Accused Murderer of Aliahna Had Previous Charge For Texting Sexual Messages and Naked Photos To a Child

In Novemeber of 2010, Michael Plumadore was accused and charged with stalking, and for texting “sex messages” to a 13 year-old girl, and for texting her a photo of a man’s naked body. The girl’s mother also said Plumadore told the child that he wanted to get her pregnant.

“In 2010, Michael Plumadore was accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a 13-year-old girl. In court documents, the alleged victim’s mother stated, quote, ‘Michael is 38 years old. My daughter is 13 years old. He is stalking her, sending explicit sexual text messages and photographs. I have told him to stop over a month ago, and he continues to seek out and make contact with my daughter. Messages have included messages of wanting to get her pregnant and photos of exposed genitalia.”

The girl’s mother filed a complaint and it went before a judge, but the charges were dismissed. According to The Daily Iowegian, Plumadore “faced a petition for relief of domestic abuse in that alleged case, but an Iowa judge later dismissed the petition because it didn’t meet the relationship requirement for a protective order, the Daily Iowegian reported.”

The case was never followed up on, and Plumadore went free.

In addition, CNN’s Nancy Grace is reporting that Kurtis Allen Kennedy, who pleaded guilty to molesting Aliahna when she was seven, was her babysitter at the time.

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An Indiana magistrate entered a not guilty plea for Plumadore in court today. Plumadore has admitted to repeatedly hitting Aliahna in the head with a brick, dismembering her body with a hack saw, and hiding her head, hands, and feet in his freezer. He is charged with murder, abuse of a corpse, and removing a dead body from the scene.

The Magistrate, Samuel Keirns, asked Plumadore if he understood the charges against him. Plumadore replied, “yes, sir” but did not enter a plea, so the Magistrate did it for him. A public defender will be assigned to Plumadore and his next court hearing is set for Jan. 18. He is being held without bail.

If any evidence of sexual abuse is found on the body of Aliahna –evidence that can be linked to Plumadore– his murder charge will be upgraded to a felony murder, and he will face the death penalty.



Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News, Jan 4 2012

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