Police Buying Cemetery Plots To Keep Josh Powell From Being Buried Next To His Victims

“A sheriff and his sergeant in Washington state have bought burial plots next to Josh Powell’s boys in order to block family members from burying him next to them, according to a media report Wednesday.

“The bottom line is, Josh Powell will not be near those two boys,” Pierce County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ed Troyer said in an interview with a Seattle-area radio program called the Ron and Don Show.

Josh Powell’s surviving relatives wanted him to buried at the same cemetery as the two sons he killed, the city manager in Puyallup said earlier Wednesday.

But that does not look like it is going to happen.

Troyer and Sheriff Paul Pastor used their personal money and funds from Crimestoppers Tacoma-Pierce County to buy plots that are on either side of the boys, according to a report on the radio station’s website that was confirmed by Troyer on Twitter:

Crimestoppers is soliciting money on its website for the purchase of the plots.

“It’s disgusting that a murder suspect would be buried next to his victims,” Pastor said in a statement posted on Twitter.”

“Suspect!” Screw “alleged.” Josh Powell violently MURDERED those beautiful little angels.

“Powell’s relatives visited the public Woodbine Cemetery and selected a plot about 25 feet from the boys, City Manager Ralph Dannenberg told The Associated Press earlier Wednesday. They haven’t paid for it yet, and any sale is being put on hold because the parents of Powell’s missing wife have promised legal action.

“We don’t have any rules or procedures regarding refusing plots to anyone,” Dannenberg said. “We’re going to wait to see what the outcome is in court.”

The boys were laid to rest at Woodbine on Saturday. Attorney Anne Bremner, who represents Susan Powell’s parents, Charles and Judy Cox, says she would seek a temporary restraining order to block Josh Powell from being buried there.

“For him to be buried near those kids is just unthinkable,” Bremner said. “For God’s sake, for them to lose Susan first, and then the boys, and now this? Just give these people a break.”

Powell’s sister Alina did not return an email from the AP seeking comment.”



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2 Responses to Police Buying Cemetery Plots To Keep Josh Powell From Being Buried Next To His Victims

  1. little nel says:

    Who is the ghoulish “family member” who wants to bury Josh near his murder victims? Alina? the co-perp?

    I love those policemen who bought up the plots next to those little murder victims. It makes me want to send money to them so they can buy more plots and keep Josh away from those boys. Even in death they don’t deserve that kind of humiliation. Josh has tortured them and the Cox family enough.

    Put Josh somewhere else so the Cox’s can visit the burial site without Josh’s legacy of “revenge” near by.

    Get the ugliest photo of Alina and let the world see what denial she is in and how she wants to protect Josh’s deadly deeds.

    • Alethea says:

      I love those cops too. The way I feel about Josh Powell right now…if it were up to me, I would bury him in the weeds in a swamp.

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