Family Stands Behind Savannah’s Grandmother

“A defense lawyer says relatives are backing an Alabama woman facing possible execution in the death of her 9-year-old granddaughter, who was allegedly run to death as punishment.

An attorney for Joyce Garrard released a statement Wednesday saying the woman’s family is united with her as she fights charges in the death of Savannah Hardin.”


This reminds me of Caylee Anthony’s family –forget about the victim, forget truth and justice. Just protect the perpetrator and dance on the grave of the child.

“A prosecutor says the support isn’t surprising since those relatives have yet to see the evidence.

Garrard and Savannah Hardin’s stepmother are facing murder charges in her death. Authorities say the older woman ran the girl as punishment for three hours, and stepmother Jessica Mae Hardin did nothing to stop the abuse.

The defense says neither woman did anything intentional.”

Oh yea? “I’m gonna run her ’till she can’t run no more.”


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7 Responses to Family Stands Behind Savannah’s Grandmother

  1. little nel says:

    Everytime I see a picture of that woman, I want to slap her face!

  2. Charlotte Pemberton-Ropp says:

    The courts should make the grandmother, stepmother, & whoever that supports what they did. By making them run for 3 hours nonstop without water. I bet they wouldn’t make it either. I feel people who kill children should have to face the exact type of death.

  3. maribeth merton says:

    Stockholm Syndrome? People are just idiots? I have never understood families that do not belive when the evidence is dying in a hospital near them, or dead in a field. Several years ago, we had a case in a small town in UT. I am LDS, and so were the majority of these people involved. The man accused of molesting his small son and daughter was esteemed in the Church. People in his ward (parish) actually held bake-sales, and dinners to help with his legal fees. The first day of trial his seven year old son was sworn in to testify (this was before video tape) and saw his father. The six year old could not stop vomiting, and court had to be recessed. There were still people that thought that boy’s mother “taught” him to do that. I was and am repulsed. Unlike the madding crowd, I am aware of the evil perpetuated on the young and this little boy said it all. The dad was found innocent, by the way, and still got overnites with his children. UGGGHHHHH!

  4. Alethea says:

    LOL. Sorry Maribeth! I did not mean to scare you before bedtime.

    I would love to know why so many people support and defend a perpetrator while the victim suffers or dies. It’s a very strange phenomenon.

  5. maribeth merton says:

    I am a grown woman and this is not the last face I wanted to see before bedtime….I cannot even imagine the suffering that little Savannah had to deal with. This is not a loving face, and if her family supports her, doesn’t that just prove that statistics are correct? The “family” was abused, too; and this is the person they learned their “love” from. Of course they support her; subconsiously they realize she might kill them! I am being dramatic, but I know that families rally around the abusers and not the abused. I don’t know why and will never understand it, but those are the facts. I would like to meet up with this bully face-to-face, but maybe she will meet someone nice in prison.

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