Statistics Confirm the High Rate of Incest and Victim’s Secrecy

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month…

It is estimated that one million violent crimes involving child victims are reported to the police annually and Child Protection Services substantiates an additional 1.1 million cases of child abuse per year. Yet over ninety percent of crimes perpetrated against children go unreported.

Children of all social classes are more frequently victims of crime than adults. This is true in both rural and urban areas.

The United States Dept of Justice says one in twenty men have molested a child. 1

Seven out of ten sexual assault victims are under eighteen years old. This means that mostly children and teens are being raped and assaulted. 2

Ninety percent of child sexual abuse is committed by someone known, loved, and trusted by the victim. 3

Ninety-five percent of teenage prostitutes have been sexually abused. 4

Sixty percent of all convicted sex offenders are on parole or probation. 5

The Los Angeles County Interagency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect says that a parent, or other parental caretaker, kills their child almost once a week in L.A. County alone. The children are usually three to six years-old and suffer “repeated abuse at the hands of their eventual killers.” 6

Forty to sixty percent of men who abuse women, abuse children as well. 7

Fewer than five percent of children ever tell anyone that an adult is sexually assaulting them. 8

In California, 250 to 300 sex offenders are released from prison each month. There were over 94,000 registered sex offenders living in the state of California in 2002. Two thirds of them were convicted of sexually molesting a child. 9

Abusive fathers are more likely to fight for custody.

Abusive fathers win custody in seventy percent of contested custody cases.

Fathers accused of incest win custody in eighty-four percent of cases nationally.

Ninety-one percent of fathers accused of incest by their children obtain full or partial unsupervised custody in California. 10

Eight percent of all custody cases involve sexual abuse allegations. Of those, two percent are false.

Fifty-four percent of mothers who attempt to protect their children from incest receive only visitation or no contact at all. 11

Child Abuse Awareness Comments

Photographs of incest are uncommon. Medical records are more likely non-existent because most abusers do not take the child they are raping and molesting to a doctor to treat the abuse, neither do the women who know incest is taking place in the home, but who choose to protect the abuser.

According to former FBI Agent Ken Lanning, children often don’t have any visible signs of abuse. When a child has been sexually assaulted, doctors often cannot find any identifying physical marks or injuries. Even if the child was physically wounded, they can heal rapidly. 12

In a study on 704 children suspected to have been sexually abused, and who were seen at a hospital from January 1992 to April 2000, it was found that seventy-four percent of the genital and anal exams were normal in seventy-nine percent of the children. Girls made up seventy-five percent of the alleged victims and ninety-two percent of the suspected perpetrators were male. 13

In a study spanning five years, 2,384 children who had been assessed for possible sexual abuse, had a normal medical exam in 96.3% of the cases. The children had been referred for evaluation because they told someone they were being sexually abused, displayed behavior indicative of abuse, had been in an abusive environment, or because of a physical condition that pointed to abuse. Of the children who reported that abuse had taken place, 95.6% of the exams were normal. Out of those who had been referred for behavioral issues, 99.8% had normal exams, and ninety-two percent had benign exams if they were referred for a medical reason. The vast majority of the children in the study reported being penetrated rectally or vaginally.

The small remaining percentage had sexually transmitted diseases, or obvious damage had been done to their genitals. Others had varying medical conditions that strongly signified sexual abuse. The researchers concluded that abnormal medical exams in children, who are suspected of having been sexually abused, only occurs about four percent of the time. 14 The results of this study show that signs of sexual abuse in a child are hard to detect when physical evidence is depended upon as the primary indicator.

Experts feel there are close to sixty million survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States alone. 15 Evidence shows this number is grossly underestimated.


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6 Responses to Statistics Confirm the High Rate of Incest and Victim’s Secrecy

  1. Romi Elnagar says:

    Thank you for this. I used this information while arguing with some people on a blog discussing a bill in Texas that would require the naming of judges who give minors permission to have abortions. Some people have no idea at all that this sort of situation occurs or that it is so common.

  2. Tina Colby says:

    I agree . The Trama, and total deflation, of self, sadness, mind control/triggers and Overwheming Fear it inflicts, the Grief and to believe you can stop it from your now family, when the two of you have agreed! We, decided our next generation change agents, but, if it happens to your 2 1/2 yr old, f( two of you were victims, his a more crucial, age & development stage) and it repeats from the Fathers Maternal side. You have never experienced such, Shut down, harassment, Threats, Loss of Friends, the Church, the Judicial system, all the way up to my place of employment, and ending with his inability to Function then lay off, I having to provide. It ended our marriage, with His mothers sworn Revenge, lies, untill 7 years later his death, living with his partne. r I left to protect my now severely DEPRESSED child. The control and abuse continues, resulting in my Forced Retirerment. Thank God there is an End to anything. Nothing can remain the same! What ever is hidden is brought out, Whatever has been tolerated will Suddenly stop. (not that I bash anyones’ Lifestyle) May many who have Suffered enough take courage to make a difference, stop the Pain!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Makes me sick we have it all wrong in this country these predators should be locked up for along time instead we put drug affenders behind bars for decades and pedifiles get little to no time

    • Lynne says:

      I agree 100% This reflects the Lucerferian ruled nation values. Trust me, if they cared about drug abuse, they would defintly care about child abuse. Similar to redefining marriage as no longer 1 man 1 woman in Maryland but yet Human Traffiking is a misdemeanor that involves children/youth mostly…and it’s reistance by Gov to make it more than a slap on the wrist or hardly mentioned in News. It says in Holy Scripture a reference to satan being ” ‘god’ of this world.”

    • Tina Colby says:

      We are in the,- Stephen Covey Era………………………….

  4. Marina says:

    Thank you for publishing this. This is something that people should know about. I will tweet it from my Twitter account now.

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