7 Week-Old Girl Raped, Probably By Her Father. Mommy Aids the Perpetrator

GLENS FALLS — “A Glens Falls man was charged with three felonies late Sunday for allegedly sexually assaulting and critically injuring a 7-week-old girl, police said.

David B. Cook, 33, of Smith Street, was charged with two counts of aggravated second-degree sexual abuse and a charge of second-degree assault, Glens Falls Police Sgt. Chris Eggleston said.

The girl suffered a broken right leg, injuries to her genitalia and a possible head injury, police said. She was in critical condition at Albany Medical Center late Monday.


Cook is accused of injuring the girl, for whom he was caring at his home, sometime before late Saturday. The relationship between Cook and the child was withheld to protect the victim’s identity.”

The video clip, shows a neighbor saying the man lived in the home, and after she was born, he brought the baby to show her to the neighbor. It sounds like the victim is this man’s child.

“Police said the child’s 21-year-old mother left her in Cook’s care for two days while she stayed at a friend’s home in Saratoga Springs, and when she returned Saturday night, she noticed the child appeared injured, officials said.

In a statement Cook allegedly gave police that was filed in Glens Falls City Court, which provides a shockingly graphic outline of how Cook claims the child was injured, he is quoted as saying he told the mother over the phone Friday night that the child was hurt, but the mother was intoxicated and “did not offer to come home.”

So what else is new?

Cook talked her out of seeking medical help Saturday night, expressing a concern that he could face charges, authorities said.

The mother instead walked from Smith Street to Glens Falls Hospital with the child Sunday morning, prompting Cook to flee on a bicycle. He was eventually located riding on Fire Road early Sunday evening.”

Charge her. Remove her parental rights and charge her with child endangerment, aiding a felon, and aggravated child abuse.

“Police said the investigation was ongoing Monday, and the mother may face charges for failing to promptly seek medical care.

“We’re still collecting evidence,” Warren County District Attorney Kate Hogan said.

The mother, whose name is being withheld to protect the victim’s identify, would not discuss the case when a reporter visited her apartment Monday afternoon.

In the five-page written statement, Cook is quoted as saying the baby was injured during accidental falls twice in recent weeks.

On Friday afternoon, when he was angry because he believed the child’s mother was cheating on him, Cook drank four beers in a half-hour and told police he yanked the girl’s leg “and heard a pop” while changing a diaper.

He said injuries to the girl’s genitalia occurred as he cleaned her.

Authorities said medical experts were investigating whether the injuries match his version of events.

He told police he sent a text message to the mother early Saturday indicating he wanted to kill himself for hurting the girl, according to the statement.

The mother returned home around 10 p.m. Saturday.

When the mother awoke Sunday and said she was taking the child to the hospital, Cook “told (the mother) this is all going to come back on me,” Cook was quoted as saying. “I said that CPS was going to be involved, and it was like rape abuse or rape assault, one of the two.”

“I am very sorry for what I did,” he said at one point in the interview.

Cook was arraigned early Monday before Glens Falls Judge Richard Tarantino and was sent to Warren County Jail for lack of $100,000 cash bail or $200,000 bail bond.”

The video clip shows an interview with a psychiatrist who says that because the child is so little, ‘she won’t suffer and won’t remember.’ What an ignorant moron. What does he think, that the trauma inflicted on her mind and body just flies out the window?

Trauma, betrayal and sexual violation embeds itself in every fiber, of every cell, of the victim. It doesn’t make one ounce of difference how old the victim is when they are ripped apart and brutalized.

I am disgusted with the human race today.


Video Clip

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30 Responses to 7 Week-Old Girl Raped, Probably By Her Father. Mommy Aids the Perpetrator

  1. Jenna says:

    I’d love to find out what prison he will be in and provide inmates the info on what this sick f#@& did and let them unleash on his sorry @$$, in this situation it should be legal to kill someone. He and this innocent baby’s piece of s$&# mother. I hope they both die a horrible torturous death. Sorry but I do.

  2. povertyjane says:

    Absolutely agreed!

  3. povertyjane says:

    I know this baby has been damaged on many levels, but there is hope for her. My heart cries out to her while I send her nothing but love. I just wish I could hold her and tell her there are people who care for her in this world. I only pray to the powers that be, that she will find someone who loves her the way she deserves. With the right family support and help, she can find healing. I send this baby all the love my sad little heart can send her.

    • Alethea says:

      There is always hope, for everyone, and everything. Hope doesn’t cure, treat, or lessen trauma and abuse.

      • povertyjane says:

        I didn’t mean to suggest hope cures trauma. I tried to mention in my previous comment, that with the right therapy and people who believe and love her, she can find healing. I may not have portrayed that clearly, I apologize.

        I live within an hour of where this has happened and just prior to this act, another 15 month old baby died from his father cracking his head open b/c the baby had been crying all day. This also happened in the same area, this guy Cook lives.
        My fear is that many people look at a baby that has been through something like this and think, they might be better off dead. I disagree with anyone who would think this.

        My point was that even though these traumas infallibly damage a person’s spirit, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of or in the world or deserving of unconditional love.

        I am a survivor of rape and child sexual assault and I have found healing through many countless hours of therapy. To heal,doesn’t mean to make the injustice okay and it doesn’t excuse the behaviors of that act. It only brings peace within myself so I can live my life without further causing myself spiritual and emotional destruction. I know, first hand, that hope doesn’t cure the trauma. But what hope can do is send strength to this baby by giving other people, who care about her, a chance to send her nothing but love and light to help guide her spirit. Everyone of us that feels hurt, angry or sad about this story, does so because we care about this baby. We may not know her, but she represents many things to others. Be it a parent that is reminded of their own child or someone who feels the need to protect the innocent, etc.

        I agree with your feeling Alethea, on trauma and what ignorance it is that so called professionals, parents, and child molesters rationalize that a child is to young to understand. Im with you, she will know, deep within her core self, that those she trusted her life with, betrayed her. Therapy will help her later in her life as she battles those trust issues as an adult. I only wish, being through what is ahead of her, that she finds the right people to guide her. I understand the road ahead for her, and I see that I found some resolution and some happiness in my world, today. I trust there is hope for her, if she has the right people around her, that she is not broken or unrepairable.And just to clarify that statement, when I say broken/unrepairable…I mean that we can put the pieces back together but there will always be the residual trauma that has forever affected our paradigm. Thanks for listening.

        • Alethea says:

          No apologies necessary Poverty Jane. I just hate the word “hope.” To me, it is a futile emotion. But I know what you were saying.

          “My fear is that many people look at a baby that has been through something like this and think, they might be better off dead. I disagree with anyone who would think this.”

          In my experience, I find that most people will think the child will be “just fine” and everyone can ignore what happened to her.

          I too have experienced tremendous healing after years of therapy. I know first-hand that it is possible and that miracles can occur.

          I too wish the very best for her, and that she gets a ton of love and one day can put her broken pieces back together. I just know that sometimes, extended family members are ignorant and abusive themselves, and the Child Protection Services are often abusive too. Foster care can be a nightmare for a child.

          With all the broken and abused children there are in the world, I wish that good, loving people would stop having so many babies of their own, and just adopt all the children out there who are unloved, in foster homes, and being abused by parents who don’t give a damn about them.

          • povertyjane says:

            Alethea, I forgot to mention that the irony of all of this is that the man Cook has been through foster care, has been sexually assaulted and both of his parents conceived him whilst in a mental institution themselves.From day one this man’s life has been abusive. It only reaffirms that without the proper help, these victims grow up to become the victimizers themselves. And I love your thought of loving family adopting. I have recently been following a man called Bryan Post who runs the Post Institution. He helps families bring in and care for highly traumatized children and teens. I agree with your statement and I applaud all families that take on the challenge of loving the little ones that are victims of abuse, on all levels. Peace be with you Alethea.

        • maribeth merton says:

          PovertyJane struck a chord deep within me when she mentioned the child was betrayed by the very people chosen to care for her. The love she came into this world expecting was never going to be there for her; and as if that were not enough, she had to undergo major trauma to her physical self as well. I hear a lot of talk about healing on this site, but I continue to believe that “broken” stays broken…the glue lines are less noticable on some than others, but they are there.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I have 6 kids and this story makes me sick to my stomach so bad in fact I could not read the story what a sick person I believe he should be castrated and stuffed in prison( FOREVER)!!! Totally outraged!!!!!

  5. Kelly says:

    Apparently, according to his ex-wife, this guy is no stranger to abusing others (including children)-


  6. Sheri Burns says:

    I am just horrified. I know raising children, and caring for infants is a huge, never ending, tiring, thankless job. But this ‘mom’ needs to be charged with neglect and child endangerment, just to begin with. Throw them BOTH to the wolves. Let this child have a CHANCE at a life—WITHOUT THEM.

    • Alethea says:

      Sheri, if it were up to me, she would be charged with child sexual abuse. In my moral code, anyone who does not care enough to come home when their daughter is injured and take her for immediate medical attention, and who aids the perpetrator…is just as guilty as he is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Aletha, in my moral code, any woman who goes off and leaves her 7 day old infant, other than her being admitted to the hospital herself, does not even deserve to have children!

        • Alethea says:

          The child was 7 weeks, but I agree that a good mother does not go off to party, leaving a new-born at home with a man for days at a time.

          What a strange world we live in.

  7. Andre' says:

    I know this is slightly off topic, but it goes to show how the more elitist you are, the less you are likely to be prosecuted. This involves a high level prostitution ring which inc children. “In almost every case of human trafficking for child sex slavery, court proceedings get shut down or diverted when a clear connection to the elite arises.” http://beyondthecurtain.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/new-york-prostitution-ring-provided-minors-for-wealthy-elitists/

    • manuela says:

      I remember Regina Louf”s (she was the principal witness in the Marc Dutroux case) reasons for stepping out with her shocking testimony – in the pedophile ring “they” bring now smaller children (1-2 years old). I had to do that (stepping out) for them.”

      I have a permanent question – how can people know about this stuff and still act like nothing is wrong is happening? How?

      • Andre' says:

        Why ? Because planet Earth is one big insane asylum. Is the short answer.

      • Alethea says:

        Because people excuse themselves with, “the child enjoys it.” “The child asked for it.” “I only helped her how to bathe.” “She won’t remember.” “It’s just a little sexual play.” etc. etc.

  8. manuela says:

    Wow, what a mother…first she leaves the baby for two days in order to have party and drink, second – she gets intoxicated and ignores the announcement, third – ignores the baby’s bad appearance – finally, she takes the baby to hospital.
    I would like to hear her testimony…although, I am not sure she can change my opinion.

  9. maribeth merton says:

    What a way to start my day…this guy does not deserve to breathe air on our planet. But then the psychologist who said the baby will not suffer or remember…where did he get his training? Caribeans? Cracker Jack Box? What a moron!

    • Alethea says:

      What a way to start my day…

      Sorry Maribeth. I just had to post it so that people are forced to see and know that human beings can be so evil, and that a mother can be so cruel and disgusting.

  10. little nel says:

    This man has effectively raped this baby to death. I don’t see how this child will ever have a sense of safety. She has been violated and abused in the worst possible way. Her life is in ruins and this trauma won’t go away.

    You are right, Alethea and this pseudo “psychiatrist” is a moron. He is probably a Freudian who thinks that this baby wanted to be raped.

    Put that baby rapist in a jail and let the inmates have their way with him.

  11. Andre' says:

    “I am disgusted with the human race today.” Yep.

  12. andrea says:

    This man earned a first class ticket to hell. When will Texas up its death penalty to rape of a minor.

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