Aliahna Lemmon Was Sexually Molested in Iowa at Age Seven

“CENTERVILLE, Iowa (Indiana’s NewsCenter) — In 2010, Aliahna Lemmon was sexually assaulted in Iowa before moving to Indiana.

Saturday marks one week since the official search for 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon. Each day since police announced she was murdered, more details float to the surface. Her official cause of death is pending toxicology results from the Allen County Coroners, and officials are also not yet releasing whether she was sexually assaulted.

Aliahna Lemmon Benefit Fund

But today Indiana’s NewsCenter learned that Aliahna was sexually abused in the past. According to the Daily Iowegian, in 2010, a case was filed against Kurtis Allen Kennedy for sexually assaulting Aliahna Lemmon.

Occording to the affidavit, in January 2010, Kennedy admitted to Centerville Police Officer Jeremy Cole and DHS case worker Sarah Bakerduring that he “partially disrob[ed] Aliahna Lemmon, a seven year old child, and plac[ed] his hand on the child’s bare buttock.”

The affidavit also states that the victim, Aliahna Lemmon, confirmed Kennedy’s admission. At the time of the sexual assault, Aliahna was seven years old and Kennedy was 19 years old.

Later in July, Kennedy was arraigned on a charge of indecent contact with a child, which is an aggravated misdemeanor. In July 2010, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison.

He is currently being held in the IMCC Prison in Oakdale, Iowa. Kennedy is officially registered on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry.”

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4 Responses to Aliahna Lemmon Was Sexually Molested in Iowa at Age Seven

  1. little nel says:

    The whole family is creepy!

    I visited an aunt in Columbus, Indiana who had a foster child, a girl about 12 named “Evie,” (not her real name), living in her home because of an emotional breakdown caused by severe abuse. No one was prosecuted for this crime because Evie would not talk about it, nor would she talk about her family.

    During the visit she attached herself to my daughter, Holly, and became comfortable with her.

    While we drove through a nature park one day, Evie started talking and pointing to places where she had been ritualistically abused to Holly. I was in the front seat of the car and could hear her relating names, places, and events to Holly. Evie told Holly that her family practiced Satanism and she was involved in the rituals.

    It was the first time that my aunt said that Evie talked about the abuse to anyone since being hospitalized in a state of hysteria when she was 10. The doctor’s exam had confirmed repeated sexual and physical abuse and the trauma had silenced her.

    Her “family” had been trying to get her back, by kidnapping her from the foster home, since that time.

    These people remind me of Evie’s depraved family.

    • Alethea says:

      Pretty interesting Little Nel. I have always felt very sorry for those who are Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors. SRA survivors must have a very difficult road of belief… belief by others, and belief of themselves. I think the crime of SRA is abundant and well-guarded.

      You have given me pause about Aliahna’s family. I now wonder if maybe they were not more involved in something sinister with Plumadore than they are copping to. It’s almost as if they handed their 3 baby girls over to him on a platter.

      Thanks for being so insightful and super-observant.

  2. azMom says:

    and Kennedy remains a friend on Aliahna’s bio dad’s facebook. disgusting!

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