Sandusky Granted Visitation With Grandkids, and a Local Jury

“HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A judge ruled Monday that former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky can have supervised contact with most of his grandchildren, saying there was no evidence that the children’s parents wouldn’t be able to keep them safe.”

I hope someone asked the grand kids if they want to see Jerry.

“Judge John Cleland also rejected requests by prosecutors that jurors be brought in from outside the State College area to hear the case and that Sandusky remain indoors while on home confinement before trial.

“The commonwealth failed to present any evidence whatsoever that the defendant presents a clearly defined threat to any student at the adjoining elementary school simply by being on his deck,” Cleland wrote. “No evidence was presented that at any time the defendant made any effort to contact any of the children by signaling or calling to them, or that he made any gestures directed toward them, or that he acted in any inappropriate way whatsoever.”

Maybe not, but his thoughts probably pierced those kids like daggers.

“Sandusky’s lawyer issued a statement saying Sandusky, his wife and their family were “relieved by and pleased with” the visitation ruling, which pertains to all but three of his 11 grandchildren, ages 2 to 14. Those three children are involved in a custody case, and Cleland deferred decisions about any visits from them to the judge handling that matter.

“Sandusky lost a request to force prosecutors to disclose the names, addresses and birth dates of witnesses.

“While we are happy with the outcome of Friday’s hearings, we realize, nevertheless, a number of difficult legal battles lie ahead of us,” his lawyer, Joe Amendola, said in a statement. “We will continue to work very hard in preparing Jerry’s defense with the ultimate goal of obtaining Jerry’s acquittal.”

“The judge said all but one of the parents of Sandusky’s grandchildren have allowed for visitation. Jill Thomas, the mother of three of his grandchildren, says it’s not safe.

She released a statement through her lawyer saying in part:
“I cannot understand how a court could place the desires of someone who is criminally charged with sexually abusing children above the safety of children.”



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11 Responses to Sandusky Granted Visitation With Grandkids, and a Local Jury

  1. mary says:

    Re alethea: Wow that’s pretty brave of you, considering how rabid and fanatical Michael Jackson fans tend to be. People worship him like a God. How awful of them to treat you in that way, in the United States I thought we had a thing called freedom of speech, you had every right to be there and stand up for what you believe in without being thrown in a garbage can by an angry mob. I still like his music (which is product of producers, songwriters as much as his) but i definitely dont think his talent or work is more important than the truth and morality and didnt give him the right to have sex with children and get away with it. He definitely doesnt deserve the elevation he gets. When I read about more about Sandusky and all the charity he did for kids, it makes me think of MJ. They are eerily similar in the denial and mental gymnastics they perform.

    • Alethea says:

      Ha! Rabid is a good word. One minute I saw MJ’s big black SUV approaching the courthouse with MJ inside, and in the next second, I was being held down onto a trash can with strong force by a man and two women. MJ fans would NOT allow their idol to see my signs, and thus, see the truth.

  2. mary says:

    This is so disappointing and appalling. If Jerry Sandusky somehow gets aquitted for his crimes, Im willing to picket signs and protest that atrocity.

    • Alethea says:

      Good for you Mary! I stood outside the courthouse during the Michael Jackson molestation trial and protested with a big yellow and black sign that said “Silence allows abuse to continue” on one side, and “Parents and famous people molest children too” on the other.

      I was vilified, cursed at, personally attacked, and held down onto a trash can by M.J fans, who outnumbered me 50 to 1. I was the enemy there, but I bet if Sandusky gets off, you would not be alone in your protest.

      • little nel says:

        As long as the grandkids are not labeled “troubled” and don’t have “poor hygiene” and don’t need to “soap in the shower” with Jerry, and don’t fit the profile of Jerry’s victims, and Jerry promises to abstain from sexual contact, I guess the judge thinks that it is O.K. and proper in Jerry’s case if the parents monitor the visits.

      • littlenel says:

        I am not surprised that you were attacked by MJ fans outside the courtroom Alethea.

        Idol worshipers have concessions that must be bestowed on their idols.

        Idols are allowed to have character defects, illegal behavior, and immoral behavior, and you never call it into question or you will be vilified, cursed at, and personally attacked.

        Those fans behaved a lot like my relatives.

        • Alethea says:

          “Idols are allowed to have character defects, illegal behavior, and immoral behavior...”

          Yep! I am always amazed at the worship of Colby Bryant, who at the very least, had sex with a vulnerable young woman in a hotel room while his pregnant wife waited at home, and at the very worst (I believe he raped her) raped a girl.

          Look at the idol worshippers of Tiger Woods too.

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