Denial is Deadly: Josh Powell’s Sister Protects and Defends the Child Murderer

Social worker, Elizabeth Griffin Hall, has told ABC News, that just moments prior to the explosion, Josh Powell told his sons he had a “big surprise” for them.

He then “shrugged his shoulders and slammed the door.”

What followed can only be described as terror, horror, and mayhem for his five and seven year-old sons.

“The son of a bitch tried to chop off their heads before immolating them in a homemade inferno that also spat him back into the hell from which he came.” ~Marc Klaas

Anyone with two degrees of intelligence knows Josh Powell murdered his wife, Susan Powell, in December of 2009.

The circumstantial evidence against Powell was overwhelming. His sons even drew pictures of mommie in the trunk of the car.

In my opinion, the authorities fucked up by not arresting Josh Powell for the death of his wife. If they had, little Charlie and Braden might have been alive today.

Now we learn that documents disclose Josh Powell showed disturbing behavior as an adolescent.

Terrica Powell, says her son had once tried to commit suicide, and threatened her with a butcher knife.

“Terrica Powell worried that Josh and another teenage brother could destroy their family, which included younger siblings, she wrote in a statement filed in court.”

Earlier this month, a judge ruled that Josh Powell could not have custody of his sons unless he had a psycho-sexual evaluation, and a month after Susan was last seen alive, Josh Powell moved his boys out of state to live with his father, who police are accusing of possessing child pornography and of voyeurism.

What the hell had gone on in Josh’s childhood?

I have always suspected that Josh had rage for his mother. I base this on the fact that I have always believed he killed his wife. People often take their repressed rage out on a person who represents the parent who emotionally, physically, or sexually abused them as a child. They hurt someone else, instead of the actual abuser. This is because, from a deep emotional bond, humans strongly protect their relationship with their parents –even if the parent has abused them (or not protected them from an abuser).

Now we learn that Josh did indeed have issues with his mother and a possible mental health problem of a sexual nature. Being that his father has been accused of having child pornography, there is indication that Josh Powell’s biological family possibly harbored child sexual abuse.

Josh’s parents most likely have serious psychological problems, and in their dysfunction and denial, they never got Josh help for his problems, and now Susan Powell and her two sons are dead.

Josh’s sister, Alina, is now carrying on the family motto: deny, ignore, minimize, and excuse. Alina says her brother did not kill Susan Powell, and that Josh was just a victim.

“I think this was the act of somebody who had been so damaged by the lack of due process, so harassed and abused and lied about that he just reached a point of feeling like there was no… I don’t know,”…..”I think he must have just felt that there was only one way left for him to protect his sons, from the pain, from all the emotional and physical pain they’ve been experiencing.” ~Alina Powell

Alina, please pull your head out and defend the defenseless! Please speak the truth about your brother the murderer, who you admit has ended the life of his sons, but gee, not his wife.

Please come out of your denial system and stand up for justice by condemning a man who tricked his little boys, took a hatchet to them, and then burned them to death.

Do you not understand that unwillingness to see truth, digs graves and lays out suffering for countless children?





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16 Responses to Denial is Deadly: Josh Powell’s Sister Protects and Defends the Child Murderer

  1. little nel says:

    “Deny, ignore, and pretend” that pretty much sums up the family of Josh Powell. It’s the standard “remedy” or “chill pill” for anything uncomfortable, questionable, or inappropriate in their home.

    Deny, justify, and blame was what Alina did when confronted with the facts by a reporter. He didn’t kill Susan, he was stressed, because of the court system and lack of due process. What a fucking bitch! No concern what so ever about two little boys who were tortured, hacked, and burned by Josh.

    Alina’s role in the Powell family was well rehearsed and well acted. Her response was not impromptu.

    “Lack of due process,” Josh was given every consideration under the law including, a lawyer, a counselor, a judge, a court hearing, and a visitation monitor.

    Susan, Charlie, and Braden are the victims. They were given the death sentence by Josh, without any “due process of the law.” Josh’s deadly act was ignored by a judge, who presided over this case. The judge has the blood of these two innocent boys on his hands.

    Get Alina Powell into therapy ASAP.

  2. manuela says:

    Oh, this is so, so sad…but shows with no questions that this guy were able to kill his wife. I guess now there are no doubts about this fact. Rest in peace sweet children!

  3. SurvivorSunshine says:

    When I read this story, I couldn’t believe this man ever was allowed to see those kids anywhere except a PUBLIC place with supervised visitation. The courts have failed the children, once again. This man was obviously a psychopath and he got away with conning people for years. Well, until he finally lost custody. So he destroyed his kids because they were merely his possessions. It’s also not true that psychopaths won’t ever kill themselves. To have the last word they will. Josh obviously couldn’t stand the thought of not “losing”!

    My father was the same way. He could never let my mother “win” in their emotional warfare. So he murdered his own disabled son and ex-wife over money. But my dad hired someone else to do his dirty work. So I think to this day, he really doesn’t understand that it was really him who murdered his own child. We were all expendable to him when we were of no use in his plans anymore.

    • little nel says:

      Hi Sunshine,

      “So her murdered his own disabled son and ex-wife over money.”

      Oh, how cold blooded. Money seems to be a common motive for the murder of a family member. I’m so sorry for your loss.

      I think that it was interesting that Josh Powell thought to tell his siblings where he stashed his “cash” that had been withdrawn from his bank right before acting out his deadly plan. I guess he wanted to make sure that the Cox family didn’t get it, just like he made sure the Cox family didn’t get the boys ever again.

      Just another act of power and control, so he could have the last word as you described. You are right about the “revenge” theme that your father and Josh had in common.

    • Alethea says:

      Sunshine, you have been through a lot in your life. You have come out strong and brave. Good for you. I commend you and your courage.

      • SurvivorSunshine says:

        Thank you, Nel and Alethea. This website is a place I feel I can share my story without being judged. Sometimes, I think my pain and grief lasted so long (still does) because NO ONE wants to acknowledge, understand or have compassion for survivors of horrible, unspeakable crimes like we have endured. It helps to communicate and read comments from other people who are not afraid to speak up and tell the truth about what REALLY went on in their family of origin. So many people destroy themselves because of denial.

        Who knows? Maybe Josh Powell would have been able to heal if was strong enough to admit what was going on in his family. I don’t know what comes first- a psychopath is conditioned by his environment or it’s genetic? I’d like to think it varies case by case. I believe my dad’s personality disorder was primarily created in his sick familial environment. Then again, his mother and father both had severe personality disorders.

        • little nel says:

          “So many people destroy themselves because of denial.”

          I was one of those people at one time. Denial helped me to survive my childhood until I was able to get to therapy.

          I believed the lies until they were replaced by truth. I am so grateful for those who patiently helped me find my own recovery.

        • Alethea says:

          Sunshine, I do hope you always feel comfortable posting here.

          You have hit one for me. I am always struggling with not being able to tell anyone in my life about my childhood –the true horrors. I have not told my husband much and we have been together 24 years. I don’t tell friends anymore because they judge me or come up with conclusions about me in their head.

          I find it pretty hard sometimes to not be able to share. It does help me to be able to tell you guys about some of it, but I have not disclosed everything on my Blog. Some things are too emotionally painful, and some involve family members that I am not at liberty to talk about.

          The entire world would be healthier if humans would acknowledge and deal with their dysfunction, pain, and ego. You’re right; it does take tremendous strength for a person to admit to what is wrong with them and their parents. Some people, like me, don’t even know what is wrong with them or their family because they blocked it all out. A serious illness had to force me to get help and remember.

          • Bonnie Lang says:

            I grew up in an abusive home. My sperm donor is a molester, as well as a physical and mental abuser. Dont ever feel ashamed to tell your story to anyone. if someone judges you on anothers actions, then they do not need to be in your life in the first place. It is a good way to weed out those you dont need. If you ever want to talk, and you want somewhere to express yourself where you can get SUPPORT and STRENGTH, then look up Bonnie McDowell Lang on Facebook… ( Anyone is free to tell their story, and NO ONE is allowed to criticize. ANYONE who wants to come over will have a safe place with support.

            And for the record, if those family members you are not at liberty to talk about are those who caused the harm, then you have THE RIGHT to talk. Mine comes from a very well known family. I learned a long time ago, that as long as you remain silent, you remain a victim. And as long as you remain silent, they hold the power. You have that right to take back you power!!!! You have the support from this day forward.

            • Alethea says:

              Hi Bonnie. Thanks so much for the comment. Thank you for being supportive and for trying to help.

              It’s easier to say don’t be ashamed, than to actually not be ashamed. It took me a lot of time to begin to speak about my father, but now it is easy. I have done a lot of healing there. I also feel more comfortable with that aspect of my childhood because it was my father, not my mother. When I say there is shame, it is related to mother/daughter incest and I have not healed that part of me yet. It is not so easy to just talk about same-sex sexual abuse.

              There is also death threats involved, and one cannot just overcome death threats (and some with a knife, and some threats were attempted to be carried out by choking me) from childhood so easily.

              As far as other family goes, I have to use prudence with regards to my siblings. They were once victims too, so for me to go around exposing their personal stuff, would not be okay to do.

              • Bonnie Lang says:

                I understand. Just know, if you need someone to lean on, we are out here for just that reason. We know how to be others strength when they need it.
                As for the other family members, I understand that completely. It is their journey to talk when they want.
                You can read my story at
       if you would like to.

              • Alethea says:

                Thank you Bonnie for caring, but I get my strength from God.

                Humans die, they move away, they get sick, they get busy, they disappoint us, and betray us. I do not rely on humans for my strength. The only thing that will never ever let me down, and what is always there for me, is God.

                Peace and good wishes,

              • little nel says:

                “There is also death threats involved, and one cannot just overcome death threats (and some with a knife, and threats were attempted to carried out by choking me).”

                I was stabbed. I was choked. I was held at bay with a gun in my face by the same brother. He still wants to kill me because I am talking and won’t back down. My crime was that I “ruined” my father’s legacy.

                I am just fortunate that I can afford bodyguards to escort me when I visit my mother.

                I must admit that it gives me great satisfaction that my bodyguards intimidate my asshole brother.

            • Alethea says:

              Btw Bonnie, I checked out that Facebook Page. I have to be honest with you. The image of a shark can be a frightening image to the mind of people who have been sexually abused. It was a huge turn off for me right away. I understand (I think) what you are trying to do with the image, but sharks are predators, just like child sexual abusers are.

              Just thought I would let you know.


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