Dear Casey: Please Crawl Back Under Your Rock

I will NOT be posting the “video diary,” or still-photos being released of this woman. Anyone who wants to see them can find them elsewhere.

All I will say about her four minute “diary” is that, although she doesn’t say a word about Caylee in the video, Casey does make a Freudian slip. Casey says that her new computer, camera, and dog (God help the dog) are the first things she has ever been able to “call her own,” “to keep,” “to be hers.”

A psychoanalyst on Nancy Grace commented on this and gave the same opinion that I have always had: One of the reasons Casey killed Caylee is because Caylee was Cindy’s child in many ways. It is widely reported that Cindy was the first person to hold Caylee after she was born. As a friend of Casey’s once said, “Casey was more like Caylee’s older sister than her mother.”

According to Jeff Ashton’s book, Imperfect Justice, right before Caylee disappeared, things were volatile in the home between Casey and her mother, and Cindy wanted to legally take Caylee from Casey.

In Casey’s mind, what better way to get back at her mother? After-all, this is nothing new. A number of men and women kill their children after their spouse threatens to take them away, or they do it merely to hurt the spouse. Casey obviously hates her parents. What better way to hurt them than to kill that which they loved so much?

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4 Responses to Dear Casey: Please Crawl Back Under Your Rock

  1. little nel says:

    All Casey Anthony really wanted was money and free time. She may have achieved those goals and she wants everyone to be aware of her “VIP status” for doing it.

    Isn’t that what her father attempted to get, money and free time, and failed at it?

    Is it possible that Casey may have “acted out” in ways that accomplished George’s inner desires for money and free time?
    She sure had a lot of George’s behaviors.

    She showed contempt and/or resentment towards anyone who stood in her way. Cindy and Caylee got in her way the most before the crime. After the murder of Caylee, George became the obstacle in her way.

  2. She is a waste of skin and air.
    I have a hard time caring at all anymore.

  3. little nel says:

    Casey Anthony has become a trendy example of someone who killed her baby, then lied, and used people to escape justice.

    I don’t see her going away anytime soon as she has a cult following that worships her as a goddess. They believe that she is beautiful, innocent, and totally acceptable.

    In the mean time, we will have more “Totally Casey” videos surfacing on the internet because things are “looking up.”

  4. pamela judd says:

    Casey murdered Caylee,got away with it why should she be out there enjoying her life,so she owns a dog,god help that poor dog,i still cant understand why this murder is free,Caylee never had chance at life,every time i hear this womens name makes me ill,she can enjoy her life,she has never been greiving mother,next time i hear her name hope its in death notice,she doesnt deserve to walk this earth

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