite clear:

“You mean nothing. You are disturbing our day and hurting our precious eyesight by being raped by a grown man. How dare you do that to us?”


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8 Responses to Penn State To the Boy in Shower: ‘Why Did You Have To Go and Get Yourself Raped? You Caused Us a Big Mess’

  1. Andre' says:

    “But the biggest bombshell arrived via articles by Mark Madden that appeared in the Beaver County Times. Madden asserts that Sandusky may have been pimping out young boys from his Second Mile charity group to rich PSU donors.”

    That’s why he operated with impunity for so long. This isnt just one guy. This is a child prostitution ring.

    • Alethea says:

      I have always figured SM was a front for this. Of course I have no evidence of it, but I bet the rich and powerful are frantically scampering about, trying to save their butts. I am sure they will manage to hide their crimes and Sandusky will go down.

  2. little nel says:

    It’s no wonder those boys did not tell anyone. The message was loud and clear as you expressed it, Alethea.

    The student body of Penn State holds Joe Paterno in such a high regard because weekend games take priority over a child’s rape on campus by an assistant coach?

    Joe Paterno’s “personal values and integrity” are seriously lacking.

    Jerry Sandusky did a great job of exposing the inner workings of the Penn State leadership and their failure to uphold the laws that protect children. I’m still in shock that these men in powerful positions behaved so cowardly. I thank God, they were exposed and fired for their secret dealings.

    • SurvivorSunshine says:

      Not only did Paterno expose the “inner workings” of Penn State but exposed the mentality of so MANY adults who fail to protect kids from monsters like, or worse, than Sandusky. It’s is a problem and has always been a problem because of the perceived VALUE, or lack thereof, of these abused kids. Once they are abused they are seen as even more damaged goods to be tortured, maimed and destroyed. I’m not sure a Federal mandated reporter law will change how society views kid victims. I’m just not.

      • little nel says:

        Hi Sunshine,

        You are right about the concept that defective or damaged children are less valued than their abusers because of the abuse that they had no control over.

        A predator has more value than a “labeled child” who has no voice or choice as to why they were labeled “troubled.” Sandusky knew this when he chose those boys as victims.

        We have just added insult to injury of a child who had no power to stop the abuse and did nothing to deserve it.

  3. Melinda Roberts Tyler says:

    The only thing that Mike McQueary should have told Joe Paterno was “hey Joe, I need your help because there’s a dead rapist in the Lasch building shower!”

    • little nel says:

      Go, Melinda! I wish that Mike McQueary had said that also.

      • Melinda Roberts Tyler says:

        I went to graduate school at Penn State and I had a bad experience with one of my professors (sexual harassment type of stuff). I went to the head of the department at the time and I saw the curtain come down when I started telling him about what had happened. It was clear he didn’t want to hear about it–didn’t want to hear about anything that might damage the school’s precious reputation. I’m so glad these poor kids are finally finding their voice and that someone finally started doing the right thing. The tragedy is that it took way too long. Take care! Melinda

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