Aliahna’s Tragic Update: Was Plumadore Sexually Abusing Her?

Aliahna Lemmon’s family defended Michael Plumadore before he confessed to murdering Aliahna by striking her repeatedly with a brick over her head. In the wake of her death, Aliahna’s family are also defending their choice to leave their girls in his care.

Michael Plumadore

Would you leave your six and nine year-old daughters with this man?

Putting his criminal record of assault aside, and barring the fact that he lived with a registered sex offender of children, why is it that people just can’t get the fact that the male sex drive is strong; that they are visually stimulated; and that young men and young children have sexual energies that can easily spark in situations where a child might be naked, or while being bathed, or when a child might innocently rub up against the man?

Children can be sexually stimulated, as can an adult male, who is bathing little naked girls. Plumadore was taking care of Aliahna and her six year-old sisters for nearly a week before Aliahna was murdered. Surely he was bathing and helping the girls change their clothing.

Aliahna’s father says he ‘never saw anything in Plumadore that would cause him to think Plumadore would harm his children.’ Well world, wake up please! You don’t need to “see anything.” You just need to be aware and conscious enough to recognize that placing a female child in the care of a hormone-raging adult male neighbor, is playing with fire.

On Christmas Day, the day before he admitted to killing Aliahna and putting her head in his freezer, Plumadore was interviewed by a reporter for Indiana’s Journal Gazette.

At the time of the interview, Aliahna was reported as “missing” for 48 hours.

Plumadore, whom Aliahna and her sisters called “uncle Mike,” showed the interviewer a drawing Aliahna made for him. She had drawn him a heart and inside the heart, Aliahna had written, “I love u Miek.” Plumadore explained that Aliahna had said, “That’s one way I spell your name.”

“I love you Mike,” with a heart? Was this an innocent child showing innocent love for an adult she cares about? Or was he molesting Aliahna long before the night he took her life? For those who don’t know, many children who are being molested by an adult they care about, will form a bond with their abuser –a bond that the child thinks is love.

He said the night Aliahna disappeared, he stayed up all night because Aliahna was having nightmares. Plumadore says Aliahna told him that she was missing her mother and wanted to leave. He told her, “Honey, you know, it’s 2, 2:30 in the morning. We’ll get with Mommy in the morning.”

Plumadore stated in the interview, “I have a real massive and bad temper.” If Aliahna was being molested by Plumadore, had it escalated to rape and was she trying to get away from Plumadore that night? Was her “nightmare” a human nightmare named Mike Plumadore, who had raped her for the first time? Plumadore had the girls for a week while their mother was sick. Maybe he had never taken care of the Lemmon girls that long before, and maybe being around Aliahna for so long was too much for Plumadore to take? Maybe he finally raped her, then feared she would tell her mother?

I know he might be innocent of molestation and rape, but I have no problem placing this scenario on the table when the man I am wondering about has killed a child by beating her to death, and has dismembered her body.

Plumadore said the night “she disappeared,” Aliahna slept in a recliner and her sisters were asleep on the floor. Plumadore says, “I brushed the hair back off her forehead and gave her a kiss and sat down and smoked my cigar, and I went to sleep about 6:30.”

He brushed the hair from her forehead and kissed her? Sounds a little too intimate to me.

Plumadore then made it a point to say that he slept on the couch. He stated, “You know, they’re not my kids. I’m not gonna sleep in the same bed as someone else’s kids. And they all want to sleep together, so we all just sleep in the living room and watch TV together.”

The fact that he went out of his way to say he did not sleep in the same bed with the girls is suspicious in and of itself.

Plumadore’s pre-confession version was to say that he woke up at 10 a.m. the next morning, and realized the door to his house was unlocked and Aliahna was gone. He said Aliahna’s sisters told him she had left with her mother. Plumadore says he believed the girls, locked the door, and went back to sleep.

He said when he woke up, he and Aliahna’s sisters got on with their day. But when Plumadore says he spoke with their mother that night, and realized that she did not have Aliahna, the police were called.

Until his confession, Plumadore stuck to this story and pretended to be nothing more than a concerned babysitter.

Plumadore even spoke about his past crimes by saying, “I’m not an angel by any means.” Then said, “I don’t hurt children. I don’t hurt animals.”

I don’t normally root for the death penalty, but if Plumadore is found guilty and sentenced to death, I wouldn’t find an ounce of sympathy for him.


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12 Responses to Aliahna’s Tragic Update: Was Plumadore Sexually Abusing Her?

  1. The Good Guy says:

    It’s a well written article but what disturbed me was how you said that “Children can be stimulated sexually.” That itself is a clear warning sign that maybe you’ve got something wrong with you, that maybe you’ve gone and done some sick ass sh*& like this. NO child wants to be stimulated sexually or even knows what that is, so why the hell would you even say something so foolish for? Absolutely sick!

    • Alethea says:

      Hey lame brain. I was sexually stimulated by my father and my mother as a child. I enjoyed some of what was done to me, because that is what the human body does. It is not the child’s fault, or desire, but IT EASILY HAPPENS when the child is touched sexually.

      Educate yourself you ignorant nincompoop.

      • little nel says:

        Right on, Alethea!

        I know of several women who were sexually abused as children by their relatives and suffered guilt because it “felt good.”

        • Alethea says:

          OMG Little Nel. Guilt over having felt good by the abuse had destroyed my life for years. It affected me psychologically, and in my body and skin. People have no idea what guilt can do.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Serieve for replying to “good guy.” The fact that he calls himself “good guy” raises a red flag for me. Not only is he probably not a good guy, but he probably has an attraction to children or has harmed them. I wrote my response out of anger, then wished I had answered him in a more balanced way, as you did. Then I just left it because I didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore.

      So thanks again.

      • SurvivorSunshine says:

        Yes, he definitely was projecting so he attacked you. It makes sense you would respond to him like that. Why come on YOUR blog and write that immediately after saying it was a well written post? Serieves’s reply is brilliant!

        I know realize I was so in love with my own father not just because I was “daddy’s little girl” but because he was sexually abusing me for years. I really obsessed over him like a lover would. He took me on trips, out to eat and bought me gifts like a lover does. It wasn’t until I got into my older teens that he didn’t want anything to do with me. I was devastated and acted out like a jealous girlfriend. Only at the time, I was unaware of the abuse. I had disassociated for years because he abused me after hypnotizing me.

        Alethea, I agree that Aliahna may have had feelings for that sicko that were probably brought on by him sexually abusing her. He may have murdered her to stop himself because he realized she was so openly in love with him someone would find out sooner than later and he would be accountable.

        • Alethea says:

          “Alethea, I agree that Aliahna may have had feelings for that sicko that were probably brought on by him sexually abusing her. He may have murdered her to stop himself because he realized she was so openly in love with him someone would find out sooner than later and he would be accountable.”

          Wow Sunshine. Brilliant insight. I think that is a possibility for sure!

          I too felt that my father and I were “boyfriend and girlfriend.” I too felt strong jealousy over his affections going elsewhere.

          I wonder if these men would sexually abuse children if they knew how much damage it would cause the child later in life?

          I have suffered from very bad physical symptoms, as well as psychological problems, from the guilt I carried over being in love with my father and being jealous over him.

  2. little nel says:

    Another child who suffered the death penalty at the hands of a sexual predator team because she was a witness to a crime or it was a “thrill kill” to enhance the sexual excitement of it all.

    These men should get the same death penalty that they decided was OK to give this child when they killed her to keep her mouth shut about the crime.

    I’ll bet all those little girls were drugged and molested.

    Another precious child who’s life was terminated by a couple of sickos who wanted to get their rocks off without fear of prosecution?

    The parents are idiots or participants in the crime.

  3. SurvivorSunshine says:

    Yeah, I agree Alethea, those comments raise a HUGE red flag. Psychopathic “tells”… They ALWAYS tell on themselves, sometimes so obviously that you can’t believe how arrogant or even stupid they are. But you have to pay attention and most people don’t think the way they do. We are all way too trusting in our society. We let people into our lives too quickly, especially in social media. There is NO WAY any man (and some women, matter of fact), even my own boyfriend or next husband, is spending long times unsupervised with any little kid- boy or girl. My radar is always ON.

    • Alethea says:

      “There is NO WAY any man (and some women, matter of fact), even my own boyfriend or next husband, is spending long times unsupervised with any little kid- boy or girl. My radar is always ON.”

      Right on Sunshine.

      • little nel says:


        I also watched my children closely around adults. I was always looking for the facial expressions or body language in the adults around my children that signaled that they were sexually attracted to them.

  4. pamela judd says:

    I was firm beleaver death penalty,changed my mind when inocent man died,all evedince proved this ,but when comes to abuse of children,i personally think stick them on death row at least 10 years then exacute make them suffer first,what Mike did to this child he needs to be punished,to hurt any child they dont deserve to walk this earth,i would have never left my children with male babysitter,sorry to say men think with there dicks,afterthoughts come later,hope he rots in hell

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