The Crime Against Savannah Was Sadistic and Probably Fueled By Jealousy

Marc Klass, the father of Polly Klass, says this crime was sadistic. I agree. I still think both women ought to face the death penalty.

Sitting around doing nothing, watching while a child being sadistically tortured, is just as bad as being the one who ordered the torture.

By the looks of the two women, and by the photos of Savannah seen in the video, I bet these two were jealous of Savannah.

The grandmother will probably be convicted on first degree murder because it was pre-meditated. She told the bus driver, “I’m gonna run her ’till she can’t run no more.”

The grandmother, in her indifference, jealousy and hatred, laid out a self-fulfilling prophesy.

And of course the bus driver didn’t do a damn thing.

Nancy Grace is reporting that the step-mother was on her I-phone and laptop while Savannah died.


Marc Klass comment: CNN’s Nancy Grace, 3-13-12

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8 Responses to The Crime Against Savannah Was Sadistic and Probably Fueled By Jealousy

  1. maribeth merton says:

    I do not always like Nancy Grace’s public persona, but read her books. You can easilly see where her heart is, When she comes out fighting, and acting like a diva, it is for the little ones who have no one to do it for them. Thank God she put all the attention on little Caylee Anthony, or that beautiful baby would be scavenged by animals and forgotten. As is, her fruit cake mother got off, but did she really? I believe in Karma. Casey is telling the judge she cannot appear in court for her civil trial because she is scared someone will kill her. From her mouth to God’s ear…

    • Alethea says:

      I think it is disgusting that the judge has delayed her civil trial until January of 2013. When does Zeneida get justice? Maybe never, because I bet Casey will fly off to a foreign country and skip her trial.

      “oh woes me. I am getting death threats.” Well, cause and effect Casey. Action-reaction. You brought it on yourself.

  2. Cengiz Temi says:

    nancy grace is a disgrace

    • Alethea says:

      I like her half the time, and can’t stand her the other half. I take the good and ignore her other bullshit because she does say what needs saying sometimes.

      If I ever stood in front of her, I would be happy to tell her what I think of her negative side.

  3. little nel says:

    The father should be prosecuted for child endangerment also.

  4. The bus driver should be admonished for not doing a damn thing. She should be considered a party to this crime! Only then will people stand up and protect children! Our whole system only seems to protect adults and children seem to not earn citizenship rights until they are taxpayers, this is wrong…

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