Why Are Children Allowed To Live So Close To Registered Sex Offenders?

I don’t understand why Aliahna and the other children in that trailer park were allowed to live there in the first place, or that the registered sex offenders were able to reside there when children were living there.

Shouldn’t there be a law that prohibits sex offenders of children to live within a certain number of feet from children? They aren’t allowed to live near schools or playgrounds, so why not expand that law to include living near any child.

Why not keep sex offenders all in the same community, and with the restriction of no children being allowed to live in that community?

Just a note; the writer of the article below said Plumadore was not an offender. He was not a registered sex offender. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t sexually abused or raped children, including his murder victim, Aliahna.

“Laws that restrict where convicted sex offenders can live have driven them to cluster in roadside motels or trailer parks, criminologists and corrections officials say.

The creation of such sex offender enclaves has come to light in the wake of the killing of 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon a few days before Christmas in Indiana.

The suspect was not an offender himself but lived in the Northway trailer park, where sex offenders in Fort Wayne had clustered. Prosecutors say Michael Plumadore, 39, repeatedly hit Aliahna in the head with a brick before dismembering her with a hacksaw.

Plumadore, who had been entrusted with Aliahna’s care while her mother recovered from the flu, pleaded not guilty last week. Aliahna’s mother had moved her family to the trailer park to care for her ailing father, a convicted child molester.

Some cities, including Riverside, Calif., and San Bernardino, Calif., have passed or are considering new laws that break up the clusters because of concerns they have become magnets for crime.

Experts who study the issue say the new laws may make problems worse by forcing sex offenders into homelessness or isolating them from social services and jobs.

“The larger the buffer zone and the more densely populated the area is, the more difficult it is for them to find housing,” said Jill Levenson, an associate professor of psychology at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla., who specializes in sex crime policy.

A study in Orange County, Fla., found 99% of residential housing is off-limits to sex offenders, she said.

“It’s a real quandary,” Levenson said. Clustering laws that bar sex offenders from living together narrow the options even more. “Where do we think these people are going to go?”

Most states have laws that require sex offenders to register in their communities so neighbors can be notified. The regulations are known as Megan’s Laws after 7-year-old Megan Kanka, who was raped and murdered by a convicted sex offender who lived across the street.

Many of the laws prohibit sex offenders who have harmed children or are considered predators from living near schools, parks, playgrounds and child care centers.

San Bernardino Councilwoman Wendy McCammack said she was shocked to learn a motel in her city was home to 52 convicted offenders, including 26 sex offenders. Forty-three more sex offenders lived nearby. “What if you’re an out-of-towner and you stop at this motel? Is this a safe surrounding for you to bring your family?” McCammack asked. ~USA TODAY”



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20 Responses to Why Are Children Allowed To Live So Close To Registered Sex Offenders?

  1. Shelly Stow says:

    Sorry I offended you, and very, very sorry about what you suffered with your father. That is why I am so vehement on this subject. I too have family members who were molested as children by relatives, and all of my research has shown me that all the registry and tracking registered offenders accomplishes is keeping the real problem from being addressed. With all the millions spent on the registry, which accomplishes nothing in the way of providing safety for children, educational and preventative programs could be put in place in schools and communities everywhere that would actually address the issue of child sexual molestation and have a significant impact on breaking the cycle of child sexual abuse.

    • Alethea says:

      I am not easily offended. I know I am not ignorant, but I just wanted to correct you on that.

      Personally, I think money and time would be better spent on enforcing existing laws, and creating new ones, that would prosecute the multitude of women (and sometimes men) who willfully ignore, or facilitate, child sexual abuse happening in the home.

      Educational and preventative programs might work to some degree, for some children, but I prefer getting to the root cause of child sexual abuse, and also putting people in prison who allow it to happen in the first place.

      Your idea is a good one though, and much needed.

  2. little nel says:

    There are places in areas where sex offenders live together in “pockets” of closeness.

    Running Springs, Ca. is one that comes to mind.

    The offenders connect with each other for support, social acceptance, and privacy. They have common issues that repulse most of us, so they create their own “family of friends”.

    Real Estate Agents, brokers, home owners, and housing agencies are not allowed to disclose facts about the neighborhoods that might reflect something adverse or dangerous about the inhabitants.

    It is up to the buyers and renters to inspect the neighborhoods before moving in.

  3. Shelly Stow says:

    This blog shows unforgivable ignorance of the truth about those who molest children. Well over 90% of child sexual assault is committed by family and family friends and acquaintances, not by someone on the registry. Another fact that this writer either does not know or blithely ignores is that not all “sex offenders”–i.e. registrants–are child molesters. So in creating your communities where only those on the registry would live, you are doing what the registry does to begin with; it lumps everyone together, from those who were falsely accused but innocent to those whose offenses were childish play–there are ten year old children on the registry–to those who used poor judgement, as in teens “sexting” or engaging in sex before the age of consent or college boys streaking, to those who have committed horrendous and violent crimes. Would you have the ten year old registrant living alone, or would you throw him into the same house with someone who actually does molest children? And what about the children and wives of the registrants? Would you separate families and force those children to grow up without a father’s–or mother’s–presence?

    And when you were through, you would have done nothing to make safer the children you express concern about because they would still be living with those who abuse them or going to piano lessons given by their molester or sleeping over at a friend whose father molests them both.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Shelly,

      Before you start calling me ignorant and uneducated in this matter, you might want to read the multitude of articles I have written on my blog.

      I know damn well that the vast majority of children are molested and raped by family members, and my father is one of them.

      I was not “trying to create communities,” but merely commenting on why registered sex offenders are living around children and vice versa. I was not trying to find an answer, or get into details about it, in one article. It was just a passing article with some passing comments from me.

      You have gotten into too many different areas of this topic to even address most of your comments. I can see you are full of emotion about this matter, but please don’t assume I am ignorant based on a couple of paragraphs from one quick article on a topic not widely addressed.

    • little nel says:

      Hi Shelly,

      I am not lumping sex offenders in the registry into child molesters. The fact is that they tend to align themselves into groups that live in closeness voluntarily. It’s just an observation not an indictment.

      My father was a child molester. He was able to disarm his victims and their mothers with his good looks and charm. He was never convicted of his crimes because our family has many lawyers who defended sex offenders, who had sex with their daughters, and they taught my father how to avoid prosecution.

      We did have some family members who were disgusted by my father’s behavior but had no power to stop him because he was so cunning.

      He had various ways to avoid criminal consequences and he bragged that he would never be prosecuted. He succeeded.

      • Alethea says:

        Little Nel,

        Your father and my father would also never attend a community meeting about child sexual abuse education. Although, maybe your father might have done it to look like a “good citizen.”


        • little nel says:

          My father would do or say anything to look like a “good guy.” He used to visit jails and “witness” to the inmates with his Bible in hand.

          He could talk the talk and act the part, but I don’t ever remember him ever having an opportunity to attend a community meeting about child sexual abuse education.

          He was never prosecuted or convicted of a sex crime or child abuse, so in his mind, he was not a sex offender or child abuser.

          My mother was convicted of child neglect after they divorced.

    • You are correct when you say not all offenders are child molesters. Just like not all rapist are after adults. When I was an intern at a non-profit organization, I was asked to take a guy to register for sex offense. At first I was afraid to be alone with him, afraid he might try something on me. Later I found out, he did not want to offend adults, he wanted children. The reason why he wouldn’t rape a women is because women are bigger, smarter and stronger.

      There are others who would never be around a child, they want women due to a psychological disorder, they enjoy hurting women.

      I am currently in a situation to where my daughter wants to take my granddaughter who we both have joint custody of around a person who has been convicted of sexual abuse in the 1st degree with someon under 11 years old. This person also lives with two other minors, 14 and 5 years old. The law says she can be with them as long as she is supervised. The adults don’t believe she has done anything wrong therefore allows her to be with the kids unsupervised. I am afraid for my granddaughter but according to the law, as far as I know, I can’t stop my daughter from taking my granddaughter around her when she has visitation. I am hoping someone will show me a law that I can use to fight to keep my granddaughter from going there.

      • Alethea says:

        You have a right to be concerned. I am so sorry for your situation and applaud you for caring and wanting to do something.

        If the law allows the child around a convicted child abuser, then there is nothing you can do except speak with love and truth to your daughter about the safety and well-being of her child. You can also speak with your granddaughter and ask her to tell you if ANYTHING happens that makes her uncomfortable. Make sure she understands that -even if she felt good when it happens- that it IS NOT HER FAULT and that she did NOTHING wrong.

        Many children enjoy the touching and affection from the abuser and they don’t tell anyone what has happened becasue they feel that if they liked it, they are guilty. Stress this point with her so she knows that it is still abuse if it feels good. Actually, it can be even more abusive if it feels good becasue the confusion is devastating for the child…. and if it is a same-sex perpetrator, then the child will suffer as an adult, even more so than if it was an opposite sex abuser.

        I am curious why the adults think she did nothing wrong?

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you for your reply. I have spoke with my granddaughter in the past about good and bad touch. I have had to do this due to a friend of hers who was only 5 at the time tried to touch her inappropriately and had my granddaughter do the same. I recently reapproached good and bad touch with her and to let her know if someone does touch her in a bad way to please talk with me. I explained she would not be in trouble if she tells me and not to let anyone tell her different. I have to wait until Monday to talk with the probation officer. I also found out this offender had oral sex with a 8 year old boy when she was in her mid 20’s. She is still on probation and yes, I am very concerned. I tried to talk with my daughter today, explaining that I was uncomfortable about my granddaughter sleeping and being in the same house as her friend until I am able to either get a statement on stationary from the probation officer or to personally talk with the probation officer to ensure it is safe for a child to be around her. My daughter got upset with me, made excuses about contacting the probation officer and then had the nerve to say she was tired of me running her life. Telling me I don’t love her, my words show it and went to the court house today to file a complaint about wanting over nights with her daughter. It is not in a court order for over nights. I did not say she could never have overnights, just not until I talk with the probation officer. Besides there are 5 adults and 2 children living in a small 2 bedroom apartment. My daughter needs help to understand right from wrong but until she is able to get this, I have to do what I need to do in protecting my granddaughter. I have been doing this all her life. It is just so hard when the law is not on your side.

          • Alethea says:

            This woman sounds dangerous!

            Excuse me for being blunt, but your daughter seems like a very ignorant mother, who cares more about her friendship than her child. Or is this her lesbian lover? I don’t understand a mother defending this offender unless she is in an intimate relationship with her. This is what many woman do when their husbands are caught molesting their child.

            Your daughter knows the truth about right and wrong, she just does not want to hear it. She gains something from her protection of this situation. I don’t know what it is, but your daughter is being selfish and self-serving about something.

            I’m sorry, I know you have a good heart, but as a female, and as someone who was sexually abused by an adult female as a child, I know damn well the damage it can do to the victim. This is serious business. This offender could potentially harm your grandchild in very serious, life-long ways.

            You might want to read this, or have you daughter read it:


            • Anonymous says:

              My daughter is being selfish, I agree with you. I don’t think she has a relationship with this person as she they are both in a relationship right now and their partners are both living with them. Then again, they could be sharing, I don’t know. I know that these people are also paying her rent and some of the other bills. My daughter is like this a lot, she never believes anyone even those who have been in trouble with the law will do harm. She has been with another guy who was arrested for possesion of substance at least 9 times. I daughter knew this and admitted to it. I could not stop my daughter from taking my granddaughter around him because the courts said as long as they did not do anything in front of her, it was alright. This guy was high around her all the time, just a total space cadette but that is alright. He has also been arrested for stealing from a video store and possesion with the intent to sell. My daughter had my granddaughter with them when she took him to the county jail to do weekends. She got upset with me when I would not allow for her to take my granddaughter to the jail to see him when he got sentenced for breaking probation and stealing. Now she see’s why I said No. My granddaughter has been sexually abused in the sense that they guy had her touch him to get an erection. My daughter would not take her to the hospital to get checked out when she stunk of someone’s dirty crotch at one year old. I did not have custody then. My daughter now believe’s me that he did something but it is too late now. She was having a sexual relationship with him. He was developmentally delayed 17 year old with mental health difficulties. She was 25 and married. There is plenty wrong with my daughter, I am not going to deny it, I just wish the law would help me in ensuring my daughter stops taking her around these people. Why subject a child to all these negative influences.It is hard enough raising a child to be a good citizen and make something of themselves let alone to live knowing and being friends with these people who would make her feel it is alright to be this way when it is not. I wish my daughter’s visits always had to be around someone who could properly supervise or I could have more control over who my daughter has in my granddaughters life.

              • Alethea says:

                “I know that these people are also paying her rent and some of the other bills.”

                Ah, and there you have it. The age-old reason that people ignore it when a person is a child sexual abuser –they pay their bills.

                You sound like a smart person. I am sorry that you are in such a position and that your daughter behaves and thinks as she does, and that your grandchild is at risk.

                It is a very difficult situation for you and I pray it resolves itself in time.

                I am so sorry.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am not sure why the adults think she did nothing wrong. The only thing I can think of is from what she may have told them, she was falsely accused and that is why she is on the registry. The adults trust that she is telling them the truth.

          • Alethea says:

            The adults who trust her, are believing what is comfortable for them to hear. They are more comfortable putting their belief in the offender, than in the children and courts. They prefer comfortable truths, not ugly truths.

            Their denial is exactly what aids in child sexual abuse.

            • Anonymous says:

              I do see your point and I do agree with what you say. I can see how this can work. Maybe it might be comfortable to believe the offender because she likes her but why take the chance in something bad happening with your own child. There are children in the house and this offender has cared for them when the biological mother was not there and they say nothing happened. I just can’t wait to talk with the probation officer on Monday.

              • Alethea says:

                “There are children in the house and this offender has cared for them when the biological mother was not there and they say nothing happened.”

                That’s like saying, “I let my child ride in a car with a drunk driver many times, and nothing has happened yet.”

                I am blown away that this woman is allowed to be around children. The sexual abuse of an 8 year-old child is serious business, and means she is degenerate.

              • Anonymous says:

                lol I totally agree with you. All I know as it is not going to happen to my granddaughter. Sexual abuse happened to her when she was one and I had no control over it. I have control over it now and it is not going to happen on my watch, I will make sure of it.

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