Child Killer Commits Suicide

Ryan Brunn

The killer of 7 year-old Jorelys Rivera has committed suicide in jail.

Ryan Brunn, who told authorities how he lured, molested, and then stabbed Jorelys to death with her skate blade, was sentenced to life in prison this week for the crime.

His body was found yesterday. He hung himself.

This is video of his brother, which was taken before Brunn confessed. It’s a good display of the human denial system.

Jorelys’s mother (image below)
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8 Responses to Child Killer Commits Suicide

  1. Alethea says:

    Hi Serieve,

    “…but ”yes, these things happen every day. Why do you only care when the child dies, society?’”

    If you mean why does society only care when the child dies, and not adults, then I say this:

    I think a lot of society cares about adults as well…maybe more than I would like society to care. I see those who carry on with sadness and anger over the Natalie Holloways of the world, as people who do not see the truth about adults who are not so innocent. I think people who mourn over the Natalie Holloways of the world, should use their energies on child victims…not adults who go out partying and get into a car with a stranger in a foreign country.

    I feel this way about animals. I have seen hundreds of people in my life, drive right by stray dogs without a thought, and even drive by strays running on 60 MPH highways where the dog would be smashed in one second. I am always the only person who ever stops. Why does society only care about humans being lost or in danger? Or why do they only care when it is THEIR dog?

    If you mean, why do we not care when the perpetrator dies, then I have no idea what you are talking about. Why would I care more than a slight bit, when a child murderer/rapist, dies?

    “Which brings me to close. I wanted to slap the brother when he said ”there’s no way my brother…” OF COURSE THERE IS! ANYONE ”has that way;” it is if they are willing to choose to act on that way.”

    What I found telling was how Ryan’s brother explains that Ryan has to be innocent because they played basketball together.

    BTW Serieve, please let us know when your Blog is up and running. I tried to go to the link you sent, and it did not give me anything much.

    • Alethea says:

      Yes, looking forward to knowing what you meant, but take your time.

      Survivors of repeated rape and trauma will often avoid anything that is still a serious psychological problem for them. I think E. “Smart” is repressing her trauma so she doesn’t truly want to be an advocate and do something because taking action and doing something means facing what she is denying/repressing….or, she is a liar, and went willingly with those two and got more than she bargained for.

      Or she was used to being sexually abused by someone (in her family) and is just going through the motions of life.

      I still don’t know which it is. Maybe all three.

      • little nel says:

        “Survivors of repeated rape and trauma will often avoid anything that is still a serious psychological problem for them”.

        I agree. I tried to avoid stuff for years that was painful. I did what I call “replacement therapy” on myself. I replaced the painful stuff with my own version of events that made me feel better, until it “caught up with me” and the pain “resurfaced” (without my consent) and became unbearable.

        I could not stand to look at chain link fencing and barbed wire. I could not watch movies about prisons because they “triggered” things.

        E. Smart will have some type of unwanted memories of trauma resurface later on. I hope that she has an understanding husband that won’t bail on her when it happens.

        • Alethea says:

          Oh Little Nel. You wouldn’t believe some of my triggers. But I too had a serious issue with prison films. The only one I have ever liked was Shawshank Redemption. But any reference to a person being held down, imprisoned, locked in a closet, or duct taped would send me into some pretty bad physical or emotional states.

    • Alethea says:

      I changed that one a long time ago. I thought I had updated it on my contact page etc. Maybe not?

  2. little nel says:

    Denial is the “perfect response” to not have to think about anything painful. My brother, child, sister, mother, father, or friend, “In, no way, hurt that child.”

    It’s the old old, “I can’t bear to think about it, so this can’t be true.”

    This is a common response from the families of offenders and victims. Who wants to hear that someone you love raped and murdered a child or was the victim?

    I can’t bear to read about it sometimes, because of the widespread wreckage/damage that destroys everyone’s happiness involved in crimes like these, but I know that I have to stop denying and become part of the solution.

    Oh, how the “survivor’s guilt” and feelings of undeserved loss/pain is endowed upon so many innocent people by one sick fu*k!

  3. I wish they would all off themselves. Saves tax payers money and is about the only way to make sure that the perverts do not reoffend.

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