Ayla Reynolds’ Mom Says Father Took Out Life Insurance On Ayla Just Before She Vanished

If true, I hope they arrest this guy before any other children, or his girlfriend’s children, are suddenly missing, or blown up in a house with him.

(CBS news) “The mother of missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds says the girl’s father took out a life insurance policy on Ayla in the weeks before she disappeared.


“In the same week Justin took Ayla from me, he took out a life insurance policy on Ayla,” said Trista Reynolds, according to Fox Boston. “Now, why did he take out that life insurance policy? I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. Because who takes a life insurance policy out on their own child?”

Ayla Reynolds vanished last December from her father’s Waterville, Maine home. Trista Reynolds says she was in rehab for alcohol abuse when the Department of Health and Human Services sent Ayla to live with her father, Justin DiPietro.”

Bring Alya Home



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2 Responses to Ayla Reynolds’ Mom Says Father Took Out Life Insurance On Ayla Just Before She Vanished

  1. little nel says:

    “Why did he take out a life insurance policy?”

    He had decided that $25K was a good bet for a payoff for a baby that he sired, after he had demanded the mother to “get rid of it if it’s mine,” and she didn’t comply with his orders.

    Justin is currently silent and in hiding.

  2. little nel says:

    I understand that it was a $25k policy that paid double on an accidental death.

    Justin Dipietro’s agreement with Trista was that he had to return Ayla to Trista after 10 days, so he took out the policy during that temporary custody. When Trista wanted Ayla back Justin ignored her and avoided contact with her.

    Justin had plans for Ayla and the insurance money. I hope that Ayla was not subjected to “rehearsals” to stage an accident before she disappeared.

    I can’t bear to think about what he did to that beautiful baby girl.

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