Aliahna and Jorelys: Similar Crimes, Similar Criminal Minds

Ryan Brunn pleaded guilty today to the murder of  7 year-old Jorelys Rivera. Brunn lured the little girl, then kidnapped, molested, and savagely murdered her.

Ryan Brunn was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The child’s body was found stuffed in a trash compactor after authorites and her family searched for Jorelys for three days in December.

Twenty year-old Brunn was a maintenance man at the apartment complex where his victim lived.

Ryan Brunn

Ryan Brunn told the court today that he had not known, or even spoken with, Jorelys prior to the day he murdered her. Brunn says he came up with a plan when he found one of the child’s skates, and lured her to the place where he said her skates were located.

Jorelys was then taken by her perpetrator to an empty apartment in the building and told to pull down her pants. Brunn says he then placed tape over the girl’s face and cut her throat with a razor, but his victim was still alive.

Although Brunn says he did not have sex with the child, he did admit to having taken Jorelys into the bathroom and beating her to death with her skates.

Brunn says he placed the child’s dead body in a plastic bag, put it on his maintenance golf cart, and then placed her in the trash compactor. After Brunn ran the compactor, he went home and enjoyed time with some friends. Later, he returned to the compactor and ran the machine one more time.

Brunn told the court that before he killed her, he worried that Jorelys would tell her family about everything he did to her. This was when he decided it best to ‘shut her up for good.’

Later, Brunn said he became concerned about what he did, took a receipt, and wrote on the back of it, “She is in the trash can.” He then taped the note to the trash compactor.

In court today, Brunn told his victim’s family, “I would like to apologize for everything I have done.”

If he was going to confess anyway, and tell everyone what he did to that innocent child, then why the hell did he kill her in the first place? He could have just done whatever sick sexual act he wanted, and then allowed her to go and tell whomever she wanted. Jorelys would still be alive and Brunn would be serving time for child molestation and kidnapping, not murder. Those crimes most likely would not have sent him to prison for life.

I know, I know…there is no logic to heinous crimes or those who commit them. I just can’t help but point out the senseless death of this child.

This story validates my feelings about the killer of Aliahna Lemmon.

Missing 9-year-old’s neighbor allegedly beat her with brick, dismembered body

(Aliahna Lemmon)

I suspect that Michael Plumadore bludgeoned Aliahna to death and stuffed parts of her body in his freezer because he was molesting her and feared she would tell on him. Like Brunn, Plumadore confessed a few short days after the murder.

Michael Plumadore


The two cases have strong similarities. The victims were two years apart, and their killers lived or worked in the same housing complex as their victims. Both girls were likely molested or raped, and both perpetrators killed the girls in a violent manner. Both men tried to dispose of the bodies in a gruesome way, and both men confessed to the crimes shortly after committing them.

Why did these men have to murder their victims if they were going to confess to the crime anyway?

Is it just me, or is the world becoming more satanic, and more violent? I can’t even keep up with all the horrific stories there are in the news right now.


Jane Velez Mitchell, CNN HLN News Jan 17, 2012

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12 Responses to Aliahna and Jorelys: Similar Crimes, Similar Criminal Minds

  1. little nel says:

    Ryan Brunn is dead by suicide.

  2. little nel says:

    These two killers, I believe, also considered the sensational headlines, public exposure, and celebrity coverage, that they will get, in addition to the lawyers, therapists, doctors, legal protections, trial, media attention..etc. that are standard fare for high profile cases involving the violent murders of little children.

    They will get the attention of other people worldwide, many considerations, compassionate treatment, and due process of law because they “confessed”.

    • Alethea says:

      That’s true Little Nel. These days, with all the media exposure and criminals being turned into celebrities, it’s no wonder crimes are becoming more heinous and serious.

  3. little nel says:

    Your post was so right on, Alethea.

    I do believe that offenders such as these two, do think, about the consequences, but believe the risk is worth it. The murder of these two little girls were premeditated, not afterthoughts.

    The desire to subdue, sexually assault and then murder a child is more temptation than they can resist. It’s a lust that over-powers any normal internal restraints that they have. The act of tossing the murdered child in the trash or a watery place, like a river, lake, well, swamp, etc. seems like an opportunity to give the murderer a final “nanner- nanner” and “disgrace” to the child and their families.

    • Alethea says:

      “..seems like an opportunity to give the murderer a final “nanner- nanner” and “disgrace” to the child and their families.”

      This reminds me of the case of Samantha Runnion. Her rapist and killer, Alejandro Avila, put her body in the middle of a hillside ( I think it was) and placed her legs in the spread eagle position in order to say “nanner nanner” to police and her family.

  4. mary says:

    … they avoid reading material having to do with this subject because they do not want to trigger post traumatic symptoms.

    • Alethea says:

      I know all too well about triggers. I finally learned that by reading material (or making notes about what material I avoided reading) I was able to pinpoint all the areas in which I still needed to work on my healing.

      I know I am healed when I can read material that used to affect me, and not get any physical symptoms or depression etc.

      • little nel says:

        Funny, how that works with “triggers.”

        I always hated “surprises” and never knew why, until I realized, that I had connected it to childhood sexual abuse that I did not want to recall.

  5. mary says:

    Ugh sorry my phone cut me off again. Anyways, somehow we have to deal with these ugly realities of this world and mankind and still through that move on and maintain our sense of… i don’t know what to call it, hope, faith, love? a sense of peace inside? which is not easy at all to do when you are exposed to the knowledge of these things, esp if its firsthand. some people live their lives never get that feeling of peace at all. I just hope and pray (and take action too) this world will be a better place to live in the future, even if all the facts of the present point to the contrary.i guess that is where the concept of faith comes in…but yeah i have to thank you for having it in you, Alethea, for spreading and keeping up with this information through your blog, as grizzly and unpleasant as it is, esp since you yourself had a traumatic childhood. Alot of people i know who have gone through a childhood with csa do not like hearing this information at all (i mean who does really) but for them i know that

  6. mary says:

    This is heinous and i literally almost cried/threw up from reading the story and seeing the pictures of these innocent, sweet children who never did anything to deserve such a horrible fate. This is too depressing. As for the men who committed these murderous acts…. i dont even know what to say that hasnt been said about these kinds of people, they illicit such a visceral hatred in me that i didnt even know i was capable of. Did their parents not teach them compassion and respect for young kids? Why is it that when these people indulge their dysfunctions, if their souls have beeen damaged themselves, they selfishly never stop to think about how what theyre doing is wounding or destroying another soul, another life? So many questions, but really, I know im wasting my time asking why, when there is no why. This is the reality of the world we live in and in that world people do f@cked up things like this and somehow we not only have to deal with them and do the right things as society, we have to come out of t

    • Alethea says:

      I am so sorry Mary. I never meant to create depression or hatred in you. I know it is very difficult to read/know/hear about these crimes, but in my opinion, it is vital for people to absorb the fact that this happens, and sometimes these crimes are committed by seemingly ordinary people.

      No, their parents most likely did not teach them compassion and respect for any human being, much less children. I am certain the parents of these degenerates are dysfunctional human beings who probably lacked love themselves as kids, and therefore, did not love these men. These men were most likely abused, abandoned, assaulted, or sexually molested as kids too.

      The cycle of abuse kills.

      I wish I could think of a way to stop it. But I do not have that power.

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