Casey Anthony Trial Flashback: Casey Laughs About Her Daughter’s Skull

Notice how she catches herself… “Oops, I better not let the jury see me laughing over Caylee’s skull.”

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5 Responses to Casey Anthony Trial Flashback: Casey Laughs About Her Daughter’s Skull

  1. I am convinced she hails from a culture that has embraced idiocy from generation to generation. Yep! An area that would put someone to death with little evidence and would rely on the media to pull the weight for their combined ineptness.

    Aston sported his new book on Dr. Phil-flanked by Marsha whatever from the OJ trial. In this on air promotional, he used phrases such as “unearned arrogance” when describing Baez. WTF?!!! Is there such a thing as “earned arrogance?” Perhaps that says it all considering he was in charge of bringing KC to justice.

    He never mentions there were literally no bugs in the trunk of the car-only odor. Nor does he explain why with all those people out there no one bothers to find the body. He totally misses the fact that Baez couldn’t even file the proper motions in the beginning and wasn’t the suave, slick lawyer he makes him out to be.

    He brings up KC’s psychological profile-normal, except for the story telling everyone-bar none-is aware of. He mentions that Burdick could have put on a “helluva show” had she gone after KC with certain questions. That says it all in a nutshell. A “helluva show” was their prime goal. Justice was a side show used for hawking their wares…their new hardbacks.

    The state put a total moron in charge of prosecutions. Their bad. They paid for it! That’s justice.


    • Alethea says:

      Hi Thinker Belle. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

      I feel that Casey derives from the “generation me” era… Me, myself, and I is all that matters. Kill or get rid of whatever is in your way –even if it is another human being or a child. And, if it gets you off the hook for murder, falsely accuse anyone you happen to hate.

      Scott Peterson was convicted with just as much, or even less evidence, than Casey’s case, and he sits on death row…and rightly so.

      I heard that comment about “earned arrogance” on Dr. Pill too, and agree with you. But I did not like Marsha Clark when she prosecuted O.J. and think Ashton has some arrogance issues too, but it does not matter if we like the prosecutors or not. The evidence is all that matters.

      It is said that when a jury likes the defense attorney, the case is won for the defendant. It is clear they liked Baez. The jurors who spoke, commented as such. What does it say about our jury system if a case is won or lost, not on evidence, but if the jurors like the persona of the defense attorney or the prosecutor better?

      • joe says:

        You’re absolutely wrong and to pin a crazy woman on a whole generation of people is highly ignorant. Casey Anthony is insane. Not caring about your daughters death is not “me-me”, it’s mentally ill. Be realistic and stop patting yourself and your generation on the back while generalizing and looking down on the next generation incorrectly, like every generation does.

        • Alethea says:

          No Joe. You are the one who has is incorrect. I did not “pin a crazy woman on a whole generation.” I blame the the current self-centered generation for contributing to Casey Anthony’s lack of regard for her child, her parents, her brother, and her friends.

          She comes from the generation where millions of young mothers abort their children out of selfishness, or care more about going out partying than nurturing and taking good care of their little ones.

  2. Andre' says:

    Im convinced she came from a generational ritual abuse home, where lying is normal. They have been doing it for centuries, “smile for the camera” while we rape our children at night, and nary bat an eye. Probably because they know nobody would believe the depravity. Its like a narcissist con artist preying on the gullibility of someone who just wants attention and to be loved.
    You know what ? I think its great she isnt going to jail, because now the satanic witch has to be in the public eye, suffer public scorn and ridicule and she will never be able to live it down. The righteous will be nipping at her heals like hungry wolves.

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