Open Letter To Dr. Keith Ablow: Your Belief of Casey Anthony is an Insult and Injustice To Incest and Trauma Survivors

Dear Dr. Ablow,

Allow me to preface by saying that, like George Anthony, my father was a police-officer. My father sexually abused me, including oral and vaginal rape, for many years as a child. I also suffered other trauma at the hands of both parents. As a result, the trauma, incest, and emotional pain caused me to have Dissociative Amnesia for over three decades.

It appears you buy Casey’s “real” version of how Caylee died –that on the morning of June 16, 2008, Casey forgot to lock her bedroom door, so George came in and took Caylee from Casey’s bed. He then carried Caylee out to the swimming pool, molested her there, then killed Caylee in the pool. George then brought Caylee’s lifeless body to Casey’s bedroom and screamed at her that it was all her fault, causing Casey to enter into a ‘dissociative trauma-induced state.’

Do you realize how ridiculous this is?

If you believe this story, it is a slap in the face to all those who have truly suffered trauma-induced dissociation. It is also an injustice to common sense and to the real victim, Caylee Marie.

What “Evidence” Do We Have of Casey’s Story?

  • Casey, a pathological liar, wrote in a jailhouse letter to another inmate, that her brother, Lee, touched her breasts, and that she was “possibly” abused by her father. Casey wrote about this “possible” abuse while she was awaiting trial for murder, and during a period of time when she needed to come up with some kind of excuse, reason, or explanation for having gone 31 days without telling a soul that her daughter was dead.
  • George probably lied about having an affair.
  • Casey is promiscuous and overly sexual.
  • Casey has hatred for her father and mother.

As a mental health professional, how can you defend a woman who did not even accuse her father herself at the trial, but who instead allowed her attorney to make the very serious accusations for which her father was not even on trial for?

Public accusations of child sexual abuse, and accusing someone of making an accident look like murder and dumping the body of the child, is a very serious matter. Casey is a grown woman. If she was going to make such heinous allegations against her father, don’t you think she should have stood up and made those allegations herself, instead of hiding behind her attorneys?

Do you condone a man being publicly accused of rape and murder, without a shred of proof, and with the accuser sitting there silently smirking while the trial takes place, without ever taking the stand?

Do you not know how much it harms victims and survivors of child sexual abuse when a person makes a false allegation of child sexual assault and molestation?

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have suffered far worse traumas than what Jose Baez alleges happened to Casey, and many of those people at least had the guts to stand up themselves and face the person they were accusing. You might say, “Casey was too afraid.” Watch the tapes of Casey Anthony in jail, she is not afraid of her parents!

In fact, Casey Anthony does not display any kind of symptoms of fear. People who have endured years of incest, rape, and trauma, have fear-related, or PTSD symptoms in their psychology. According to the doctors who have examined her, and based on evidence in the case, Casey has none of these problems.

While it is possible that Casey was sexually abused as a child by someone..we just don’t know that, and don’t know to what extent, and don’t know who might have done it.

Child Sexual Abuse Does Not Create Monsters Who Have No Morals, and No Regard For Their Children

By believing Casey Anthony’s story, you imply that sexual abuse leads to a total disregard for one’s child, and causes a total lack of morals, and lack of concern for others. This is outrageous, and an injustice to all victims of child sexual abuse.

There are millions of us who were repeatedly orally and vaginally raped as children, but we have a heart. We have love for our children and animals, and would protect them to our death. We would never go partying, shopping, and getting tattoos while our child’s body lay in a swamp decaying like garbage.

Why do you feel that Casey was sexually abused and that she did not murder Caylee? Don’t you understand that Casey might very well have been sexually abused as a child, and that she murdered Caylee?

Look at some of the famous cases of women who have murdered their children, and who have a history of child sexual abuse. There are a number of them.

Susan Smith, Michelle Kehoe, and Diane Downs are only three examples. All three women murdered their children and blamed the deaths on mysterious strangers, not unlike the Zenaida Gonzales story.

Diane Downs

Diane Downs blamed a “bushy-haired stranger.” Susan Smith went for the token black man, and Casey Anthony used the Latina babysitter.

If you research the backgrounds of the multitude of women who have murdered their own children, I bet you would find childhood sexual abuse in many of their cases. So what? Child sexual abuse, in and of itself, does not cause a person to want to murder their own child.

Casey Anthony is no doubt a narcissistic sociopath, but there is no known link to how exactly she got that way. She just might very well have a dark, selfish, soul; plain and simple. Or maybe she is just a part of the “me, myself and I” generation, which is the generation of young people who have been taught to ‘kill or remove whatever is in your way.’

Casey and Jose Baez Have Made a Mockery Out of Dissociation and Incest.

Dr. Ablow, you agree with one of the psychiatrists who examined Casey for the defense team. Dr. Danziger says Casey Anthony did not qualify for antisocial (sociopathic) personality disorder.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Disregard for right and wrong
  • Persistent lying or deceit
  • Using charm or wit to manipulate others
  • Recurring difficulties with the law
  • Repeatedly violating the rights of others
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Intimidation of others
  • Aggressive or violent behavior
  • Lack of remorse about harming others
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Agitation
  • Poor or abusive relationships
  • Irresponsible work behavior

Casey Anthony qualifies for every one of these. Rage, and the intimidation of others can be seen if you watch the jailhouse videos. We also witnessed how she often controlled and instructed her defense council during her trial, and how she manipulated the jury with sad faces and crying in their presence, and laughter and indifference to disturbing photos when they were not present.

There is also the moment in time, captured on video, when Casey’s rage was displayed at the trial. Click here to see it.

You say Casey did not qualify for any personality disorder or borderline personality disorder, yet these two disorders are both highly associated with child sexual abuse! You can’t have it both ways.

You also say that Casey did not qualify for any psychiatric diagnosis at all, and you say she did not even come close.

So maybe you ought to test her for “party girl personality disorder” because people who have suffered child rape, incest, and trauma to the point of going into a trauma-induced state to block out the pain of losing their daughter, will show symptoms of having been through trauma. They will have PTSD, nightmares, depression, social problems, physical symptoms, hyper-vigilance, mood swings, unwarranted fear of dying young, low self-worth, inability to trust, reclusiveness, personality disorders, phobias, anxiety attacks, serious memory problems or memory lapses, flashbacks, hopelessness, panic attacks, and overwhelming guilt and shame.

Something Casey Anthony has definitely never displayed, is guilt or shame.

You write:

“I won’t state here whether George Anthony is a pedophile and child rapist, but I challenge any other mental health professional with any experience treating victims of trauma to review the depositions Danziger and Weitz rendered and come away asserting that Casey Anthony’s words ring untrue or seem fabricated.”

Ha! Your observation is about a woman who is a proven pathological liar. This is a woman who lies so good, that she was able to fool her entire family, close friends, and boyfriends. I am absolutely blown away that you believe the words of a calculating liar, who had three years to sit in jail… learning, researching, and contriving a plan to get herself off the hook for murder.

You say that you have over 15 years of experience with incest victims, and that Casey Anthony knows the language and said the right words. Are you kidding me? Are you referring to the same woman who conformed to whatever anyone wanted her to be, or to whatever was necessary to fool people with her lies?

No doubt that while incarcerated, Casey spoke with many inmates who were sexually abused, and she picked up some of their stories. You use her words as evidence of incest:

“How do you handle the unspeakable…By putting it in a little box, hiding it deep, pretending all is well. Doing that since age 8, since elementary school, I became exceedingly perfect.” ~Casey Anthony

This sounds like something she read in a book, or saw on a Lifetime movie for women, and I don’t recall any testimony that Casey was exceedingly perfect in school.

My Questions For Dr. Ablow:

  • Casey Anthony told Danziger that she slept with Caylee to keep George away from her child. Are you buying into the idea that, in all the times Casey willingly left Caylee alone with her mother, she did not also knowingly leave Caylee alone with George?
  • Why did Casey make up a fictitious babysitter a year prior to this so-called drowning accident? And in that year, where was Caylee when Casey told friends and family that Caylee was with this fictitious babysitter?
  • When exactly did Casey remember that her father sexually abused and raped her for many years as a child? Because her jailhouse letters indicate that only Lee had tried to molest her. She then mentioned in the letters that she “thinks” her father ‘may have done something too.’
  • How exactly did this new revelation of this alleged sexual abuse by her father take place? Did she have therapy in jail and the memories returned to her?
  • Don’t you find it convenient that she recalled this alleged oral and vaginal rape by her father while she was sitting in jail facing murder charges and the death penalty?
  • Casey seems just fine now. Even the psychiatrists said so. When exactly did she come out of this so-called ‘trauma-induced dissociative state of denial?’
  • Why did she wait three years, until the day of opening statements, to tell the world of sexual abuse and an accidental drowning? She was given the opportunity by the police detectives to tell them if an accidental drowning had occurred, and yet she denied it. She even laughed it off when her mother suggested it. Why would Casey Anthony sit in jail for three years, complaining about being stuck in jail, and not tell anyone about the drowning accident that would have set her free?
  • The prosecution discovered that one of Casey’s jail inmates had a two year-old who drowned in the family’s above ground pool, and that the child’s grandfather found the toddler’s body floating in the pool. Don’t you think this is where Casey got her drowning story?
  • Why would George let Casey face murder charges and the penalty of death, instead of simply saying he found Caylee floating in the pool?
  • How do you explain the fact that George Anthony wasn’t the one who abandoned a car with the smell of a cadaver, and that George wasn’t the person who deliberately left two big bags of garbage inside the trunk to cover up the smell of rotting flesh?
  • Why would George take the same duct tape he allegedly used to put around Caylee’s head, and use it to hang posters to help find Caylee –knowing full well (being a police detective) that the duct tape could easily be linked back to him?
  • If George Anthony committed a crime involving the death of Caylee, why would he have pushed Casey to speak privately with the FBI and the sheriff’s department? Why did he become happy when Casey, at one point, agreed to do so?
  • Who is more likely to throw a dead child’s body just off the side of the road, right down the street from the family home in a lazy attempt to cover up a crime? Who? –an experienced ex-homicide detective… or a lazy, self-centered, immature mother who murdered her child?

Swamp mom is a self-gratifying, self-centered, cold-hearted woman who I believe murdered her child and discarded her like a piece of trash, and partied and had sex while her child rotted and was eaten by animals.

Casey should be on death row with Scott Peterson.



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112 Responses to Open Letter To Dr. Keith Ablow: Your Belief of Casey Anthony is an Insult and Injustice To Incest and Trauma Survivors

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great article title and subject!

    After many years of trying to excuse and deny the obvious, EVIL does truly exist in the world. EVIL people exist, regardless to the truth or lies concerning any childhood abuse, it matters not. None of it has anything to do with anything and most definitely, does not excuse anything.

    Simply put, they are EVIL PEOPLE, regardless to whether they experienced good or difficult childhoods! They are just what they are, EVIL … BORN EVIL! Evil is not learned … it just is.

  2. cateellington says:

    Thank you for taking the words right out of mouth. I was so enraged at Ablow’s incredibly sophomoric drivel and astonished at his total inability to see Ms. Anthony for who she is. What astonished me about Ablow was how he insists that if she’s lying then she’s as talented as Meryl Streep or L Olivier. Good grief does he not have any experience with sociopaths? I refuse to call her bright as others have because I have Always seen right thru her lying self centered ugly self. And he needs to be called on the fact that Dr. Danziger in his testimony on multiple occasions (8 at LEAST); said that he ft extremely uncomfortable because he felt he was potentially being used as a vehicle to spread horriblelies about someone. He acknowledged numerous times that there was nothing to back up Casey’s claims and he did not want to be used.

    • Alethea says:

      You’re welcome. That case will go down in history as one of gross injustice against all children.

      That jury gave the green light to mothers with no morals, no consciousness, and little desire for children….’go ahead and kill your unwanted child. We agree with your lifestyle, and need for freedom and revenge.’

      • JoeSchmo says:

        What do facts have to do with how or why Casey Anthony’s daughter died? An impartial jury of Casey’s peers found that her daughter died in a tragic accidental death via drowning in the family swimming pool.

        The jury also found that Casey was sexually molested by her father and possibly her brother. Because of this past sexual abuse, Casey could not tell ANYbody of her daughter’s drowning death out of fear of those two male relatives’ retaliation against her.

        Why can’t people see facts, like the people who reviewed ALL of the evidence, i.e. Casey’s own trial jury did? Let it go, Casey’s free and will never again and CAN NEVER AGAIN be prosecuted for an accidental drowning death of her toddler child. Allow her to grieve her loss and move on in life as she slowly makes her way back into the public arena. Okay?

        • Alethea says:

          “What do facts have to do with how or why Casey Anthony’s daughter died?”

          LOL! Those darn facts, they always get in the way of justice.

          I see you live in Casey’s fantasy world, it must be nice there. Enjoy it….or is this Casey?

          “Allow her to grieve her loss.”

          She had time to grieve before she threw Caylee’s body in a swamp and lots of time to grieve while Caylee’s body lay there for months and rotted.

          • JoeSchmo says:

            Oh I’m sorry Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes, I didn’t know you were there when Casey grieved the loss of her drowned daughter. Sheesh, how foolish of me to NOT KNOW that you’re a bona-fide, certified, mind-reader as well Alethea. You knew more than 12 people who saw ALL of the evidence at trial. Wow!!! That must be a real neat trick!

            Or are you just certifiable?! Btw, when are you gonna stop projecting this, I’m the only victim of sexual/child abuse in the world and therefore anything that comes out of my mouth is the gospel truth, attitude? Hhmmm? Nuff said!!!

            • Alethea says:

              “Joe” my comment about grieving was facetious. She has probably not grieved a day in her life for anything or anyone but herself.

              Yes, I do know more than those 12 nincompoops who were too stupid, lazy, and ignorant to be jurors.

              • JoeSchmo says:

                Too bad it was only the opinions of those 12 “nincompoops” on Casey’s criminal trial jury that really mattered and not your self-righteous, holier than thou, hell, fire and brimstone brain burps that you project on this blog. Nuff Said!!!

              • Alethea says:

                Then why do you read my articles and comment here? Why waste your time with my Blog if you feel this way? Move on, go somewhere else. You certainly don’t contribute anything of intelligence here. But if you choose to hang around, just know that I will probably NOT approve your messages anymore.

              • JoeSchmo says:

                The only reason Casey Anthony lied was b/c, I believe imo, that she suffers from “dissociative fugue disorder” and after a childhood of possible emotional/sexual abuse from her father and maybe her brother too, Casey learned to dissociate herself from the horrible situation she would find herself in.

                I think that the moment she was shown the lifeless body of her precious child, after her father recovered it from the swimming pool that, as she had learned all throughout her abusive childhood, Casey’s mind immediately dissociated and she went on for the next 31 days really thinking and believing that her child was okay. She DID believe that her child was at the beach, at Busch Gardens in Tampa, at Universal Studios in Orlando, in Jacksonville with her childhood friend.

                Bottom line, Casey Anthony believed all of those fantasies, NOT LIES, b/c her mental capacity was severly diminished. Again, she didn’t lie, HER MIND dissociated herself from her terrible situation. If you people don’t believe it, look up “dissociative fugue disorder,” b/c Casey’s tragedy and that of her alleged victim, her toddler daughter, is a textbook example of it.

                Let’s allow this grieving young lady to do just that, grieve for her daughter and start her life anew. Let her slowly make her way back into the public arena, where a jury of her peers, not a lynch mob, found that’s where she belonged.

                Think about it Alethea, just think for a moment. Does it not make sense more than that a good mother would murder her daughter to keep a boyfriend? Casey Anthony can have any man she wants, she doesn’t have to murder someone to keep a man. Love her or hate her, she is gifted with unimaginable beauty.

              • Alethea says:


                There is really no point in debating you because I have no desire to try and convince you of that which you do not want to be convinced of.

                But I will say, for those who might read this: child sexual abuse and child murder are not exclusive. There is a very good chance that Casey was a victim of child sexual abuse by someone in her family AND that she is a child murderer. In fact, there are many cases of mothers who have murdered their children, and who were sexually abused by their father. Child sexual abuse can cause the very psychiatric disorders which -in part- can cause a woman to murder her child.

                “Casey Anthony believed all of those fantasies, NOT LIES, b/c her mental capacity was severly diminished. Again, she didn’t lie,…”

                She lied her ass of about working at Universal until she led the detectives down the hall and realized she could not lie any longer because she was at the end of the hall and the end of her tale. No desk, no employee number….”oops, I need to come clean now.”

                You should know there is evidence she was pimping out Caylee and used the fictitious babysitter to cover the times when Caylee might have been with a child abuser.

                “Let’s allow this grieving young lady to do just that, grieve for her daughter and start her life anew.”

                You can do whatever you want. I am going to keep speaking up about Casey Anthony.

                You call her a “good mother.” WTF do you base that on? Because of a few photos of Casey and Caylee smiling and playing together? Do you know how many photos there are of child molesters smiling or playing with their victims in moments when the abuse was not happening? Photos don’t tell family secrets, nor do they tell what kind of relationship Casey had with her daughter. Witnesses in the trial, and court transcripts depict a woman who conjured up a fake babysitter in order to explain away where her daughter was at times when Casey wanted to party. Evidence shows a woman who never wanted her daughter in the first place and that Caylee was more like a sister to Casey than a daughter. Evidence shows that Casey was jealous of Caylee and that she was in Casey’s way.

                You don’t know a fucking thing about what goes on behind closed doors in the mind and actions of someone you think is a “good mother.” Watch out for that kind of thinking because your need to see a “good” mother in Casey Anthony is what gives fuel to child predators and child murderers who have a good facade on the outside, but are molesting or planning to murder a child on the inside.

                “Love her or hate her, she is gifted with unimaginable beauty.”

                How disgusting.

              • skbsoccermom says:

                I rest my case about the ‘man’ comment about how more men then women will defend the swamprat. Joe’s last sentence in his last post states his frame of mind .. he is making excuses for her because he thinks she’s beautiful (gag). So, joe thinks she really did believe Caylee was in all those differenct places. Here’s another problem with that theory .. what about when she told cindy that Caylee was with her in the back seat of the car on their way back from Jacksonville? Did the sexual abuse affect her vision too? Oh, let me guess .. the dissociation was so severe that she thought she saw Caylee in her own back seat, and she thought she spoke to her on the day law enforcment demanded to know where she was, and she thought she dropped her off at Sawgrass. The only person who lied throughout this whole ordeal was the babykiller herself. Every single lie was self-serving. And yes she killed Caylee to spite cindy and to be with tony without the responsibilities of a small child.
                Seriously, Joe, get some help.

        • skbsoccermom says:

          Typical male response. Do yourself a favor Joe and educate yourself, because you don’t know what you’re talking about. The jury was not supposed to consider incest because it was never proven, and even the judge wouldn’t allow that liar baez to bring it up during closing arguments. There is so much evidence that points to her guilt, but you have to have a brain to see it.
          Those jurors were idiots, so just because they didn’t convict her doesn’t mean she didn’t do it. That swamptramp killed Caylee, and if you took the time to actually look at the evidence instead of believing a pathological liar and her sleezy attorney, you would know that.

          • Alethea says:

            Thanks for commenting Soccer mom. For some reason, “Joe Schmo” identifies with Casey Anthony, so he or she (we don’t know if “Joe” is male or female) won’t see anything past that.

            But “Joe’s” opinion has nothing to do with gender, a lot of women agree with Joe Schmo’s opinion on the case.

            And you are correct, the jury was not supposed to consider incest and the judge wouldn’t allow Bozo Baez to bring it up during closing arguments. I wonder if Joe is one of the jurors, and letting us know that they did indeed defy the judge’s orders and consider the claims of incest and some “dissociative-induced trance” that Casey went into, only to snap right out of that trance that very day….

            What a joke on the American justice system that trial was.

            • JoeSchmo says:

              Ever heard of “dissociative fugue disorder?” It would do you well to research this rare phenomenon, as I did know someone who suffered from this ailment and although rare, it is very real and causes people to behave, do things and act in ways that they may have NEVER acted or behaved in their entire lives beforehand. Capiche? Nuff Said. Sheesh!!!

              • Alethea says:

                “Joe,” the fictitious nanny was invented long before her so-called trauma-induced dissociative fugue, and so were all her lies used to cover her tracks about the whereabouts of her daughter. In addition, all the other evidence surrounding the case do not support in any way that she was in such a state.

                I think you are in a dissociative fugue about Casey and the entire case. Snap out of it.

              • skbsoccermom says:

                Here’s the problem with that Joe … all her actions while Caylee was missing/dead were calculated. She didn’t have memory loss or believe Caylee was still alive. Every story she told cindy and her friends about Caylees whereabouts during those 31 days sounded reasonable. Every story she told was a calculated lie to cover for herself. People have tried to tell me she was in denial .. well if that were true, then she would have still been buying diapers and things Caylee needed instead of making up various stories so people would stop asking her about it. She wouldn’t have been able to tell cindy that she was in the car and Caylee was right there with her in the back seat.
                The day law enforcement showed up and wanted answers, she said she spoke to Caylee that morning. I am a nurse and know about various psychiatric disorders, and the only ‘disoder’ she has is that she is pure evil. Her goal was to be with her nightclub promoter boyfriend, Tony, and cindy was demanding she step up to the plate. Cindy was tired of casey’s stealing and being irresponsible. Caylee was in the way and had to be eliminated .. just like Susan Smith. No rare disorders, just pure evil. You can’t really be that naive, can you?

              • Alethea says:

                Great points Soccer Mom.

        • Juror Ford said they did not believe the molestation story. PERIOD! Quote Casey Anthony “I am a spiteful bitch”

      • JoeSchmo says:

        This post is not a debate post, so please approve it. It is for the benefit of the readers to your blog, so that, if they want to hear “the other side of the story” about the Casey Anthony verdict, they have that choice this coming Monday night. Thanks in advance.

        ***I have no relation to Ms. Jones*** Just an FYI…

        I was quick to judge the jury — I went on radio & TV And blasted them for days after the verdict. But a year later, I took another look at the evidence they were presented with. The jury was told about Casey partying it up after Caylee went “missing” — true — but they were given no cause of death — and they were given no proof that Caylee’s death wasn’t an accident. What the prosecution proved at trial was that Casey was a liar about her child being “kidnapped” and that she indeed drove around with her dead child in the trunk — and that there were decomposition “hits” in the Anthony back yard — but all of that does not equal Murder One. Try to step back and think about it — if YOU were on the jury — and you had no evidence to contradict the theory that this was an accidental death, later covered up by George and/or Casey– could you convict her of 1st Degree Murder??

        Part of Aphrodite Jones Facebook Post – December 31, 2012

        True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

        Casey Anthony – Bella Vita premiers:

        TV-14 CC

        Monday, January 14th, 2013 at 10 PM (Eastern Time) on the Investigation Discovery Cable Channel

        We’re all familiar with the tragic death of Caylee Anthony and her mother’s bizarre lies about it. Like many, Aphrodite was outraged when party-hard single mom Casey was found innocent. But what did the jury see that so many others missed?

        It would behoove you people to watch this new show on the Casey Anthony case. Even Ms. Aphrodite Jones at first thought different of Casey Anthony’s verdict. This is a chance to further educate yourselves about how the jury in Casey’s murder trial came up with the decision that they did. Thanks in advance.

        • Alethea says:

          Gee Joe, you sure are nice to me when you want something. No personal attacks? No insults about my being a person who experienced incest and trauma, and trauma-induced dissociative amnesia?

          I will post this comment but don’t expect me to take my precious time debating this show with you because I will NOT watch it. I really don’t have time to spend on this case anymore. What’s done is done. She got away with it…let’s move on shall we?

          But in response to the comment you posted by Aphrodite Jones:

          Cause of death is not required for conviction.

          Maybe you and Ms. Jones were not aware of the other charges those 12 morally bankrupt, corrupt and unintelligent people could have convicted her on?:

          Lesser Included of Count One, Second Degree Murder, Count Two, Aggravated Child Abuse, Count Three, Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child.

          It sounds like Ms. Jones and the producers just want to make $$$ off little Caylee with her program.

          I would say to Ms. Jones: Please don’t throw Caylee back in the swamp one more time by stepping on truth, common sense, and human decency.

          • JoeSchmo says:

            Thank you for posting this Alethea. I won’t debate you on the show, as I will be watching it. Can you do me another favor please and then I promise I’ll go away?

            Please post the link(s) to where you stated that Casey was “pimping” her child (paraphrasing you) to sexual predators. I’ve truly heard that in the past, but haven’t ever seen any concrete evidence of it. Thanks again in advance.


    • Cate E. says:

      I would just like to say again that I appreciate this article Althea wrote. I had been hoping that someone who had truly been victimized as a child would come forth and cry foul on this oh so calculated 12th hour latest version of Casey Anthony’s “truth”. Althea articulated for me so well the questions Keith Ablow NEEDS to be asked. While I am not a survivor of incest and abuse I have read a lot on the subject and have had many friends who were victims, but having not been abused myself it was really another abuse victim that needed to stand up to this latest lie.

      However,I do want to say I was disappointed to read the comments about Chaz Bono. I wholeheartedly disagree and just want for the record people to know who may come across this blog that some of us believe Ablow to have been wrong not ONLY on Casey Anthony but also VERY MUCH on the Chaz Bono issue. I hope Althea that we can agree to disagree on the Chaz issue and you will let this comment stand. There are people on ALL sides of the political spectrum that agree that Casey Anthony was in no way ANYONE’s VICTIM.

      BTW Here is a great piece I read on Sociopaths. To me, it states exactly how Jose Baez in his rush to fame, unwittingly also became just another victim:

      Jekyll & Hyde personality

      always charming and beguilingly plausible, especially to those who are capable of protecting or enhancing the sociopath’s position

      excels at deception (this must never be underestimated, but always is)

      excels at evasion of accountability

      is extremely and successfully manipulative of people’s perceptions and emotions (eg guilt and anger)

      silver-tongued, has an extreme verbal facility and can outwit anybody (including a top barrister) in verbal conflict

      will often engineer himself or herself into a position of authority as gatekeeper of the organisation and thus the person through whom all information must flow, and the person to whom all requests for services must be referred – which he or she then takes delight in denying

      is adept at offering weak and inadequate people the positions of power, control, security, influence or respect that they crave but who lack the necessary competencies to achieve – such people are unaware that their consequent dependence on the sociopath makes them permanent manipulatees, pawns and expendable agents of harassment

      identifies those essential to the sociopath’s survival and manipulates their perceptions of them by making them feel special and thus obligated to reciprocate with support and protection

      manipulates others into making fools of themselves in situations where they cannot back down or from which they cannot withdraw – these people become increasingly susceptible to further manipulation and are then trapped as pawns in the sociopath’s game

      is likely to be surrounded by people who, having been subjected to control, manipulation and punishment by the sociopath, look wretched and who start to exhibit behaviour best described as disordered, dysfunctional, sullen, aggressive, defensive, hostile, retaliatory, counterproductive or cult-like and for whom disbelief, disavowal and denial are instinctive responses

      creates an environment where levels of denial are so great that those involved are oblivious of the foolishness and self-evident absurdity of their denials when presented with the facts, with the result that non-involved observers are led to question whether such levels of denial merit psychiatric intervention

      is contemptuous of disrepute to their organisation and of collateral damage and of the destructive consequences for all direct and indirect parties

      is always surrounded by and leaves behind a trail of dysfunctional organisations, destroyed businesses, ruined careers, stress breakdowns and unexplained suicides

      despite a trail of devastation to individuals, organisations, families and communities, the actions of a socialised psychopath may go undetected or unrecognised for years

      a history of conducting frivolous, vexatious and malicious legal actions, especially (but not exclusively) against anyone who can recognise the sociopath for what he is

      only after the sociopath is exposed and relieved of position, or they move on, can the full depth of their destructive behaviour be fathomed and the consequences calculated

      is skilled at identifying, undermining, discrediting, neutralising and destroying anyone who can see through the sociopath’s mask of sanity
      at all times restricts the actions and rights of others (especially those holding the sociopath accountable) whilst aggressively protecting his or her right to do anything without being hampered by social norms or legal requirements

      pursues endless vindictive vendettas against anyone perceived as a threat or who attempts, knowingly or unknowingly, to identify or reveal or expose the sociopath, or who makes efforts to hold the sociopath accountable

      is adept at appropriating rules, regulations, procedures and law to manipulate, control and punish accusers regardless of relevance, logic, facts or consequences

      persists in and pursues vindictive vendettas using self-evidently false evidence or information, even after this is brought to the attention of the sociopath

      will often manipulate minor bullies of the Wannabe type (who on their own might or would not merit the label ‘serial bully’) into acting as agents of harassment and as unwitting or unwilling conductors of vendettas
      is adept at placing people in situations where the sociopath can tap into each person’s instinctive urge to retaliate in order to use them as his or her instruments or agents of harassment

      gains gratification from provoking others into engaging in adversarial conflict

      once conflict has been initiated, the sociopath gains increased gratification by exploiting human beings’ instinctive need to retaliate – this is achieved by encouraging and escalating peoples’ adversarial conflicts into mutually assured destruction

      revels in the gratification gained from seeing or causing other people’s distress

      when faced with accountability or unwelcome attention which might lead to others discerning the sociopath’s true nature, responds with repeated and escalating attempts to control, manipulate and punish

      is adept at reflecting all accusations and attempts at accountability back onto their accusers

      is adept at creating conflict between those who would otherwise pool negative information about the sociopath

      has no limits on his or her vindictiveness

      the need to control, manipulate and punish develops into an obsession with many of the hallmarks of an addiction

      is skilled at mimicry and can plausibly and spontaneously regurgitate all the latest management jargon

      exhibits minimal professional skill level and competency

      exploits his or her intelligence to excel at talentless mediocrity

      is always identifying the behaviours and strategies to which other people respond with the desired effect

      is able to anticipate and credibly say what people want to hear

      is easily able to win people over before betraying them or deceiving them or ripping them off

      easily manipulates and bewitches an immature or naive or vulnerable or emotionally needy person to be their spokesperson or agent of aggression

      exploits anyone who has a vulnerability

      is pushy and extremely persuasive

      is sexually inadequate and sexually abusive

      is likely to protect anyone accused of or suspected of sexual abuse of pedophile activity, and will frustrate or obstruct investigations into that person

      maybe associating with, or actively involved in, abuse or pedophile activity

      has no emotions, no emotional processing capability and no ability to understand other’s emotions

      is incapable of understanding, initiating or sustaining intimacy

      the male sociopath has often convinced a string of women to feel they are in love with him and despite being treated abominably they blindly continue to be loyal to him and minister willingly to his every demand

      may start projects with apparent enthusiasm and energy but quickly loses interest

      frequently takes unnecessary and uncalculated risks but takes no account of consequences

      is reckless and untrustworthy with money

      is likely to be illegally diverting or siphoning off significant sums of money to his or her own budget, project, account or cause

      is unreliable and untrustworthy in every facet of life

      is likely to be leaking confidential information or secrets to third parties

      is likely to have committed or be committing criminal or near-criminal offences, eg fraud, embezzlement, deception

      is likely to have committed or be committing breaches of harassment and discrimination law, employment law, contract law, etc

      disregards rules, regulations, Health and Safety requirements, professional standards, codes of conduct and legal requirements, etc

      cannot comprehend the deeper semantic meaning of language and is thus unable to understand or appreciate metaphor, hyperbole, irony, satire etc (these elicit either zero response or a hostile response)

      likes, seeks, enjoys and relies on procedure, ritual and ritualistic practices

      through arrogant overconfidence takes increasingly risky chances and eventually overplays their hand or makes a mistake which leads to the sociopath revealing him or herself

      exhibits parasitical behaviour, takes everything and gives nothing

      grabs headline credit for minimal, flukey or other peoples’ success whilst

      surviving off the backs of manipulatees who are exclusively blamed for all failures

      rarely blinks, may have stary scary eyes that cut right through you, or may avoid eye contact completely

      is callous, cold and calculating

      is devious, clever and cunning

      is ruthless in the extreme

      regards people as objects and playthings to be discarded when surplus to requirements

      displays zero empathy

      completely without conscience, remorse and guilt

      malicious and evil

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can explain the “gay agenda” aspect referred to under Ablow’s book. Ablow gave an interview stating that Chaz Bono should not dance on DWTS, or if he did people should not let their children watch. Some people took issue with this and said Ablow’s book should be boycotted. Whenever some innocent reader posted a 1 star review or a negative comment under the book, the Ablow groupies immediately attacked them as being haters, boycotters, incapable of insight, and various and asundry other insults. We could not convince them otherwise. They felt if you did not love the book and Ablow it was solely because you had an agenda, not that it was a crappy book full of salacious, baseless theories and innuendos. If you stated your honest opinion on the book you were repeatedly reported for being “spiteful”. It really is “The Twilight Zone” over there, and you will be relegated to the cornfield if you don’t bow at the altar of Keith Ablow.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you anonymous for clearing that up!

      I am a truthful person, so you might not like what I have to say… but I agree with Dr. Ablow on that point. Although it has NOTHING to do with the “twilight zone” (read: personal attacks, attempts to silence etc.) over at Amazon….I do agree that Chaz Bono should not have been put on DWTS as a contestant. I do NOT think it is acceptable in any way for children to be taught that it is normal, natural, or perfectly fine for someone, who has serious psychological problems, to “fix” those problems with mutilation of the body, and with drugs.

      I still think Dr. Ablow is ridiculous in his belief of Casey Anthony and would gladly tell him so. But I agree with him on the Chaz Bono subject, and would also tell him that. However, those two things SHOULD NOT be coupled together. They are TWO VERY DIFFERENT topics.

      • anonymoustoo says:

        Alethea, I concur with “anonymous” about what has has happened under Dr, Ablow’s book review. I experienced the exact same “attacks.”

        However, I am not sure how I feel about the Chaz Bono issue. But, I have a question: are you saying that Chas has serious psychological problems? I do agree that the answer to the “condition” is not mutilation of the body or drugs.

        I personally don’t think that Dr. Ablow should be sticking his neck out over such a controversial issue; but I guess that is because I have such little respect for the man. I do respect his right to freedom of speech, just as I respect the right of the readers of his book to be able to have the same the same.

        BTW. I really appreciate this blog. Thank you!

        • Bonnie says:

          Just a brief note about Ablow.
          Since the Dr. Oz show is now on Fox, Ablow seems to have become a frequent guest. I knew he was on Fox contributor.

          Yesterday he was “helping” very overweight women.
          As usual, he started out by trying to figure out who to blame.
          I thought his advice was poor. As someone who has lost weight and maintained that loss for some time, I think I could have given those women better advice.

        • Alethea says:

          Thanks AnonymousToo. I am happy that you have found something helpful at my Blogsite. 🙂

          Yes, Chaz Bono has serious subconscious issues that she is not dealing with. It may be linked to a deep resentment of her mother -thus, her female side. But Chaz will never know the truth without going deep inside her subconscious mind to find out what drives her to want to be a man. No amount of drugs, and no fake breasts or fake penis will ever bring her peace. It’s very sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        Alethea, I agree with you and Ablow on the Bono issue. I actually went to the Ablow book site to order the book. Then when I saw the reviews, what the book was about as described by Amazon, and heard Ablow talk about the book, I was horrified at his baseless theories. When I posted comments I was immediately attacked as having an agenda, which I did not. It was absurd. A few people just kept reporting those who disagreed with them. BTW – I also enjoy your blog and am so glad you wrote this intelligent letter which puts Ablow’s book to shame, where it belongs.


        • Alethea says:

          Thank you Fiona! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you continue to read and comment from time to time.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Alethea, first I want to offer my sincere sympathy for what you have endured, and your courage in relating it. I also want to commend you on your excellent letter to Dr. Ablow which reflects my sentiments exactly on this deplorable book. With your intelligence and gift for writing I would hope you write a book.

    I happen to be the person who posted your link under the Ablow book as I felt it was exceptional and felt others should read it. From the first comment I posted under that book I was harrassed, stalked, berated, denigrated, accused of being a hater, a boycotter, trying to hurt poor Dr. Ablow, etc. These same Ablow acolytes reported me/contacted Amazon until they managed to have my posting privileges revoked by Amazon with all previous posts deleted. I managed to get back on again, and they did the same thing, so Amazon again shut me down. BTW – “anonymous”, aka J. on Amazon, stated that your site was bogus.

    I have never seen anything like it. I have written numerous reviews and hundreds of commenthis book reprehensible. under countless books and never once had a problem with Amazon, UNTIL THIS BOOK BY ABLOW. There are several disturbed women who have taken this book and Ablow so personally that they have made it their lives mission to protect the book and him, while eviscerating and attempting to destroy those who found

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Annonymous. I have written three manuscripts and hope to publish at least two of them one day. Thanks for your support and encouraging words.

  5. JoesDeb56 says:

    Thank you Alethea and other posters here as well that can see the truth and stand up for it. This site address was posted on a unmoderated discussion forum that was under Ablow’s Inside the Mind Of Casey Anthony. What began the turmoil was when the number of negative reviews began out numbering the positive reviews almost daily. The people who made the negative reviews and comments were stalked, reported to Amazon and several reviews and actual posters and their accounts were actually deleted by Amazon. We were warned to be silent and that this would happen by followers of this so-called Dr. Maybe I am just young at heart and still a bit of rebel inspite of being a Grand-Mema but I refuse to be silent. Anonymous’ rantings was recognized by a poster of like posting on the Amazon site and someone I called friend and others were accused of being the ones that caused part of Anonymous’ posts here to be deleted. Anonymous doesn’t understand that this is not a small group that is out to get her but people who can see the truth and cry out for justice for the innocent and abused. This poster has made threats claiming to be a close friend and previous patient of the good Dr. and seems to have little better to do.

    Thanks again Alethea for your blog and for standing up for those unable to stand for themselves. There is none so blind as those who refuse to see. Let’s keep telling everyone that indeed, the emperor is walking around in his birthday suit.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you JoesDeb!

      “This site address was posted on a unmoderated discussion forum that was under Ablow’s Inside the Mind Of Casey Anthony.”

      Any chance you have a link to that post?

      How bizarre that people with opinions like you and me, were stalked, reported to Amazon, and warned to be silent! What a strange world we live in.

      Good for you, for refusing to be silent!

      “There is none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

      Amen to that!

      • JoesDeb56 says:

        The original post and poster that gave a heads-up on your blog has been deleted from Amazon due to these people and their desire to protect the book and Doctor.

        Now we are being accused of having a homosexual agenda as you will see here:

        Only bigots associate sexual abuse with homosexuals as anyone that has any sense or knows anything that over-powering and raping a child has nothing to do with homosexuality as it has to do with power. I believe that the supporters of this sick writing are referring to Ablow’s attack on Chaz Bono.

        Under the unjustly maligned thread you will see J who claims to be anonoymous is accusing of someone having her email without her permission as well from your blog.

        I believe the dates and posts on these threads speak for themselves. I will always speak for those without a voice.

        • JoesDeb56 says:

          Serieve, we are in complete agreement. I had only mentioned the homosexual angle due to the harassment on the Amazon site targeting those who hated Ablow’s book were a group with a homosexual agenda. To say that only gay people would hate his book was reprehensible and just plain ugly. As far as I am concerned this has nothing to do with sexual choice but with trying to get the focus off of Casey herself and to blaim everyone else.

          So far this group of defenders of Ablow and his book, one person actually claims to know him personally and have had therapy with him (sure), have had three 1-star reviews removed. Inside the Mind at this time has 21-5 stars, 4-4 stars, 4-3 stars, 6-2 stars and 48-1 stars. The 1-star review rated most helpful had 188 out of 212 people felt it helped them with its information and posting. I understand that Dr. Ablow’s wife is an attorney and supporters have made mention about her helping in finding out who these 1-star reviewers are. I say good luck with that.

          Alethea has listed the most consummate reasons why this book should certainly not be listed as nonfiction but as complete fabrication. Just because someone has letters after their name does not mean their words are any more true than the funny papers.

          Thank you Serieve for your reply. I look forward to talking to you again.

        • Alethea says:

          Thanks JoesDeb.

          I don’t know what the whole thing about emails without permission from my blog is all about, but I don’t give ANYONE any email addresses that show up with comments. No one has ever even asked me for anyone’s email. It sounds like “J” is making things up as she, or he, goes along. Maybe “J” is actually Casey Anthony, as she is so good at making things up as she goes.

          • JoesDeb56 says:

            I did not read that Serieve was quoting you Alethea. I can only wish that we could classify anyone with a particular quality or discription to be a child molestor. It would be nice if future predators were all born being the color purple or green.

            I personally do know that those that harmed me as a child were not homosexual in the slightest. That is not to say that they didn’t have a propensity toward same sex attraction later in life. I have no idea.

            However, to say that anyone who does not like this book must have a gay agenda is ignorant. So true that some will do anything to divert the true core of an issue. It is very sad.

            You comment regarding J seeming to have the same kind of qualities as Casey herself is something I have brought up and been threatened that I was reported to Amazon.

            Thanks again for your great comments. It has been an enjoyable time spent inspite of the regretful topic.

            • Alethea says:

              Thanks JoesDeb. I know the discussion at Amazon is over, and the whole thing sounds ridiculous, but I find it intriguing how someone linked a “homosexual agenda” to the book about Casey Anthony.

              Just saying….

              • JoesDeb56 says:

                Right back at ya Alethea. It was an experience where I was hearing Twilight Zone music.

                I appreciate you popping in though. I think that if the Dr. can spew his junk about than surely if someone wants to give this book a negative review or discuss how off-the-mark it is, they should not expect to be accused of being part of any agenda, called names or threatened. I do think that Amazon has some strange people working on the “delete” crew. I do know that a moderator or two with some sense would be a plus.

                I have frequented the Amazon Forums for several + years and the quality of conversation has gone downhill fast.

                Again, I thank you for your insight and the time you have taken to inform us so that we can feel we are not alone when we see something that is just not quite right. It helps us to feel that our internal B.S. meter does work and we need to listen to it. I know it has made me feel more credible regarding my viewpoint on the subject just for myself irregardless of what others say, especially the koolaid drinkers.

                Blessings to you.

              • Alethea says:

                “It helps us to feel that our internal B.S. meter does work and we need to listen to it.”

                Amen to this!

                Peace and Blessings to you too.

              • Alethea says:

                No Serieve. Not at all. I am merely curious how someone could possibly have made the leap from a book about child murderer/possible sexual abuse/liar, to a “gay agenda.”

        • Alethea says:

          Serieve, I can’t comment on the ”Only bigots associate sexual abuse with homosexuals as anyone that has any sense or knows anything that over-powering and raping a child has nothing to do with homosexuality.” because it is taken out of context. I have no idea what the premise or discussion was at Amazon. I may, or may not, disagree.

          “I shake my head at people that automatically believe the ‘homosexuals will automatically molest kids because they are homosexual line’ “

          I have never said this.

  6. jazmin says:

    Great article. Dr. Ablow is another greedy opportunist who wants to exploit the murder of a baby for personal profit. His last article made zero sense, because he’s actually taking the world of the world’s best or worst depending how you look at it, nuclear liar. He discredits his own profession. Imo a poser & fraud.

  7. Karen says:

    Very interesting read. Thanks.

    I can’t begin to imagine life as a sex abuse survivor, period, let alone one who endured such horrific crimes against them at the hands of their own father! Kudos to ALL sex abuse survivors!

    I have NO comments regarding Dr. Keith Ablow’s book, didn’t and wouldn’t waste my money on it; however I really would like to understand why it is (IF Casey was sexually abused by her father George as Dr. Ablow and others seem to accept as fact), that Casey did not move out of the house in order to protect both herself and Caylee from him, especially considering that even her mom Cindy did not believe her when she supposedly told her about the abuse, and still doesn’t believe her.

    What made Casey remain in that house IF the sexual abuse did in fact happen as she claims, especially after her daughter Caylee was born??

    • Alethea says:

      Families of incest are families of dysfunction. Incest survivors will often remain in the home, sometimes, well after their late teens and early twenties. Some get out as fast as they can, and others remain with ‘what they know best,’ with what is ‘comfortable’ to them.

      However, there is evidence that Casey was planning on murdering her parents (and probably Caylee) before Caylee died. According to Ashton’s book: Close to the time Caylee was killed, Casey told her close friend Amy, that Casey would soon be getting the house and that Amy could move in. There was no truth to this on her parent’s end. They had no plans to move or give Casey the home.

      With the searches for “neck-breaking,” “how to make household weapons,” “hand to hand combat,” “self-defense,” and “how to make chloroform,” I feel she was planning a staged home invasion where she would be the only surviving member. Then she and Amy would have the house all to themselves for those parties and boys. (unbeknownst to Amy)

      I don’t think Chloroform was for Caylee alone. I think it was for all of them (maybe not Lee) and that Zanny the Nanny was Zanax. I think she killed Caylee with an overdose of Zanax.

      This is just all conjecture though.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Whoever wrote this letter to Dr Idiot is a genius. I’m so sorry for the abuse you endured. I can’t even imagine!! thanks for pointing out the obvious about the evil one!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am also a survivor, and I respect the right to privacy for all other victims and survivors.

    Please don’t claim all of us survivors to be in the same category as you. Regardless of what we have been spoon fed. Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges. Casey Anthony may very well be a victim/survivor. She has just as much a right to due process as she does to the CONFIDENTIALITY of her abuse. We need to respect that. You do remember your rights to CONFIDENTIALITY when you were seeking help for incest/rape don’t you? You do understand that if your advocate was called to the stand to discuss your abuse you were still protected, don’t you?

    It appears many are doing the very thing the victims/survivors fear the most. Being blamed. Shame on you. If Casey Anthony who has been acquitted of all charges DID in fact, murder her daughter, she will have to live with that everyday of her life, for the rest of her life. If she was in fact a victim, shame on you for persecuting her coming forward and the abuse she very well could have experienced.

    From one survivor to another, can you please stop participating in closing the doors to current and future victims/survivors just finding their voice by PUBLICY persecuting someone who very well may have been abused.

    This public letter may very well be one reason why current and future victim’s/survivors will not want to come forward out of fear of public persecution. It’s bad enough what they have to face everyday, and even during a trial to put their perpetrator in prison. If they come across this letter and all the hate on the internet for someone who may very well have been telling the truth. Congratulations, you helped take away any credibility a victim/survivor may think she/he has. Don’t you remember your feelings of shame, guilt? Fears of not being believed? No matter how much you want to argue it, Casey Anthony can very well be a victim/survivor and confidentiality is her right as it is to all of us survivors. A survivor usually understands that everybody responds differently when it comes to incest and trauma.

    This letter circulating on the internet may very well be a door closer for those who are already afraid to come forward. I am sure or at least hope that is NOT your intention. We survivors are supposed to be bonded together, not judge one another’s abuse. Let me give you a pat on the back for potentially causing other’s to not speak up out of fear of being judged because you took a private letter and blasted it on the internet. You very well could have sent this letter to him privately, instead you chose to add to the hate by making it a public display. What do you want to prove? That you believe she is guilty, you did it. You got that across.. Were you there with Casey? Were you there with the doctor? What would Caylee want?

    “Damage Control” portion of this comment removed by owner of blog.

    • Bonnie says:

      Anonymous Says:

      You very well could have sent this letter to him privately, instead you chose to add to the hate by making it a public display. What do you want to prove?


      What does Albow want to prove ? He wrote a book slamming George and Cindy. Talk about hate !

      Hate is not reporting your child missing for 31 days and even then, the grandmother had to make the call!

      Hate is going out to party when your child is missing !

      Hate is lying to the police and hindering the investigation!

      Hate is blaming an innocent woman for kidnapping your child!

      Hate is selling photos of your child who you know is dead and a false story to ABC News for 200 thousand dollars ! Casey was the FIRST to cash in on her daughters death!

      Alethea, You are a great writer and I hope you write a book !
      I would buy it !

      • Alethea says:

        Thanks Bonnie! I have actually written three manuscripts and I am working on a fourth. I am trying to figure out how to publish them and which ones to publish first.

        I would like to add that “hate” is out having sex, partying, dining out, shopping with stolen money, and getting tattoos….all while knowing that the precious body of your little innocent child lies rotting in a swamp like garbage, and while animals eat it.

        • Bonnie says:

          Good luck with getting published.

          One thing the Casey defenders have in common is they always accuse others of hate.

          They have even accused me of having a crush on George because I defend him.
          I feel a lot of sympathy for him. There is just no reason for me to believe his lying daughter.

          • Alethea says:

            Thanks so much Bonnie. I always wonder how criticism of ignorance is turned into “hate” by those who disagree. I could very well use that mentality, and say anonymous is “in love” with Dr. Ablow.

            Maybe that will allow him/her to see how silly it is to accuse us of hate.

            • little nel says:

              “When you point the finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at you.”

              Anon, stop accusing the observers of being “hateful” just because you have a differing opinion. Swamp mom chose to make her sexual abuse accusations public and open to the court of public opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you or someone you love needs assistance, or someone to talk to please don’t hesitate to contact or call 877.739.3895 where trained advocates can assist you in locating your local resources.

    • jazmin says:

      “Please don’t claim all of us survivors to be in the same category as you. Regardless of what we have been spoon fed. Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges.”

      Sorry but your comment was too long. After I read THAT above evrything else looked like bla, bla. That’s like something Baez would spin, Or Cindy would regurgitate. Or Ablow himself wo0uld spew. Or you sure you’re not Ablow?

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Anonymous survivor,

      Casey Anthony forfeited her right to privacy when she chose to go 31 days without telling a soul that her child was dead, and while her child’s body was rotting in a swamp like trash. The day she stopped caring about the soul and body of her dead child, is the day she gave up her rights.

      Casey forfeited her right to privacy when she decided to openly and publicly accuse someone of child rape, of hiding a corpse, and now, of child murder. Casey Anthony, nor you, nor me, can go around openly accusing someone of child rape without consequences, and cannot do so in the legal system without proof. It is immoral and legally unethical to do so.

      Do you not understand that false allegations of child sexual abuse cause true survivors tremendous damage?

      Jose Baez is no advocate for abuse victims, he is an attorney who pulled a rabbit out of a hat by using anything and everything he could in order to get a murderer off the hook –even if what he did was to use scum bag tactics. This is NOT being a court-appointed advocate for abuse survivors.

      This was not about a frightened child, who needed an advocate to stand up for them in their case against an accused molester. This was a grown adult woman who was on trial for murder and child abuse, and she used her father to excuse herself for murder.

      “shame on you for persecuting her coming forward and the abuse she very well could have experienced.”

      She never came forward! She still has not come forward! She has done nothing but hide behind lies and an attorney with no awareness of a moral code of ethics.

      “From one survivor to another, can you please stop participating in closing the doors to current and future victims/survivors just finding their voice by PUBLICY persecuting someone who very well may have been abused.”

      When Casey Anthony finds the nerve to stand up and point her finger at her father HERSELF, and tell her own story of abuse, HERSELF, then I will consider her story. Right now, all I have heard, is the attorney for a pathological, calculating liar give us a few catch phrases and a few titillating words about incest. Nevertheless, even if I believe she was sexually abused..I still believe she murdered Caylee Marie. This act of violence against a child CANCELS out any abuse she ever went through because I don’t care about that anymore. Once you murder a child, I don’t care what you have been through.

      “Congratulations, you helped take away any credibility a victim/survivor may think she/he has.”

      Excuse me, but Casey and her attorney are the ones who have caused me, and millions of others to be second guessed and disbelieved, and for our experience with dissociation to be scoffed at. If you want to point a finger, do it at Casey and her attorney because they have made incest and trauma out to be a joke.

      And point that finger at yourself anonymous, because you support a child murderer with your belief system.

      “Don’t you remember your feelings of shame, guilt? Fears of not being believed?”

      Yes, I recall them very well. And you know what? I still pushed past them and accused my parents out right, MYSELF.

      “Let me give you a pat on the back for potentially causing other’s to not speak up out of fear of being judged because you took a private letter and blasted it on the internet.”

      I don’t think there is a soul on earth who would judge a person who spoke about their abuse to another person privately, or who talked about it on the Internet. But how would you like it if one of your family members publicly accused you of child rape, only through their attorney, and only because they were on trial for murder?

      “You very well could have sent this letter to him privately, instead you chose to add to the hate by making it a public display.”

      If I had chosen to do it privately, then the many survivors, who were HAPPY that I validated them and their feelings, would not have read it. Coming out with one’s truth has its ups and downs. Some will be happy and some will be angry. But it is my truth, and obviously the truth of many people, because I have had a lot of support. So I am joyful to speak my truth openly.

      “Damage Control”

      What damage is done by speaking the truth? As an incest and trauma survivor, my truth is in that letter and it is the truth of many like me. There is no damage in truth. But there is damage to every vulnerable child when child murderers are defended and excused by people like you.


      • little nel says:

        Amen to that, Alethea!

        Swamp mom and her attorney made a mockery of sexual abuse survivors, motherhood, fatherhood, and justice.

      • skbsoccermom says:

        Kudos on your reply to anonymous and your well written article. You have put into words what the majority of the public already know. She was insistent that a nanny kidnapped her daughter until law enforcement proved that there was no nanny, then the lie changed, and changed again. I will never understand how people can be so gullible as to believe her latest fabrication. As soon as the molestation accusations came out of baez’s mouth, her few supporters jumped on the bandwagon, however, when you break it down, it doesn’t add up. You are right that she would have never sat in jail for 3 years if it was an accidental drowning. All mothers know that you put your child first ALWAYS. To think that George had such power over her that she allowed him to dispose of Caylee, then she went on with life as if it were one big party, is complete nonsense. The jurors believed this, but in the same breath they say she was a good mother. They can’t have it both ways! A good mother would never allow anyone to walk off with her childs dead body, then go rent a video and have sex with her boyfriend the very same night. Those of us who are logical and can use deductive reasoning see right through her lies and baez’s tactics. Unfortunately, the jurors were gullible, simple minded and couldn’t be bothered to evaluate the evidence. Instead, they chose the easy way out, to believe a fairy tale. Those simpletons live in a fantasy land where mothers don’t kill their children. As a result, justice for Caylee was denied. I hope Ablow’s book doesn’t sell, because the intelligent public does not buy into the ridiculous BS in his book.

    • Bonnie says:

      It was 31 days alright, but I just want to point out it was Cindy who actually reported Caylee missing.
      Not Casey!
      Does anyone believe Casey would have ever reported Caylee missing considering her lies to the police ?

      • Alethea says:

        I don’t know how much Casey physically tried to stop her mother from reporting Caylee missing, but Casey did beg her mother not to do it. Casey kept asking Cindy for more time, so Casey could “do more investigating into who has Caylee.” Cindy refused.

        This is more proof that Casey murdered her baby girl, not that George did. A guilty mother begs for more time to ‘help find the real kidnapper.’ A “traumatized,” innocent mother, would collapse at finally being able to shed the burden, and would allow Cindy’s phone call to finally let the truth about George come out in the open.

        • Bonnie says:

          Serieve,I have no doubt you know. I was just pointing it out for anyone who didn’t know. I didn’t know she had begged her Mom not to call.
          That says a lot ! I guess Casey needed more time to search for Caylee at the clubs and her boyfriends house ! .

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks Serieve, I think you make great points here. You and I both know that I don’t ever need, or ask, for support when someone criticizes me with ridiculous arguments; but I appreciate it when someone does take the initiative to address injustice, or untruthful comments to me.

      I especially like the fact that you point out the generic, wishy-washy, advice under “damage control” which, as you pointed out, contained some erroneous advice.

    • Alethea says:

      You’re right Serieve, and I will remove it.

    • Alethea says:

      “What would Caylee want?”

      The truth spoken and for justice to have been served.

    • skbsoccermom says:

      The only person that took credibility away from casey was casey herself by repeatedly lying about Caylees whereabouts. Abuse is no excuse for not telling law enforcement where Caylee was. It is clear that she only cried sexual abuse to distract everyone away from the real issue .. that she, and she alone killed Caylee and tried to cover it up by casting blame. Those who are gullible and lack common sense will fall for it, but the rest of us can see that her stories make absolutely no sense and you, Anonymous, will never convince us otherwise. The abuse story came up at a very convenient time for her. Did you actually read the points made in this article, such as ‘if George were a molestor or killer, would he have tried to convince casey to speak privately to the FBI?’. No! Because he, like everyone else, wanted to get to the truth, and she was the only one obstructing justice. Covering up the death of your daughter to protect a father you despise makes no sense. I should say, it makes no sense to those of us with a brain! She covered it up to protect herself and no-one else.

      • Alethea says:

        Great comment Soccer Mom. I am blown away at how many people have been fooled by Casey Anthony –especially abuse survivors. They have allowed their own pain from child sexual abuse to cloud their reasoning skills.

  10. Bug says:

    I read Dr. Ablow’s book and I agree that it is a waste of time and money. He could have been writing about another child murder his facts are so screwed up. He knows nothing of the case, apparently. There were two things which struck me as odd about the book. Dr. Ablow seems obsessed with Casey’s vagina. He mentions it repeatedly when often stating the disgusting fact that George was in the delivery room with Casey. He seems to feel that George was obsessed with Casey’s private parts, but IMO it is the doctor with the obsession. George being in the delivery room in actuality was just mentioned in passing a couple of times and certainly not where George was standing or where he was looking. That was Dr. Ablow’s imagination at work. The other thing is his outright stating George might have been Caylee’s father, completely disregarding the negative DNA test. It’s as if Dr. Ablow can’t let that possibility go, even though there is no basis for it. It is repeated over and over in the book as is the reference to Casey’s private parts. I felt very uncomfortable about the book and Dr. Ablow.
    An interesting fact about the book is that the many times Ablow assumes George was a pedophile, he does put in a qualifier that it wasn’t proven, on the advice of his attorney, no doubt.
    I found the book itself to be sick.

    • Alethea says:

      Bug, I think you are right on track.

      It could be that Dr. Ablow is obsessed with Casey’s private parts and he subconsciously leaks that obsession out in his book and articles.

    • jazmin says:

      Obsessed with the foul cretins’s private parts. Why doesn’t that suprise me? Casey attracts the bottom feeders of society like white on rice. The men who’ve come to her aid are particularly greasy & scummy & seem to want to get in her smelly pants. Dr. Ablow is probably no exception. Being a sociopath with narcisistic rage is an aphrodisiac to these losers.

  11. little nel says:

    Interesting, that the photos you added to this letter were mothers who killed their children because they believed that they were interfering with their ability to hold onto a specific love interest.

    None of these women considered that it was their own character issues, like promiscuity, manipulation, and deception, that repelled those men.

    They chose to resent and blame their children, instead of looking at their own defects of character.

  12. ME says:

    This “Doctor” is a complete moron. I could give a better analysis, as YOU did. He has a license?? Good grief that’s scary. Completely manipulated by a girl with no education. Bravo, Doc.

  13. Bonnie says:

    Ablow proves some Dr’s are nuttier than thier patients !

    I bet Casey is his favorite author !

    Ablow recently made some real goofy comments on Fox why Gingrich would make a good President.
    If you haven’t read them , I am sure you can find it online.

    Ablow is a nutcase !

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks Bonnie.

      I think you meant, “I bet Ablow is Casey’s favorite author!”

      This cracked me up.

      Thanks for posting.

  14. Tia Rose says:

    this is an excellent letter that says exactly what so many already think. For a psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow seems to have forgotten how to be one. He fell for Casey’s lies instead of remembering that SHE LIES. For anyone to claim Casey is a victim is disrespecting the REAL victim, Caylee Marie.

  15. Excellent article. In case you missed it, the findings of the BRACE Character Profile are consistent with your conclusions. Links to the website article Profiling Casey:

    Profiling Casey Introduction:

    Casey Anthony BRACE Character Profile:

    Profiling Casey Addendum:

    Russell L Smith

  16. Anonymous says:

    BUNCH of bull chit she is just a lier and she seems to have a feel FOOLS to believ her am sorry am not buying it, I use to act just like her I mean with the lies making up stories and thinking I was on top of the world, I believe in my own lies. I made up imaginary friends lol JAJAJA IT IS WHAT IT IS SHE IS A LIER. and I dont believe her not one second…. when your good at what you do ur good so be it so I believe casey is a selfish murder. and your stupid for believeing her DOCTOR

  17. stuckinri says:

    Excellent summary of this sociopath’s evilness. Doctor Ablow boarded the money train, plain and simple. People defending and excusing this babykiller thief should all have to live together in seclusion, not in a civilized society.

  18. KCinNC says:

    This was posted on Websleuths and I am so very glad that I found it because it was excellently written and mirrors my every thought after reading that book by Keith Ablow. I was so mad that I had actually spent good money to buy that garbage. You really did summarize every single question that I was thinking of as I read his book and became so disgusted that he completely played into everything that the lying,sociopathic harlot has ever said. Quite frankly, it sounds as though he and Cindy spent a great deal of time together. In addition to my disgust over what I consider a ridiculous view on this situation, I was angry that he continuously implied that George “could be” the father of Caylee and that he was “never proven, via dna, NOT to be the father of Caylee”. That is completely inaccurate – he should have read ALL of the evidence in this case, rather than just the psychological evaluations made by doctors hired by the defense. The FBI did perform a DNA test on George and Lee and stated emphatically that they did not father Caylee.

    • Alethea says:

      KC, this makes me happy! I was hoping that other people out there had the same feelings and questions.

      I’m sorry you wasted your money on his book.

      Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment.


  19. Just me says:

    Just another quack trying to make $$$ off of Caylees murder! I would NEVER read his book. After reading the above, I find keith ablow totally disgusting.
    Or, he may be trying to get into casey’s pants!
    Also disgusting!!!

  20. carly says:

    DR Keith has a few screws loose…Him and eff Ashton could have it out again on the Dr. Phil show…Go get em Ashton..they are both Quacks!

    • Bonnie says:

      Forget Ashton facing off with Ablow.
      Get Alethea: and Ablow to go face to face !
      Alethea: would put Ablow to shame

  21. TinyAngels says:

    Excellent letter, thank you for posting this!!! Dr. Keith Ablow, you have offended and insulted so many with your opinions.

    IF Casey was the *good mother* you proclaim, why did she not share contact information between Caylee’s other caregivers, the
    grandparents and the make believe nanny? Why didn’t the grandparents insist on this?

    Medical emergencies do arise.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks Tiny Angels. I always squirm when someone calls Casey a “good” mother. Why do they think she was a good mother? Because there are photos of her and Caylee together smiling? When will people learn that photos never tell the truth. They only capture one split moment in time when someone has a camera ready at a happy event.

      One of the prosecution’s biggest, and only, mistakes was to put up that photo of Casey and Caylee smiling, to show the placement of the duct tape over Caylee’s mouth. The jury looked at that photo of Casey and Caylee in each other’s arms, both smiling, for a long time at the trial.

      Bad move on the part of the prosecution because people cling to photo images as proof of love and happiness in a relationship. How many of us have photos of ourselves with our perpetrator where we are smiling in the photo, but probably raped or molested that night?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Any “professional” who espouses publicly a diagnosis of someone he has not seen in person does not even deserve a reply or a review.

  23. KK says:

    Great letter. Thank you for writing it. He is a complete disgrace of a Quack Doctor trying to ride the fame and money train.

    I wish the 13 questions your posed to him would of been posed to the Stupid Jury. They could of answered these questions in one hour and came back with a guilty verdict and all went to Disneyland to party together. This jury has bred morons like Dr. IBlow. This jury is just a much to blame and has also disrespected all true victems everywhere.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you KK. I agree. I wrote on my Blog that the jury threw Caylee right back in the swamp with their verdict. I have a number of articles on my Blog that blasts those 12 people.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I hope he reads this! I don’t know how anyone in their right mind, letting alone a professional could possibly believe that Casey Anthony is not a murderer. I would not be surprised that she is a sexual abuse victim, but it is an insult to all of us who really are that she could possibly use that as an excuse, which of course she didn’t. She blamed it on her father. Even if he did molest her, I don’t believe that he had anything to do with Caylee’s murder. He loved her and he loved his daughter. What a monster Casey is.

    • Alethea says:

      I think one of the reasons she pinned it on George is becasue he is the only one in the family who did not conform to her bullshit and he was willing to admit she must have done something to Caylee.

      What better way for her to help protect herself from prison, than to accuse the one person who won’t defend her, and might even turn against her with his belief of her guilt.

      • skbsoccermom says:

        Once again, I totally agree. The contempt she has for George is so obvious. Cindy has cleaned up her spawn’s messes her whole life and continues to make excuses for her. When George became angry and demanded that the spawn tell him where Caylee was, that was the end for him. Psychopaths dispose of anyone who gets in the way of what they want. Caylee got in the way of her obsession with her nightclub-promoter boyfriend, and we know what happened to her. George tried to disrupt her plan of getting away with it, and we see what happened to him. I also noticed the daggers she threw at the prosecution when they were calling her out. She probably wanted to drive a stake through their heart! George is the only one who ever tried to call her out, and she got her revenge on him in the most awful way. She is a heartless creature with no soul, and thanks to the 12 idiots, she is free to cause more hurt and destruction.

        • Bonnie says:

          Alethea and everyone who defends George,
          I just want to say I applaud you and thank you for your common sense ! All of you write so well.
          I have been on sites where this man has been crucified.
          George is a victim.
          Do any of you think he will ever file a wrongful death suit ?
          Is it even possible?
          I wish he would even it was just to get his daughter on the stand and watch her squim when she is questioned.

          • Alethea says:

            Thanks Bonnie. I don’t know that I would call George a victim 100%. I do not believe the poolside trauma/drowning/murder story for one second. However, there is a possibility he sexually abused Casey. Nevertheless, George got involved in trying to publicly excuse Casey for Caylee’s murder. When he defended her for so long, he was no longer a victim of her lies. I know that privately he accused her, and that privately he knew she did something to Caylee. He admitted this to Dr. Phil, and a witness saw George accuse Casey after her arrest.

            But up until very recently, he publicly tried to defend Casey. I am certain he did this out of self-protection/denial. He certainly does not want to admit that he raised a child who turned into a cold-hearted murderer.

            I don’t think George has the guts to sue Casey for wrongful death. He should; but I feel he is too weak of a man to do it. My guess is that matriarch Cindy would never allow it.

            • Bonnie says:

              I guess there is a possibility, but I tend to believe he didn’t molest her for these reasons :

              She is a patholigical liar.
              She had opportunies to tell and never did.
              Anyone sick enough to molest children usually have several victims and I never heard of anyone coming out and accusing him except Casey.

              I don’t know how I would react if I was in George or Cindys situation. Probably pretty wacky in some peoples eyes. I am certain I would defend my child as long as I could .
              I would probably go into denial because nobody wants to believe thier child could murder their own child.

              I will always see George as Caseys “live” victim.
              She had no defense so they put him on trial.

              • Alethea says:

                Hi Bonnie.

                “She is a pathological liar.”

                Not only pathological, but calculating and very much like Scott Peterson was in his lies.

                “She had opportunities to tell and never did.”

                Just so you know, 90% of victims of child sexual abuse, never tell anyone while it is happening, and many don’t EVER tell anyone. But if you mean that she sat in jail for 3 years, complaining about being there, but still never told anyone about the poolside/trauma/drowning, then I fully agree.

                “Anyone sick enough to molest children usually have several victims and I never heard of anyone coming out and accusing him except Casey.”

                There are more than one type of child sexual abuser. There are two that are most common. One is a situational offender, and the other is a preferential offender. Situational offenders are usually people like my father, or George Anthony (if he had sexually abused her). These kind of offenders do not usually sexually abuse any other children but their own. Preferential offenders have many victims, and often the victims are NOT related to the offender.

                “I will always see George as Caseys “live” victim.”

                You might like this post then:

              • Alethea says:

                Sorry, I meant situational offenders are people like my father, and if George Anthony did anything to Casey, then he too would most likely have been a situational offender. I corrected my comment, but I don’t know who read it before I was able to so.

  25. twinzmama says:

    Also wanted to tell Dr. Ablow that Casey did NOT sleep late that morning as she told the defense psychologists (yet another lie)– anyone who reviewed Casey’s cell activity knows she was talking & texting with Tony Lazzaro from early morning til nearly 9am.
    Did this Dr read anything on this case besides those lies disguised as psych. evaluations???
    Me thinks — NOOOOO!

  26. twinzmama says:

    Thank you for this letter godess! I have been saying similar things on other sites.

    One thing I would like to add to your letter is this:

    Dr. Ablow as you read Casey talked about her parents separation in early 2006. George Anthony left Hopespring Dr. and moved in with his parents for at least 5-6 months.

    Why is this important? Well that left Cindy, Casey & Caylee in the home alone. Wouldn’t that period of time been the PERFECT time for Casey to tell Cindy about all these sexual abuse allegations? Surely, if she wanted to protect Caylee from George that would have been the best time to speak up, right?

    Why not speak then to ENSURE George was never allowed back in the house?

    Why?? — Simple because Casey the liar hadn’t thought this lie up yet. Duh!!!!!

  27. TAMMY BEAR ( KC not welcome in CA ) says:

    Great letter I agree, and I think this Dr is a idiot.. I do believe she put her daughter in the trunk of the car to go to Tony’s. Tony had said that he didnt think his house was the right place for children to me.
    George DO NOT hurt this little girl I would bet my own life on that. Casey is EVIL and she wanted this little girl gone. She threw her away like trash. I know MARMA will get her in time. BUT this sSO CALLED DR that thinks she is the victum SHOULDNT be a DR, I think he needs a DR. He doesnt know his butt from a hole in the ground. R.I.P beautiful CAYLEE…

  28. sneffers says:

    excellent read! I emailed the link to the duped dr.

  29. Angie says:

    Excellent Letter! You should paste this letter EVERYWHERE!! Dr. Ablow is an idiot.

  30. Meant, with George “at work” from 3-11 pm.

  31. What a wonderful, detailed and right on article and commentary. It seems those ready to jump on the Caylee money bandwagon include so-called “professionals” who should be shamed into silence for letting the words of this narcissistic lying child killer be translated into something as “fact”. Utterly disgusting. Thank you for writing this article and reminding the public who this woman really is and for standing up for abuse survivors–the vast majority who DO NOT go on to kill their children–and for reminding us about who the true victim in all of this is–Caylee. Lest we forget that through Casey’s own words, her father brought a “drowned/dead” Caylee into her bedroom on the last day Caylee was seen alive–in the morning. A day on which is documented that Caylee was in fact seen ALIVE by a friend at Walmart with Casey at 4 pm and heard in the background at 2:55 pm while Casey was on the phone with one of her other victims, Jesse Grund. With George at for from 3-11 pm at the Lexus dealership and Cindy also at work, this is PROOF that Casey alone was in the care of her daughter and that she ALONE acted in the death and disposal of her child. Casey was seen later that day alone with her boyfriend Tony at blockbuster video around 6 pm.

    • little nel says:

      Good observations, Sleuth!

      Does this mean that swamp mom killed Caylee between 4p.m. and 6 p.m.? Or was Caylee drugged and in the trunk by 6 p.m., so she and Tony could entertain themselves without Caylee around?

      Shame on you, Dr. Ablow for not knowing the facts.

    • Alethea says:

      I have been trying to find a credible source for the Walmart claim, and one website says that claim was discredited. I did not see that evidence in Ashton’s book either, so I am not certain how reliable it is. Although, it may be true, the other evidence still has a large impact towards Casey’s guilt.

      I almost included Jesse Grund in my letter to Dr. Ablow because you are right, he was another of her victims. She tried to implicate him as the murderer shortly after her arrest.

      This is a woman who will do, and say, ANYTHING to get herself off the hook for murder. If she was so willing to quickly implicate her ex-fiance’ she is certainly capable of falsely implicating her own father.

      Why doesn’t Dr. Ablow get that?

  32. litle nel says:

    Great letter, Alethea!

    Anything that swamp mom says should be called into question as she is deceitful, cunning, and manipulative.

    It is amazing that swamp mom recovered so quickly from Caylee’s death, but recovery from the incest never happened as “dissociative amnesia” prevented it until the murder trial.

    One thing is clear, Caylee did not commit suicide, she was murdered, bagged, and tossed in a swamp.

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