Mother Rapes and Videotapes Her 11 Year-Old Daughter For “Sex Education”

Four years for child rape, and child exploitation. If it were man, the sentence would have been a lot heavier. Her daughter will serve a lifetime of pain and suffering, yet the perpetrator will soon walk free and will probably be given court-appointed therapy and all kinds of coddling from friends and relatives who will call her a “victim” of the man she met online.

Not that it matters, but this woman did not commit this heinous crime to “educate her child about sex.” She did it to get herself off, and probably her boyfriend. She told the judge that she became obsessed with sex after meeting a man online, so no doubt she was turned on by the rape of her daughter.

I checked on this story with five different news sources in Australia, and all five omitted what exactly this “mother” did to her daughter. It’s not that the details are important, but it is vital for the media to not cater to the human denial system or to people’s need to feel good. These stories need to be accompanied by all the facts of the case. Toning down, minimizing, or sugar-coating what some women are capable of doing to children does not help anyone, especially victims.

The Australian media has used the word “rape” so whatever she did was pretty brutal, and must have involved vaginal or anal penetration.

It has been noted by mental health professionals, that women who abuse children sexually, are often more violent and degenerate than men who sexually abuse children…

“Just when you thought the world couldn’t get anymore twisted it just did. An Australia mother has been sentenced to 4 years, only 4 years, for raping her 11 year old daughter to teach her “sex ed”.

She’s already served 243 days so that means she’ll be a free woman in 122 with 3 years of probation. Disgusting.

The 37 year old mother of four would videotape herself repeatedly raping her young daughter. And this was just one of many “lessons” the mother gave as part of a “bizarre sexual education,” the presiding judge said.

The mother had her first child at 16 and says she became “obsessed with sex” after beginning a relationship with a man online.

She then began forcing her daughter to watch the sex videos she was making with the man, the start of a twisted effort to teach the young girl about sex.

“From the start you characterized your behavior as some form of bizarre sex education with the child which did not involve sexual gratification from you. You were obsessed with sex and your life was in chaos,” the judge said.

The judge added that the woman’s “selfish criminal conduct,” had stripped the young girl’s right to “a wholesome and loving relationship with her mother.”

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8 Responses to Mother Rapes and Videotapes Her 11 Year-Old Daughter For “Sex Education”

  1. matt says:

    I completely agree with you man I believe that bitch should get life just like a man would get if he did it’s a complete double standard down to the definition

  2. Kate says:

    I think it’s good they didn’t post details, they do that to protect the victim who has been through too much already.

    • Alethea says:

      In my opinion Kate, as a victim, I want all of the truth to be told, and for those with a system of denial to know what adults to do children.

      I think each victim should speak for themselves, but in general, I would say many victims/survivors don’t like it when rape is toned down to “sexual assault,” and when facts are sugar-coated for society to not be shocked. I think society NEEDS to be shocked.

  3. ablestmage says:

    The details of the case really need to be specified. Touching a minor inappropriately is one thing — where no physical pain is involved, for instance — but bound, gagged, beaten, fully penetrated, screaming, blood, and violence is entirely another… but both of them are considered rape.

    If the 11/yo were inappropriately felt up, shown where things are and what things do as a live demonstration but with no physical injury, not put in painful restraint in a “no no no please no” kind of situation, but instead in which both parties are consensual in mood but the law strictly forbids minors to be considered legally consensual, a court could still easily charge someone with rape, and once “rape” gets leaked to the public, the beaten-and-screaming version comes to mind and widespread condemnation runs rampant.

    The fact that the judge stated it was uncertain whether the 11/yo will find the experience emotionally destructive is what throws me. Anyone who is restrained forcefully, has had penetration in painful, torturous agony, and repeatedly demanded the assailant to stop, would naturally and predictably find the experience emotionally destructive — but the judge wasn’t sure, and that statement alone throws a wrench into the clockwork of what really took place.

    The only charge that is really described is the showing of possibly-amateur pornographic footage shown to the daughter. Could that, alone, be considered rape I wonder?

    • Alethea says:

      Legally, or morally, an 11 year-old cannot consent to an adult getting them into sex.

      Being that the media usually tones down the truth of sexual abuse, not the other way around, then I would say the act was more violent and abusive than molestation. I think if it were inappropriate touching, or fondling, or something like that, the media would not have called it “rape.”

      “The fact that the judge stated it was uncertain whether the 11/yo will find the experience emotionally destructive is what throws me.”

      I missed that part of the article. Good point.

      • ablestmage says:

        Also, the length of the sentence, and even the revision of the sentence from four years down to time served and simply 3 years probation — seems *indicative* of the severity of the act that took place, that it wasn’t actually rape at all, but a much more minor offense. When the judge remarks about the obstruction of the mother-daughter relationship, it’s not clear whether he’s discussing that breech as a result of the act that took place, or as the reason he’s reducing the sentence so they can be together again, whereas the penalty would be the obstructive mechanism..

  4. little nel says:

    I agree that this woman should never be let out of jail. The first thing that she will do when she gets out is find another sex toy.

    She will blame her daughter and heap lots of guilt on her by accusing her of enjoying the “sex education.” I can hear it now, “Well, you acted like you enjoyed it at the time.” “I went to jail because you lied about your enjoyment and all the fun you had.”
    “YOU OWE ME” will be the prevailing theme when mom gets out of jail, “because you didn’t tell the truth in court.”

    Guilt, guilt, and more guilt for the daughter, coupled with all the other feelings associated with child sexual abuse.

  5. Anonymous says:

    She should be in prison for life. Anyone that does that should be in prison for life, no good behavior, no parole, LIFE! in prison.

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