Aliahna’s Family Failed To Protect Her

The news media is reporting that, prior to moving to Indiana, Aliahan’s mother worried about moving into a trailer park with so many sex offenders. She then asked her father, a registered sex offender of children, if her daughters would be safe living there, and specifically inquired about Michael Plumadore. The child sexual abuser told his daughter not to worry about Plumadore. He told her, “he is safe.”

Aliahna never had a chance. Her mother moved to a trailer park loaded with sexual offenders, in order to take care of her ailing father, the child sexual abuser, and took his word for it that Aliahna’s future killer would be trustworthy enough to care for her daughters.

We also now know that the man who sexually assaulted Aliahna when she was seven, was her babysitter. Aliahna was then left alone with Michael Plumadore, another male babysitter.

A number of people have also reported that Aliahna’s father has remained Facebook friends with the babysitter who molested Aliahna.

A lot of people might feel sorry for the parents of Aliahna. I do not. I cannot comprehend repeatedly, and knowingly, placing your child in a dangerous situation, and being buddies with the man who molested your child.



Nancy Grace, CNN HLN, Jan 4, 2012

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17 Responses to Aliahna’s Family Failed To Protect Her

  1. I do think that the mother should have lost her long ago due to neglect. What she did is not so different from letting mean pit bulls babysit.

    Makes me want to cry.

  2. little nel says:

    Who in their right mind would move a sweet little lamb into a den full of wolves?

    Someone who resented her little lamb, maybe.

  3. pamela judd says:

    How could you believe your daughter safe,moveing in to look after your father with known pedopiles around,to leave your child with convicted pedopile you asked for trouble,i think partly parents fault this child lost her life,no way known would i leave my child in this situation,such a disgrace

    • Alethea says:

      Pamela, as harsh as it may seem; I too think Aliahna’s parents need to look at their partial responsibility in their child’s suffering and death.

      • little nel says:

        There are many parents who effectively protect their children from suffering and death in spite of adversity.

        Aliahna and her sisters had deplorable parents.

  4. Andre' says:

    Connect the dots – the whole family belongs to families that engage in generational serial sexual abuse of children. It meant NOTHING to her to move to pedophile park. She didnt think TWICE about asking her father, a pedophile, if another pedophile was ‘safe’ she obviously comes from a serial abuse family, where her father probably abused her, and she has NO clue whats going on because she is broken from the abuse herself.

    • Alethea says:

      I came from a line of incest, and the abuse broke me until I healed myself. Even when I was extremely sick and dysfunctional, I would NEVER have placed a child in that situation.

      Generational abuse is not always the cause of people’s actions. Sometimes they just don’t care. Sometimes they are just plain selfish. Sometimes they are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Sometimes they are too busy having too much sex or wanting to party.

      Sometimes they are careless, jealous of their daughters, or just plain unconscious human beings.

      Sometimes they just plain hate their kids.

      • little nel says:

        “Sometimes they just plain hate their kids” Amen to that!

        I grew up with, “If it wasn’t for ‘you kids’, I would not have all these problems.” Both of my parents made that statement many times.

        “You kids” was the title that entitled them to distance themselves with indifference from us, and allowed them to “punish” us in an unreasonable manner.

      • little nel says:

        “The abuse broke me until I healed myself.” I can relate.

        I could not heal myself as I was too broken and wounded. If not for the care and concern of other people who understood my dilemma I would be dead by my own destructiveness.

        I learned to hate myself too well and it sucked the life out of me.

        By the grace of God, I found recovery. Maintaining that recovery is my choice.

    • SurvivorSunshine says:

      I agree with both Andre’ and Alethea. I think generational curses can cause people to make poor decisions about their children AND/OR behave selfishly and irresponsibly as a parent. My mother was abused by her father and decided to leave her job and return home to care for him when he was ill. I always wondered about the disconnect because she obviously hated him and her childhood. Thankfully, he died before I was born because I wonder if she would have allowed me to be around him and he could’ve abused me as well.

      Sometimes our unspoken yet powerful family loyalty bonds keep us tied to horrible, dysfunctional familial environments. I look back and can’t believe I trusted my disordered aunt to keep my children for an extended period of time over a few summer breaks. She didn’t physically harm them but I think she set in motion to target some insecurities my daughter had and poured affection onto my son, preferring him to her. I was always uneasy and would call 2-3 times a day to talk to them. I had been conditioned that it was okay to leave your kids with family because, despite the evidence to the contrary, they support and love you so they wouldn’t hurt you. At least not on purpose. So much bs!

      However, Alaihna’s mom had already encountered abuse toward her child and STILL decided to put her children in a potentially dangerous environment. That’s what I can’t and will never understand. God tried to wake her up and she continued to let her children be watched by questionable men. That sounds like pathological behavior to me.

      • little nel says:

        I agree with you Sunshine.

        Family dynamics are hard to understand sometimes. We are all faced with the fact that our parents are the only ones we get in this life.
        No matter how evil the behavior of our parents is, they are still our parents.

        It was easy being the daughter of Vicky and Wade, but I could not change it, no matter how I tried.

        • little nel says:

          typo..It was NOT easy…etc.

        • Andre' says:

          its because Americans suffer from a kind of Stockholm Syndrome and identify with their captors.

          • Alethea says:

            Not every soul on earth is guided by the ‘powers that be.’ Many people are guided by their own lack of morals. Plain and simple. Andre’, you put too much responsibility on the outer influences, and not enough on the human soul.

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