Savannah Hardin’s Grandmother Now Facing the Death Penalty For Running Savannah To Her Death

Prosecutors have increased the murder charges against the grandmother of Savannah. The prosecutor calls granny, “The drill sergeant from hell” and says she is now facing the death penalty.


Savannah Hardin

The grandmother allegedly told the school bus driver, “I gonna run her `til she can’t run no more.”

New information has just come out in the case. Police say the grandmother made Savannah carry ten pounds of wood during the time she was forced to run, non-stop, for three hours.

Savannah’s step-mother did nothing to stop the abuse, so she faces murder charges too, but apparently, she does not yet fact the death penalty.

I think she should.


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7 Responses to Savannah Hardin’s Grandmother Now Facing the Death Penalty For Running Savannah To Her Death

  1. sue says:

    you know what, I’m not only mad as hell that things happen to kids, but in this case I’m even madder because the father isn’t being held culpable. This sob knew what his wife and mother were like, yet he skips halfway across the world and leaves his KIDS in their care. What BS. This girl, and her siblings, were NOT protected by the people that should have protected them. (Not a new story, I know…) HE IS GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY. He was going to divorce this hag, yet they get back together and spawn another baby. How wonderful that they bred another one. All three of these monsters NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for this girl’s life. SHE DESERVES IT. Sorry for the caps, but I’m just sickened by this whole matter. RIP little Savannah. Sorry you got stuck with a family of evil a-holes.

  2. Gabby says:

    Per this article it appears that this was the usual punishment and all of the discipline was very harsh. All kinds of documents were released by the judge including child welfare reports from Florida, and the mother’s request that the father not take the child to Wisconsin to avoid the upcoming child custody hearing and child support. Savannah’s friend felt sorry for her. They also took her out of school early that day to take her home and punish her to death.

  3. little nel says:

    I was thinking about the “reason” that the grandmother gave for running Savannah to death.

    Savannah had a bladder problem. Instead of running the kid to death, why wasn’t she taken to a doctor?

    If my child had eaten something that could harm her, I would have taken her to the nearest ER and had her checked out for possible problems.

    The thinking of these adults is so twisted. Their choice of the best remedy (for possible bladder problems) was lethal to Savannah. The death penalty is appropriated in this case for grandma.

  4. little nel says:

    Her son should be charged with child endangerment. He knew that his mother was evil.

  5. maribeth merton says:

    This child is gorgeous, and her so-called grandmother is an abuser of unimaginable proportions. Do we even have a death penalty that would be punishment enough for her? Oh yeah, life in prison IN GENERAL POPULATION! We could all watch her run for her life!

    • Anonymous says:

      Maribeth……..your comment says it all!! Wonder how long she’d last with 10 pounds of weight?

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