Alyssa Bustamante Pleads Guilty To Killing 9-Year-Old Neighbor

“A Missouri teenager who told authorities she wanted to know what it felt like to kill on Tuesday pleaded guilty to murder, telling a judge that she strangled her 9-year-old neighbor with her hands and slashed her throat with a knife.

Alyssa Bustamante pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the Oct. 21, 2009, killing of Elizabeth Olten in St. Martins, a rural town just west of Jefferson City.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Bustamante looked down, her long brown hair covering her eyes, as the judge read out the amended charges and asked her if she understood she was giving up her right to a trial. She replied, “yes.”

Judge Pat Joyce then asked Bustamante to describe what she did.

“I strangled her and stabbed her in the chest.” Bustamante said, looking straight at the judge.

“Did you cut her throat too?” the judge asked.

“Yes” Bustamante responded.

(Photo of Bustamante)

Bustamante, who will turn 18 on Jan. 28, told the judge that she knew what she was doing at the time.

Bustamante said she used a knife to cut Elizabeth’s throat and then strangled the girl with her hands. This confession prompted a sharp, audible intake of breath from Elizabeth’s tearful mother who sat in the courtroom just a few feet away.

(the victim, Elizabeth Olten)

Bustamante, who was 15-years-old at the time of the attack, had been charged with first-degree murder and was supposed to stand trial starting Jan. 30.

Instead, sentencing was set for Feb. 6.” ~NY Daily News

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6 Responses to Alyssa Bustamante Pleads Guilty To Killing 9-Year-Old Neighbor

  1. I love the way she expressed about the feeling of killing, i feel bad for the parents of the murdered girl, i have a daughter about her age, i think society pushes children to do what they do, you can read my entry on my blog it may complement each other……
    I think i like her a lot, some one should make a movie of this story….

  2. db says:

    Before I found your blog and bio, I thought to myself looking into this young woman’s eyes that she probably went through some sort of severe abuse as a child. There are so many pictures of her online and you can see the helplessness in her. It’s so sad. Most people will never get over a trauma like this I’ve found due to protective amnesia of the traumatic events.

    Our society needs to examine its core values and sincerely move away from this cycle of abuse. I have no idea if Alyssa is a victim herself, but I suspect so. The only other thing that explains this type of behavior are birth defects in the brain or abnormal skull structure. It may sound cruel to make these kind of observations, but this is normal medical terminology — and I find anything that can give a better explanation to be useful with serious mental issues.

    My mother also has I believe a severe history of childhood abuse that likely came from Catholic parochial schools back in the 1950s. When I was looking at pictures of Ms. Bustamante and that a-typical insanity expression I felt I was looking into the eyes of mom. We need to be better men and protect the females/women in society against these evil predators.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks for posting DB. It sounds like you might have read my articles, which address the possibility that Alyssa was sexually abused.

      While it is awesome to want to be a better man, and to protect. It is better to say that we all need to be better human beings and protect all people/children/animals/the earth.

      How do you know Alyssa was not sexually abused by a woman?


      • little nel says:

        Alethea, you have stated something that I did not want to think about.

        “How do you know Alyssa was not sexually abused by a woman”? or held down by her mother so that someone could sexually abuse her?

        Alyssa was most likely exposed to sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll for most of her childhood before moving to Mo.

  3. little nel says:

    This story is just too bizarre.

    I wish that there would have been a trial so we could get more information about this horrible crime and the events leading up to it.

    This is a crime that is so cruel, violent, unusual, and premeditated that it deserves intense study.

    My heart goes out to the mother of Elizabeth.

    Society did not dig those graves, Alyssa did. Elizabeth was just a “prop” that allowed Alyssa to act out her twisted desire for a thrill kill. No one could have stopped Alyssa from killing Elizabeth, she was too cunning and focused.

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