Police Say Man Beat Toddler To Death: Child’s Mother Says “It Was a Freak Accident”

How can we help stop child abuse? Well, one way is to get women like this (and there are many of them) to not have kids. If they are going to defend their man, and be more in love with their man than their child, then they ought to just get their tubes tied.

Children don’t have a chance with women like this.

I am tired of seeing little innocents get beaten, and then murdered, and their mother defends her man.

Houston– “A woman’s baby is dead and her boyfriend is in jail, accused of killing him. Now, she’s telling us what she says happened.

Tiffany Wells is grieving.

“I miss him so much,” Wells said.

But she is also angry.

(Joshua Beall)

“Y’all need to get your facts together before you start posting (expletive) all over the news,” she told us.

After several attempts by Eyewitness News to reach her on Monday, she came home to the west Houston apartment she shared with her 16-month-old son, Casen Wells, and her fiance, Joshua Beall. Casen is now dead, and police believe Beall is responsible.

I will defend him to the end because I know what kind of person he is and he did not hurt that child,” Wells told us.”

This is already saying, “no matter what kind of evidence is presented to me, I will never admit that he killed my child. I will always love my child’s killer and will stand by him in my ignorance.”

“According to court documents, investigators believe Beall struck the toddler against an unknown blunt object. He told them the boy fell backwards, striking his head on a coffee table and then the floor. He did notice swelling but never sought medical attention. Wells believes Beall’s version of the story.

“It was a freak accident,” she said.

But prosecutors have a medical expert who says otherwise.

“The injuries that he sustained are not consistent with that statement as found by a pediatric specialist who examined him,” Harris County Assistant District Attorney Eric Devlin said.

And there’s more. CPS says they terminated parental rights against Wells in 2009 for another child when they say she was found to have physically neglected him. She strongly denies that.

“My rights were never terminated to my son, never. My mother has him. I can see him whenever I want,” she told us.

And she fiercely defends her fiance.

“He would not hurt him and I can’t believe that everybody is making us seem like monsters. This is awful. Let us mourn the death of our son. Stop this!” she said.”

Bond has been set at $150,000. Beall currently faces a charge of “injury to a child” but now that the boy has died, he most likely will face manslaughter or murder charges.

Isn’t it tragic that when the boy was ‘merely’ beaten, the charges were “injury to a child.” It’s only when the boy died that the charges become serious.

Video of the mother:




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6 Responses to Police Say Man Beat Toddler To Death: Child’s Mother Says “It Was a Freak Accident”

  1. Alethea says:

    Great point Serieve. Probably the boyfriend.

  2. little nel says:

    The man in her life makes her feel safe, secure, and loved. He’s a lot more fun than “the kid.”

    Toddlers are draining, tiring, and need constant attention, especially when they reach the age of “terrible two’s.”

    It’s a “no brainer” for some women. Yes, women like this need to get their tubes tied.

    Some one should let women know that the most dangerous person in the world to their child is “the boyfriend.”

  3. mary says:

    Ugh. Women like this make me sick to my stomach. Women who will put their man above their children are just despicable and ugly creatures. Ive met a couple and they are simply an insult to motherhood and womanhood.

    About 5 months ago a close friend of mine told me about how she went to her mother’s house and found her mother’s friend bawling her eyes out on the kitchen table while her mother was comforting her. Apparently the woman was distraught because she found her boyfriend sexually abusing her two year old daughter. Of course, my friend’s mother and her stepdad called the police shortly after and the boyfriend was arrested…. now the real disgusting part is that THE WOMAN REGULARLY VISITS THE BOYFRIEND in jail AND HAS TAKEN HIM BACK even after what he has done! That is just pure evil to me. These kinds of women need to be slapped, have their uteruses removed, and then thrown in a jail cell too IMO.

    • Alethea says:

      Mary, this is such a common occurrence. So very sad, and these kids suffer tremendously from having a mother like this. The pain of a mother siding with the perpetrator can be as damaging and as painful as what the perpetrator does.

      Two years-old? How disgusting of the woman. What decent human being wants to be with, and have sex with, a man who has been sexual with a 2 year-old?!

      They’re both degenerates.

  4. carolinva says:

    Good morning. These women will keep having babies they don’t want because the babies are their meal ticket. In trying to save the babies from starvation our govt. is encouraging pregnancy.

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