Police: Mother Pimps Out Six Year-Old. Victim’s Grandmother Defends Her Pimp Daughter

The reporter in the news video says, “the child is now recovering” from the rapes.

She has not even begun to recover!

This child will most likely spend the rest of her life trying to heal from the trauma, injustice, lack of regard for her life, and from her mother’s betrayal.

People are so stupid. They think (Read: they want to believe) a child can just “recover” from rape, trauma, betrayal, and abuse like they recover from a bad case of the flu…

“A Florida mother has been jailed in Georgia, accused of prostituting her 6-year-old daughter to support herself and her drug habit.

Police in Columbus, Ga., arrested 39-year-old Dalina Nicholas, of Jacksonville Beach, Fla., on March 1 on a warrant accusing her of child neglect. She was locked in the Muscogee County Jail. Quinn Brooks, 56, and John Hagans, 47, are behind bars in Jacksonville Beach in connection with the case, accused of paying for sexual favors with the child. A third man, 51-year-old Norman Thompson, is being sought by police.

According to a report by Jacksonville Beach police, the investigation into the case began on Jan. 7, when a homeless man flagged down a patrolling police cruiser. The man said he knew of a young girl, later identified as Nicholas’ daughter, who was being sexually abused by several men, police said.


The homeless man told police the abuse had been ongoing for about two years and said that he had witnessed Nicholas use drugs. The man also said he was present once when Nicholas allegedly accepted $20 from a man and told her daughter to get naked and lay on a living room mattress so the man could have oral sex with her, police said.

The witness, according to police, said the girl had confided in him that she was being sexually abused and asked him to “help her make it stop.”

Nicholas, confronted by investigators at her Jacksonville Beach apartment, denied her daughter had been sexually abused. She told police that she had been abused as a child and would “know if her daughter was going through the same thing,” the police report states.

The 6-year-old girl told police detailed accounts of sexual abuse that she had suffered in her home, by various adult males, police said.

Brooks, Hagans and Thompson were identified as abusers of the girl, police said. Brooks and Hagans denied wrongdoing. Both men have been charged with capital sexual battery and are being held without bond. Authorities have been unable to locate Thompson.”

News4jax.com also reported the Florida Department of Children and Families has placed the victim and her 1-year-old brother with a relative. The children are receiving counseling, the station said.

Nicholas’ mother, Debbie Morgan, did not return a call for comment Wednesday. Speaking with WTEV-TV, she defended her daughter.

“They’re not true. They’re totally not true,” Morgan said of the charges.

Morgan alleged her daughter had been sexually abused by drug dealers and was a prisoner inside her home.

“I was told by my granddaughter that my daughter was beat by these people. I was told by my granddaughter that her mother would sneak her out of the apartment bare footed at night trying to hide from these people,” said Morgan.

Jacksonville Beach police said they have found no evidence to support Morgan’s claims.

“No, not at all,” Sgt. Thomas Bingham told HuffPost. “We believe this woman willfully and intentionally allowed other adults to perform sexual acts on her child.”



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2 Responses to Police: Mother Pimps Out Six Year-Old. Victim’s Grandmother Defends Her Pimp Daughter

  1. little nel says:

    I know a woman who had a brother that needed money for drugs so he “sold” her when she was six years-old to some guys who gang raped her to the point of death.

    A neighbor came looking for her when she didn’t see her for two days. She snooped through the house and found her unconscious and bloody in a pile of dirty laundry on the floor.

    She was taken to a hospital for medical care. It took years of therapy, many surgeries, and lots of TLC before she got better. She doesn’t remember the attacks and so she lives a happy life because of the love and care she received from so many people who helped her afterwards.

    Her doctors did not expect her to recover as much as she did considering that her injuries were so severe.

    The human spirit is an amazing thing. She was grateful in adulthood that she had no memories of the attack.

  2. maribeth merton says:

    Her life is really over at six years old…some people think we “recover” but we really only barely survive. This child’s trauma is unimaginable and many of us know what happened without imagining anything. Evil Evil Evil men supplied by a devil mother. Sounds too crazy to be true. Poor little baby. And now she is in another situation where she is not being believed or trusted. Without belief, she can’t be helped, because”nothing happened”. Makes me want to throw up.

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