Mother Ignores Instincts: Daughters Raped For Years

“Daddy’s been raping us.”

Those were the words “Alexis” said to her mother after she decided it was time to take a chance and tell someone.

“Alexis” (not her real name) is the oldest of three girls who had been raped and sexually abused by their step-father, Charles, for 8 1/2 years. For Alexis, the molestation began at age five.

Alexis says the last straw came when she saw one of her little sisters come downstairs from a rape, and saw that she was crying. Alexis told her sister that she promised it would all stop. Alexis then told her mother.

Charles held knives to the girl’s throats, took photos and video of them while he molested them, punched them in the head while he raped them, sodomized them, and even allowed other men from his “sex club” to rape Alexis.

Alexis says Charles would often rape her 3-4 times during the night, and Charles would then rape her again in the morning.

“I asked him one day why he was doing this, and he gave me these two answers,” Alexis says of her father’s abuse. “He said, ‘I was wishing on a shooting star to have a little girl of my own. When I married your mom, I got you, and God made you just for me.”

Alexis says Charles told her he was drugging their mother at night so he could rape the girls without being caught.

Patty says the rapes would often take place while she was in the shower.

Patty also says that “never in a million years” did she think her husband would rape her girls, or even “harm a fly.”

….Sound of screeching breaks……….

Hold on a minute. Patty is being less than honest with herself.

Patty openly admitted that, before she married Charles, he told her he had molested a child when he was young. Patty says she was “terrified and in shock” when he told her this. She questioned him and Charles swore he would never harm her girls, so she married him.

The rapes began two weeks after their wedding day.

I guess trusting a man who has molested a child over your own inner alarm bells and maternal instincts, is a big a mistake, isn’t it?

To me, it’s almost as if Charles was testing Patty. If he told her he is a child molester, and she married him anyway, then he was given a green light to molest and rape her daughters.

I guarantee you that Charles married Patty for the sole purpose of raping her girls.

Some people might think I am being “judgmental” and too harsh on Patty. Sorry, but my goal is to wake up mothers, and protect children, not cater to the weaknesses and self-desire of those who have allowed dangerous men around their children.

Charles is serving three consecutive life sentences.


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25 Responses to Mother Ignores Instincts: Daughters Raped For Years

  1. Libby says:

    If I were dating a man and he confessed to me that he molested a child, that would be a green light for me to run the hell away as far as I could from him!! Yes, the mother is guilty for allowing a child molester near her precious baby girls! I would rather suffer the most horrible torture than to allow someone like that nearmy daughter! What was that mom thinking?

  2. manuela says:

    Oh, this is so hard to imagine…but, I can’t stop myself thinking …how come the mother never knew? My mom told me the story of one of our neighbors – the father started to rape his girl – age of 9-10 years. The girl turned to be very sad, she didn’t communicate anymore, she lost her appetite, and her mother…started to question the girl. Even if the girl didn’t say anything about the rape, the maternal instinct didn’t leave her, so after two weeks since this behavior appeared …the mother excused herself form the work and went to home. As she entered the house, she went directly to the bedroom and…discovered the ugly truth. She immediately call the police and …finally, the guy went to prison.

    What I want to point out is that this story happened in a communist country, the mother of the girl was a common person – a worker, no more then eight classes, but still…she felt right away that the child is not right. How come this women couldn’t see the state of mind of those precious girls? I just don’t get it…how come?

  3. little nel says:

    Patty was fooled by a well rehearsed, cunning, child abuser who knew how to disarm her.

    I’ve seen trained therapists and counselors who were fooled by charming men like Charles and married them only to learn that they were deceived later on.

    It’s the old, “I’ve changed and learned my lesson about raping little girls. It was just experimentation … It was just a youthful indiscretion… I’ve had an epiphany…I was wrong even though the child came on to me…etc”.

    “God made you just for me,” says the rapist to his child victim. God gave him entitlement because God knew that he loved to rape little girls like Alexis. It’s a “no brainer” to Charles.

    I wonder who sentenced Charles to jail? A judge who didn’t understand “God’s will” like twisted Charles did?

    • Alethea says:

      Was she Little Nel? Was she fooled? Or did she fool herself?

      • little nel says:

        She was deceived by a cunning manipulator and her own need to believe this man was honest with her because she was “special” to him.

        People believe what is comfortable and familiar. I have heard women say, “He lies to everyone but me because he loves me and I’m special to him.”

        I watched my father do that “con job” on his second wife while he was “doing” her 12 year old daughter at the same time. His act was well rehearsed and convincing to a lot of people to my dismay. He got away with it many times because he was so charming and handsome.

  4. mary says:

    My phone sent my message before i finished it, sorry. Anyways, I want to be able to trust in my ability to read people, because while i dont believe in trusting any and everyone, i dont think it’s too healthy to live life trusting no one either. As human beings we need eachother to survive, and I know there is a percentage of people out there who would never do or think about horrible things like hurting or touching children. So i guess the question is, what are the signs? along with the usual precautions, like never leaving your kids alone with a suspciously interested adult, or doing the bAckground checks, which still doesnt guarantee safety, since alot of these sickos dont get caught. Is there something in their body language, vibe, or the way that they carry themselves where you can just tell? If you could write a post like this, it would be helpful for all of us. I can think of a couple instances where I pretty much sensed they were demented individuals and learned I was right on about them…

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Mary,

      Thank you for taking the time to write out your thoughts. I just recently lost faith in humanity when I was on a back county road, trying to help three beautiful dogs who were running loose. There were no houses near by and they had tags. I could not put them in my car with my dog because I worried they would attack her, and I was trying to read their tags to call the owner. It was a struggle because they were big dogs and wiggling all over the place. They kept running in the road and it was impossible for me to handle it all by myself. I watched 20 cars drive by me without stopping. 20 people drove by, going about their day, with no care for others. NO ONE stopped to help me. It was obvious I needed help and that the dogs were loose, but NOT ONE person stopped. I stood there crying on that road over how selfish humans are.

      I already didn’t have much hope for this world with all the cases of child sexual abuse/children murdered by their parents/etc. etc continue and increase in depravity, and in numbers. Now I have little hope for human beings to survive as a species when people in a small town cannot even stop to help a neighbor with some loose dogs.

      I did a therapy session for the incident because it had affected me so emotionally, and it led me to the time I was raped by my father and my mother did nothing to help me… in spite of my writhing, kicking and screaming. The incident with the dogs triggered the emotional pain from my mother ignoring my need for help. I feel SO MUCH better now, but I still objectively realize that most human beings are selfish, ugly, and void of real love (God-like love, not human love).

      So I realized that animals and children have little chance in this world and it is up to those of us like you, and me, and most of my regular readers here, to continue on in what we do….no matter how small it may seem to us. If one mother reads my articles and decides to dump the guy she recently met and was thinking of letting move into her home with her kids, then great! It was all worth it.

      If my phone call to the owner of the dogs, telling them to secure their fence or keep their gate shut makes them do it so the dogs never get out again, then awesome! My experience with the dogs and the selfish humans who whizzed by, was all worth it.

      Keep fighting to help children in any little way you can. I will try to work on the article you suggested Mary and I am also thinking of starting something….a law, implementing existing laws, a petition, whatever…to make it mandatory for women (and men) to report abuse going on in the home, or to be charged with a felony if they don’t.

      Be in peace Mary, because with you in the world, kids have some extra protection.

      • little nel says:

        Alethea, You are amazing! Do you realize that you protected your dog and kept her from potential harm while trying to rescue someone’s stray dogs ?

        Your dog would have fought off all those other dogs if they had been aggressive towards you. She would have given her life protecting you, something that your mother failed to do.

        You are not like your mother. You have courage and a good heart. God must be pleased.

        • Alethea says:

          Thank you Little Nel. I just do it instinctually. I have been picking up/helping stray dogs for years. I think it is why my first dog ever (the one I have now) is so beautiful, intelligent, protective, loving, and my best friend. I think some good karma came back to me from years of helping strays.

          • little nel says:

            Alethea, your instinctual kindness to “strays” reflects the kindness of God to humans!

            Divine Providence is at work in your life and it shows.

      • mary says:

        I would definitely support, promote, and vote for a law like that. Enablers to me are just as guilty and deserve to be placed in jail.

        I firmly believe that the perpetrators should be put to sleep really.
        Some people I’ve spoken to believe that that’s a little harsh but the psychological suffering and pain (and physical illness too) they cause is deserving of that. I guess what makes me lose faith in humanity also is when I have to explain to some adults too the depth and severity of how wrong and horrible molesting a child is and why it is unforgivable. When I was in the 3rd grade, I remember a 4th grade teacher in my school being arrested for child molestation. At that age, when they explained to me what that word meant, I knew inherently that it was not only evil, but one of the worst things that could ever be done without having to be explained why. So why the hell does it seem like a ridiculous amount of adults don’t get it. Were they abused themselves and are just confused? Are they abusers themselves?? Or are they just plain old stupid?

        It’s funny how we put all these resources into “rehabilitating” and giving therapy to these child molesters after they have already hurt children, and yet we put dogs to sleep once they bite a human (and usually they bite out of fear and misunderstanding and not aggression). Alot of the time, it is the human owner’s fault a dog is so violent and aggressive. In no way am I saying that animals are above people but unlike adult humans who sexually abuse children, dogs can actually be changed and rehabilitated. To me, child sexual abusers are beneath animals. It’s just not fair I think.

        • Alethea says:

          Hi Mary. Thank you for all of your input. I do appreciate it.

          I too have been accused of being too harsh on some people, especially mothers, who abuse kids themselves, or who willingly allow abuse to happen. You are right about the psychological suffering and pain (and physical illness too) the perpetrators and their wives or girlfriends cause the child. Maybe if people suffered as much as I have physically and mentally (because of the incest), then maybe they would not be so quick to judge me as being harsh.

          This IS NOT to say that those who read my blog, and who have suffered terribly from child abuse and who believe I am being harsh…this is NOT to say they have suffered any less than me. But maybe some have. Maybe some have not suffered the same degree that I have. Maybe some have suffered more. I do not know. But I do base some of my anger on the amount of suffering it causes a child and adult survivor.

          My other reasoning is that I believe human beings need to rise above “the self” and conquer their need for self-survival and self-protection when doing so saves a child’s life or well-being.

          I too have had to explain to people the severity of the effects of child sexual abuse. Many many people think that a person ought to just wish that pain away and “move on with their lives,” “let it go,” “get over it.” I still am not certain if this is due to ignorance, or because they do not want to hear about child sexual abuse, or because many people have been abused themselves……. and instead of dealing with it by feeling the pain, they prefer denial/illness/addictions/bad marriages/sexual problems/anger issues etc etc. and they think that all the other abuse survivors need to deny their inner pain and have these kinds of problems instead. That somehow, these problems are more ‘normal,’ more ‘accepted by society’ to have.

          “It’s funny how we put all these resources into “rehabilitating” and giving therapy to these child molesters after they have already hurt children, and yet we put dogs to sleep once they bite a human (and usually they bite out of fear and misunderstanding and not aggression). A lot of the time, it is the human owner’s fault a dog is so violent and aggressive. In no way am I saying that animals are above people but unlike adult humans who sexually abuse children, dogs can actually be changed and rehabilitated. To me, child sexual abusers are beneath animals. It’s just not fair I think.”

          You have a point here Mary. Spiritually/religiously/morally I can’t condone putting everyone, who has sexually abused a child, to death. But I do sympathize with this idea.

          Frankly, I DO put animals above humans in many ways. Animals don’t sexually abuse their young, or kill them for self-gain. Animals don’t allow other animals to sexually abuse their young for their own benefit. Mothers in the animal world PROTECT their young; and sometimes, to their death, while many human mothers will never protect their children this way. And animals don’t screw each other over for money and power.

          • little nel says:

            “Dogs can be rehabilitated.” Some cannot.

            I used to live near a prison for dogs in West Palmdale. It was located on the corner of N-4 and 16th West. The dogs could not be rehabilitated so they could never be placed or adopted. It received financial support by Actors and Others.

  5. mary says:

    These content of these articles are really difficult to stomach and read, I read this blog regularly but sometimes i have to take a break, it’s really easy to lose your faith in humanity when you read so many of these cases and even going out there in real life and getting to know people and just realizing how common it truly is. A majority of my close female friends have been abused in childhood. i dont have many male friends i am really close with, but alot of them were also abused in that way too. i do wonder to myself how many people ive known or met are pedophiles. i know shielding yourself from the facts doesnt improve to change anything, so i will never stop educating myself to learn how to better protect my nieces,nephews, cousins and one day future kids. Actually all kids deserve protection, i just wish there was a way we could just put all these perverts to sleep like we do with rabid dogs. Why don’t we?
    I want to be able to trust in my ability to read people, because there are

  6. Exploring the access to abuse can only help, may I just say maternal fathers and mothers abuse too, who would question say a father who babysits his own children. When we are not there while the abuse takes place, how are we to know, as a mother I never stopped searching for answers, I nearly lost my mind. I visited doctors and was given medical conditions. Abusers seem somehow well trained with knowledge in carrying out such vile acts, for example a quick punch to a childs leg can give a dead leg and stop a child from fleeing without marking, sorry shocking this may be but abuse is not simply visible. Part of the problem with abuse is that a non abuser can not imagine such a thing as no one talks about it, how they work. I love my children I expect others to feel the same about there children. I am educated in child abuse now because it will never go past me again. If I had the knowledge before I could of spotted it sooner. My motto is trust no one and remember a lie is easy to believe if its what you want or expect to hear.

  7. carol in va says:

    Sorry to hear about your family court nightmare. I’m beginning to think that some of these JUDGES are molesters/rapists. Why else would they continue to side with the evil ones?????

    • Alethea says:

      “I’m beginning to think that some of these JUDGES are molesters/rapists.”

      Oh you bet they are Carol.

  8. Tiffini Flynn Forslund says:

    I had instincts and once introduced to family court I lost custody and my children were handed over to our abuser. This is has been excruciating in every direction.

    • Alethea says:

      Tiffini, I am so sorry. I know this can happen. My comments in the article were geared towards those who knowingly marry an abuser, or allow a guy to move into their home with their kids when they suspect something is potentially dangerous about him, or when they have just met him.

      Parents who have an instinct about abuse happening, and want to take action, have to handle things in a very sensitive manner. When there is no proof, but just an instinct, a parent has to seek professional advice before taking it to family court. As you know, we can’t convict or take away kids from someone based solely on instincts.

      Again, I am so sorry. My article was not addressed at mothers like you.

    • little nel says:

      Hi Tiffini,

      I am sorry for the unjustness of your situation. Other women have suffered in the same manner by a corruption of justice in the courts. It sucks!

      It’s one of those things that makes me angry and more angry.

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