Josh Powell: The Face of a Monster

After Susan Powell disappeared in 2009, her son Braden Powell, drew a picture of the family car, and his brother Charlie and their father, Josh Powell. In the picture, was mommy, in the trunk.

After Susan was reported missing, and after Josh gave everyone his bullshit story of going on a midnight camping trip in the snow, in sub-freezing temperatures…the Powell boys were also saying, “mommie was on the camping trip. Mommy left the car, and mommy didn’t come back.”

Now, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has told the Associated Press, that the incestuous images found on Josh’s computer, taken by investigators after Susan Powell disappeared in 2009, were “realistic computer-generated depictions of parent-child sex

For some bizarre reason, authorities did not arrest Josh, and the court system allowed Josh Powell to take his sons and move out of state to live with his father Steve, who is in jail on child porn charges.

But just four days before taking a hatchet to his sons and burning them to death, Josh knew his luck had run out. The court told him that he would have to undergo an extensive psycho-sexual evaluation and a polygraph.

Josh knew he could not pass either test, and knew an arrest was imminent, and that his boys would soon testify to their memory of the night Susan vanished. Josh decided to end his life, and the lives of the only living witnesses to the murder.


Other new details are emerging in the case.

Josh’s sister, Jennifer, says Josh’s father’s stories of a sexually aggressive Susan are fabricated. She said her father, Steve, was acting out his own fantasies about Susan, and that Susan was very uncomfortable with Josh’s father.

Jennifer said Josh’s mother left Josh’s father years ago, and Jennifer says there was abuse in the marriage.

Jennifer says she woke up at age 14 and realized,”My dad is whacko.”

There are also emails indicating Susan was afraid of Josh –even afraid he would kill her. Susan wanted to leave him and wanted to take the boys. Josh’s sister, Jennifer, says Jennifer suspected Josh did something to Susan, the day she went missing.

I cannot fathom why this man was not arrested for his wife’s murder, and why he was allowed to have custody of his sons for so long.

The social worker who dropped the boys off at Josh’s home just before he killed them, told ABC News, “He didn’t look like a monster; he didn’t look like somebody who was going to kill his children.”….

This is the face of a monster….

Susan Powell's Dad: Our Worst Fears Came True

These are the faces of monsters…

This is the face of a monster….

This is the face of a monster….

These are the faces of three monsters….

This is the face of a monster….



Notes: Photos in order:

Josh Powell

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo

Jeffrey Dahmer

John Gacy

Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinckle, Leslie Van Houten

Casey Anthony



Dr. Phil, 2-10-12

Dateline NBC 2-10-12

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11 Responses to Josh Powell: The Face of a Monster

  1. Rhonda says:

    I wonder why they wanted him to complete a psycho-sexual evaluation? Was it because of his father’s arrest on child porn charges? Maybe they suspected he might be abusing his boys or something?

    I can’t imagine the last 30 min’s of those childrens’s lives. You just have to believe God was there in some way protecting them.

    I feel so bad for the Social Worker. You know she will have PTSD the rest of her days.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Rhonda. Josh’s home computer had images of cartoon characters engaging in incest with one another. Parent-child sex.

  2. Great post!
    Thank you.

  3. little nel says:

    20 years ago, during divorce proceedings, Terrica Powell wrote, “It seems like there is a sickness pervading my family and I have been powerless to stop it.”

    A disease, when untreated, always ends in death, insanity, and/or incapacitation.
    It has a predictable pattern of progression. It has observable symptoms.

    Terrica may have been on to something.

  4. little nel says:

    I noticed that the sister of Josh Powell, Jennifer, who failed to deny her father’s obsession with porn and deny that Josh was innocent in the disappearance of Susan, was the subject of cruel accusations, fabrications, and falsehoods, on a website, that were intended to publicly humiliate Jennifer and expose her as a family traitor/outcast.

    Purely, evil in motive and designed to “shut her up”.

    • Alethea says:

      Yep. If I had had a photo of those people who call her a traitor, I would have added them to my list of monster faces.

  5. little nel says:

    This is good, Alethea! Great post!

    That photo of swamp mom shows observable ridges in her cleavage that looks like she had breast augmentation to enhance her loveliness, beauty, and charm.

    Evil can be so covert, attractive, and alluring that the eyes will miss it most of the time, as that’s the intent.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I too am stunned. If they would have arrested him after the images were found on his computer, and especially after they knew he murdered Susan, those little boys would be safe.

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