Accuser: Sandusky Threatened His Family If He Told Anyone About Being Raped Over 100 Times

“The latest person to accuse former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse also claims that Sandusky threatened to hurt the boy’s family if he ever told anyone about the abuse.

Sandusky’s newest accuser, who is now 29, had not told anyone about the abuse until he read about the grand jury presentment charging Sandusky with 40 counts of child molestation over 15 years, his lawyer Jeff Anderson said today. Until that time, he had thought he was the only victim.

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“The man, whose identity was not released, issued a statement that said, “I don’t want other kids to be abused by Jerry Sandusky or anybody like Penn State to allow people like him to do it–rape kids! I never told anybody what he did to me over 100 times at all kinds of places until the newspapers reported that he had abused other kids.”

“I am hurting and have been for a long time because of what happened, but feel now even more tormented that I have learned of so many other kids were abused after me,” he said.

Anderson said the boy met Sandusky through the Second Mile foundation when the alleged victim was 10, and was abused by Sandusky from 1992 to 1994. He said that Sandusky threatened to harm the boy’s family if the boy told anyone about the abuse. Sandusky also paid for sports camps, plied the boy with gifts, and took him on trips, Anderson said.”

The lawsuit alleges child abuse, negligence, emotional distress, and conspiracy to endanger a child, among other charges.  It was filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common please and seeks a jury trial.

“How can it be that (Sandusky) was allowed to be such a peril to so many kids for so long?” Anderson asked. “It is because those among him, when they saw the signs or heard the signals, refused to see, hear or act because they thought more of the institution and trusted him blindly, in a way that made the kids suffer enormously.”


ABC News

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21 Responses to Accuser: Sandusky Threatened His Family If He Told Anyone About Being Raped Over 100 Times

  1. little nel says:

    Jill Thomas, ex daughter-in-law of Jerry Sandusky alleges that he inappropriately touched her son.

    • Alethea says:

      I did read that Little Nel. I hope to God she is being truthful about this. It’s not that I don’t believe her, but sometimes, people can decide to jump on the bandwagon for financial gain, or for revenge against a relative they don’t like. I can see Jerry S. having targeted only the kids that would not be believed, like those from Second Mile, and leaving his own kids and grandkids alone. But I am also strongly aware that he might have molested his grandkids too.

      If it turns out she is falsely accusing, she will do a great amount of damage to the case.

  2. mary says:

    Re alethea: Judging from Jerry Sandusky’s death threats towards his victims and the way she tried to run over that reporter, i bet Dottie is the type that wouldve tried to intimidate or coerce them into taking back the accusations.

    What disturbs me so much about JD is how successful he was at projecting this image of this benign football coach who was charitable and greatly contributed to the community. He even adopted 6 children, adoption being seen one of the most selfless things a person could do. Yet inside he was a sexual degenerate and a master manipulator. That a person could use something like a charity as an opportunity to be able to molest disadvantaged children who probably have already been through hell… so sick and evil, I hope those kids one day find happiness and peace and success in their lives. The Sanduskys can rot in hell though.

    • Alethea says:

      Mary, you are 100% right. My father threatened me with death, with a knife to my throat, and my mother followed suit. My mother protected him, approved of his torment, and I have a vague memory of her threatening me with death after he died. She figured she had better continue to keep me quiet, and took up his death threats on her own.

      I bet Dottie S. is not innocent.

      • little nel says:

        OMG, Alethea!

        It is so common for the “wife” of an abuser to accept the behavior and emulate it even after the abuser stops or is gone.

        They just pick up where the abuser left off, still trying to be part of the “team.”

        Dottie is a team player with Jerry. She is just as sick as he is, you are so right!

        • Mary says:

          I guess the motto is, the couple that molests and abuses together, stays together. I cant imagine anyone I know staying with a child molestor and abuser unless to some degree they were one themselves.

  3. mary says:

    Jerry Sandusky is a demon. As far as that mother fighting to keep Jerry away from her kids, I believe she has every right to not allow him into her house for whatever reason. A parent has every right to decide who they want around their kids. I cringe thinking about why Sandusky wants to see his grandchildren, and for their parents to allow him access is sick. Dottie is a disgusting human being for defending this monster and probably attempting to silence his victims.

    • Alethea says:

      Mary, I still want to know what Dottie was calling Jerry’s accusers for a few months ago. What exactly did she want to say to them? Was she going to coerce them to take back the accusations? Was she going to be passive-aggressive and try to convince them they “must be confused” about what happened? She certainly was not going to apologize.

      No one should allow that woman around the accusers.

      • little nel says:

        Of course “they must be confused” about what happened, they were labeled “troubled.” Everyone knows that “confusion” and “troubled” are linked, so you cannot rely on the statements of these kinds of children.

        Dottie just wanted to give them some “clarity” about their recollections of events. No harm in that.

        “Damage control” is always a good idea when threatened with prosecution or arrest.

  4. Andre' says:

    where are all the men out there taking a stand ?

    • little nel says:

      They are under investigation for not protecting those boys, got fired, or they are staying away. All the others hate Jerry for all the destruction that he has caused Penn State.

  5. little nel says:

    One mother is fighting to keep her children away from Jerry until after the trial.

    I hope that she succeeds. I wonder if she will be court ordered to let them visit. If she doesn’t comply will she be in contempt of court?

    I hate this guy. He loves to hurt people with his “power plays.” The repercussion of his behavior has hurt so many people and ruined so many lives. He must feel so smug.

  6. little nel says:

    “And to think that the courts are allowing hi to have visitation with his grandkids!”

    Disgusting that a judge would coddle a man who was capable of “death threats” to cover up his crimes with children!

    Dottie, are you aware that your husband is a child rapist who will use death threats against his child victims?

    I know, it’s easier to deny it and tell yourself that these boys were “troubled” so they have no credibility.

    • Alethea says:

      I have to wonder if the judge is a perp. Who allows kids to be around a man accused of hundreds of rapes and sexual assaults, except a perp?

  7. little nel says:

    Jerry must have really enjoyed raping those kids then covering his crimes with death threats. What a fucking piece of shit!

  8. little nel says:

    Good for the accuser! Don’t let a bad man get away with this.

    Dottie, are you listening? Your husband raped a little boy over a hundred times? Then he threatened to kill his family if he told!

    What a wonderful father, husband and coach. (not really).

    What a cold calculating bad man!

  9. Anonymous says:

    And to think that the courts are allowing him to have visitation with his grandkids! It is so disgusting. I can’t imagine that his kids would want him too, but then they had to be molested and raped by him too, beyond vile, loathsome and evil.

  10. Andre' says:

    ““It is because those among him, when they saw the signs or heard the signals, refused to see, hear or act because they thought more of the institution and trusted him blindly, in a way that made the kids suffer enormously.”” OR they were doing it too !

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