Judge Releases Doctor’s Psychological Evaluations On Casey Anthony

I know it’s difficult, and maybe even old news and boring for some people to hear reports on this woman. But keep in mind that I have a very personal reason to continue to read about Casey Anthony and her case.

Like George Anthony, my father was a police officer, and I was sexually abused by him, including rape, for years as a child. I totally blocked it all out of my mind and life, until I reached age 35. I suffered severe and prolonged, trauma, dissociation, and PTSD. Casey Anthony’s attorney has claimed that she was orally raped by George Anthony as a child, and that she suffered trauma and dissociation from it. Jose Baez claims Casey did not report her daughter had drowned because she suffered from so much PTSD as a child.

I feel strongly about false accusations of abuse, and care very much when someone uses the very real psychological state of dissociation and repression as a way to excuse themselves for the murder of their child. It causes those who have truly suffered from incest and trauma to be disbelieved.

I don’t care about Casey’s personal life, and will never cater to anything that she might profit from in the future. But I will be updating myself, and anyone else who is interested, on anything that has to do with her psychology, the murder of her child, or anything related to trauma and abuse.

“Casey Anthony said her daughter Caylee may have been conceived during a “date rape” in the fall of 2004, according to the blockbuster depositions of two doctors released today. Anthony said she was not romantically involved with anyone when she attended a party in October or November 2004, but added that she may have had a “spiked” drink because she “blacked out,” according to one of the depositions. “She believes …. that’s when that she was impregnated,” Dr. William Weitz said during his deposition.”

Why does this woman continue to try and make herself out to be a victim? Is it because she was once a victim of someone, or is it because she wants sympathy, to excuse herself, and to bring attention to herself?

Because she is a calculating liar, we may never know the answer.

“Anthony also said she suspected her father George might be the father, Weitz said, but DNA testing later disproved that, so Casey Anthony said she thought Caylee was likely conceived during the party when she passed out.”

Speaking from experience, I think that she is a liar here. Unless a victim of long-term parental incest has had plenty of deep therapy, they are not likely to openly express to anyone, even a mental health professional, that their on-going sexual relationship (incest/abuse) with their father might have resulted in a pregnancy.

“Despite the possible cause of her pregnancy, Weitz also said Anthony “never considered, once she was pregnant, having an abortion or having the baby put up for adoption. She wanted the child.”

“She said, ‘I loved her at first sight,’ and ‘that child was the most meaningful part of my life for three years,'” Weitz said under questioning from prosecutors”

Oh yes. Caylee was so meaningful to Casey that she dumped her child in various places with different friends to babysit for her, and left Caylee with unknown persons on numerous occasions, and never mentioned her daughter in her new video clips.

Casey loved Caylee so much that she completely enjoyed herself immediately after her daughter allegedly drowned in the family swimming pool. She partied, went shopping and dining, and then soaked up the attention she received from the media after it was discovered her daughter was gone.

While Caylee was dead and rotting in a swamp, Casey went out shopping, ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and got a tattoo saying, “Bella Vita” (a beautiful life) on her shoulder… all in the same day.

That’s  how “meaningful” Caylee was to Casey Anthony.

bella vita.jpg

“The depositions of Dr. Jeffrey Danziger and Weitz vividly describe what Anthony told her doctors about alleged sexual abuse by her father and the alleged drowning death of her 2-year-old daughter in the summer of 2008. “It is the perception of Casey that her father had something to do with the death of her daughter,” Weitz said. “It’s clear that she believes that George either harmed and/or took the life of [Caylee].”

Weitz recounts how Casey described her father with the child. Caylee was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. She was wet and appeared lifeless. She said, “Dad took her from me, said all’s going to be okay. Daddy will take care of it,” according to the Weitz deposition. He then left the room.”

Um, what happened to the version Baez gave us? That an angry George screamed at Casey and told her “Look what you’ve done! Your mother is never going to forgive you!” And Baez’s version of the story had George holding a wet Caylee, not Casey.

“Although she believed the child was deceased, part of her wanted her daughter to be alive,” Weitz told the prosecutors.”

Sure she did. That’s why she called 911 right away.

“Danziger told prosecutors during the April deposition that he was so distraught about repeating the criminal allegations Anthony made against her father that he lost sleep over the matter.”

He initially was court-appointed to evaluate Anthony for competency, but in October 2010, Baez and Mason met with him about working on the case.

Danziger said that during the initial evaluation, he found no evidence Anthony had a mental illness.

Anthony was in a good mood, he said, had no grandiose or paranoid delusions, no homicidal ideas and had no feelings of guilt.

Anthony was, in Danziger’s opinion, “surprisingly cheerful,” and that he found her behavior “puzzling.”

Um, maybe that’s because she is a sociopath?

“Prosecutor Jeff Ashton asked Danziger if he recalled a conversation he had with fellow Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick at the courthouse, in which he said words to the effect of, “I have no explanation for this other than she’s just pure evil.”

Danziger did not recall making the remark, and said his recollection of his impression of Anthony at that time was more of “puzzlement.”

I heard Ashton say something very truthful the other night on TV. He said ‘there is no existing mental health diagnosis for what Casey Anthony is.’

“Throughout the course of his interviews with Anthony, Danziger said, she told him her father George and brother Lee sexually abused her.

Anthony also told him she didn’t think the June 2008 drowning was an accident. The pool ladder, Anthony told Danziger, was too heavy.

Instead, Anthony made another allegation against her father: “I think he held her under water, maybe he was doing something to her and he tried to cover it up.”

Or maybe Casey was doing something with her daughter, like pimping her out, and tried to cover it up when her daughter began reaching an age in which she could soon verbalize this to George and Cindy?

“Both Danziger and Weitz were originally listed as defense witnesses before Anthony’s trial started in May. But the defense later withdrew the mental health experts as witnesses, and neither doctor ended up testifying during the trial.

Portions of the story the doctors said Anthony told them ended up being a part of defense attorney Jose Baez’s shocking opening statement to jurors.

In his bombshell opening, Baez told the jury that Caylee Marie drowned in the family pool in mid-June 2008. He also said that George Anthony knew of the drowning and blamed his daughter for the child’s death. Finally, Baez also claimed that Casey Anthony had been sexually abused by her father.

Those claims made in the infamous Baez opening were never substantiated at trial.

“During his deposition, Weitz said Anthony told him her father sexually abused her since she was a child — an age range of 8 to 12.”

Well then, if George only raped her until age 12, then how could he have impregnated her with Caylee as she claimed?

What baffles me is that everything Casey Anthony now says is taken as a possible truth. How can anyone give an ounce of credibility to a word that comes out of this woman’s mouth?



Imperfect Justice, Jeff Ashton, page 90.

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18 Responses to Judge Releases Doctor’s Psychological Evaluations On Casey Anthony

  1. little nel says:

    Thanks for posting the link about DARVO. I had not seen this site before.

  2. little nel says:

    My husband is still my one and only husband. People who observe us always ask, “Are you two newlyweds”?

    We say, “No. We just love each other.” It’s been almost 30 years.

    • Alethea says:

      That’s awesome. I have been married to the same man for 18 years. We have been together for 24 years.

      • little nel says:

        I’m so glad to hear that!
        The human soul is remarkable. There are good things that go on in a marriage that are unique to the universe and are not experienced in any other relationship.

        We are so fortunate! God is pleased.

  3. little nel says:

    What I saw in the Anthony case was an effort to spread the blame onto others, confuse the facts, and distract from the focus, so that justice for Caylee could not be obtained in court.

    I have seen this “method of countering” used many times by my own family members against each other in and out of court. It was “standard procedure” intended to keep the “dissenter” silenced.

    Baez and Casey made a great team and used this tactic known as “DARVO”, D(deny) A (accuse) RVO (reverse victim order) to obtain favorable results for themselves in court. Not a new concept, just one that can be “adjusted” to meet the needs of anyone without integrity or compassion for the victim.

    I had an uncle who was murdered, by a repeat offender, that avoided conviction by using that method in agreement with his attorney. I think that is when and why some members of my family “adopted” that tactic and used it repeatedly.

    • Alethea says:

      Sure, DARVO was used in my family too. I’m sure you have seen the article on DARVO:

      It’s common in families of incest, and often used in cases of non-incestuous sexual abuse too. Like the cases of priests who were accused of sexual abuse. A lot of parishioners acted like family members in incest cases and used DARVO on the victims.

      • little nel says:

        Was your father or mother charged or prosecuted for crimes against you?

        • Alethea says:

          Nope. My father died when I was 12 and I blocked out the incest, and all memory of my entire childhood, until I was 35 years-old.

          • little nel says:

            You are truely an amazing woman, Alethea! You figured out a way to avoid your pain until you were 35 years-old.

            Now you are taking what you have experienced, learned, and recovered what was lost or taken from you, to others! God is pleased.

            • Alethea says:

              Well, I do find that the term “mental health DISORDER,” in regards to Dissociative Amnesia, to be a misnomer because I do not think it is a disorder at all. I feel it is a brilliant and normal way for a child/person to handle extreme trauma and incest.

              But I do sometimes envy (I don’t like that word, but you know what I mean) people who have always remembered being abused, because they do seem to have suffered less physical pain than myself. They also have a much better time being believed, and believing themselves. When I first tell people in my life that I was sexually abused as a child, I usually leave out the part that I had blocked it all. That is, unless they ask. Or if I have to explain the illness I had for well over a decade.

              I always worry that people are brainwashed by the media or the “false memory” advocates, or by their own lack of knowledge about how a person’s mind can indeed block out trauma.

              • little nel says:

                I agree that blocking painful feelings of rape and/or incest is not a disorder, but a brilliant and normal way for people to distance themselves for anymore pain and trauma.

                I also blocked many things. It wasn’t until my twin daughters reached the age of 9, the age at which I was abused in the county home, that I started to display symptoms of PTSD.

                I thought that I was loosing my mind because I became mentally paralyzed and physically sick. It was my husband who made me go to therapy because the change in my behavior was so dramatic. He was very supportive.

              • Alethea says:

                I have a supportive husband too. He has stuck by me in the most difficult of times. Most men run. I am happy you have/had? a man who loved you enough to support and help you.

  4. little nel says:

    I understand that Casey is now accusing George of drowning Caylee.

    She must be having trouble getting buyers for her photos and stories, so she is stirring things up by playing the “blame game” again and releasing “sensational” new information.

    Has Casey become too toxic for Jose? If Jose becomes an obstacle to Casey, as George did, she will blame him for her lack of profitable resources.

    • Alethea says:

      Ha! That’s a hoot Little Nel. I can just see it now: if Baez doesn’t do what Casey wants, she will release him as her attorney, and then tell everyone that Baez was at the Anthony home on June 16th, 2008 when she found Caylee in her father’s arms, and that it was Baez who threw Caylee’s body in the swamp.

      But yes, she did tell the doctors that she woke up in the early morning hours of June 16 and found a deceased, wet Caylee, in the arms of a wet, but clothed, George Anthony and that Caylee died in the pool with George while he was in the act of molesting her.

      (Ha Ha) I guess George woke up while Cindy was sleeping next to him and decided to take Caylee outside to the pool, get into the pool fully clothed, and molest her in the swimming pool. He then decided to kill her.

      Casey Anthony is beyond any mental health disorder that one can find in the books. There truly is no term to define what Casey Anthony is.

      • Alethea says:

        Sorry, I left out the part where Casey says George took Caylee from Casey’s bed while mother and daughter were sleeping in it.

        • little nel says:

          Isn’t the mention of “water” in an alibi statement or explanation of a murderous crime an indicator of sexual abuse or a sexual homicide in the life of the statement provider?

          Casey’s whole story/accounting is saturated with water and wetness.

          Maybe that is a high probability indicator that Casey “offered up” Caylee for sexual purposes to others for money before killing her?

          • Alethea says:

            Who knows what the dynamics of Casey’s subconscious mind are? Only deep therapy, which penetrates her unconscious, can truly disclose what water represents to her.

            It may have no psychological basis at all, and could just be the story she got from that inmate who was in jail when she was there. The inmate had a father who found his granddaughter floating dead in the family swimming pool, and the dead child was in his arms. It could never be proven that Casey was told that story while in jail, so they could not introduce it into evidence.

            But the woman was indeed there in jail with Casey.

            • little nel says:


              I did not know about the facts about the inmate. Casey is so cunning.

              She gets the therapy, the doctors, the defense team, the alibi, the acquittal, the protections, and the starring role in her own videos. Caylee got the death penalty.

              It doesn’t sound like anything has changed since my childhood in 1959. My parents were guilty, so they got the therapy, the doctors, hospitalization, the defense team, and I got “jailed” at age 9 for their abuse and neglect.

              FyI, I read an article recently about Keith Carridine (brother of David, son of John, both actors) who described his own childhood neglect and the county home where he was taken to in Los Angeles. His description of the “county home” was the same as the one I was in, called Julia Laythrope Hall, although he did not name the facility.

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