Child Victims of Rape and Torture Cannot Wait Around For Adults To Find the Courage To Rescue Them

Yesterday’s post, stirred up a lot of emotion in someone at another WordPress Blog.

Everyone who reads my Blog on a regular basis knows I am not a people-pleaser. They know I do not conform to superficial social pleasantries, or to the social norm. Nor do I EVER acquiesce to ignorance.

“Kyllingsara” finds great offense in my belief that Logan, who knows who raped her as a child, and who is now 19 years-old, ought to alert authorities about these child sexual abusers.

“Kyllingsara” wants to know where my compassion is.

I would ask the same of Logan. Where is Logan’s compassion for the unknown number of child victims who have been, or are being raped in this very moment by the monsters who raped Logan as a little girl?

If Logan had a videotape of one of those children, age 3 or 4, being ripped open right now by an adult male, and having her vagina penetrated by his penis while she screams in pain….would Logan then speak up for that child? Does Logan really need a video, or photo of the crimes in order to stop them?

Or would Logan say to that child, “sorry, but I am still healing right now, and still dealing with my drug addiction, so I can’t stop what is happening to you. Let me know in a few years if you are still being traumatized, tortured, and sexually violated. If I am healed enough by then, I’ll make the call.”

What do you suppose a 5 year-old little girl, being ripped apart physically and emotionally, would say in that moment?…. “Oh, okay, I understand. You go about your life and I’ll be waiting here as a sex slave until you are ready to make the call.”

Logan appeared on Dr. Pill, and told her story to millions of people, but cannot call the police and report the identities of the child rapists and sadists?

Logan said she faced some of them at her father’s funeral, so she is obviously strong enough to face them in court.

This is not a child victim who is hiding out, in isolation and fear. This is an almost grown woman, who is coming out publicly to MILLIONS of people, and who now has the protection of Dr. Pill and his experts, the courts, and most likely hundreds of viewers who would defend and protect Logan at all cost.

Kyllingsara asks me, “who died and put you in charge of how other people work through and survive their traumas?”

Well Kyllingsara, if Logan does not speak up, then it is quite PROBABLE that a CHILD WILL INDEED DIE! If one has not died already!

“I’m struggling with the same dilemma, but fortunately I don’t have people like you in my life. People who preaches about “duty” and “justice”. To them, my healing process is what’s important. Not my destruction. I’m what’s important.”

So what you are essentially saying kyllingsara, is that all that is important is YOU, and YOUR healing. Fuck the rest of the world right? Screw the other victims and future victims out there?

“I’m what’s important”…there you have it. The motto of this generation: Me, myself, and I.

“What you are doing is adding to the guilt she is already feeling. If Logan wants to name her perpetrators, it’s her choice, and her’s alone. Not yours, not mine, not anyone else’s.”

Good, maybe a little consciousness of guilt on her part will get her to make that call.

I can imagine the child being raped in this moment by one of Logan’s perpetrators looking up at Logan and pleading to her to make that call.

“You can hope and pray all you want, I just wish your hopes and prayers were directed towards the one who needs it the most – Logan. If anyone needs hearing any hard truths, it’s you. Please don’t write on subjects you know absolutely nothing about.”

Sorry Kyllingsara, but it is the current child victim who needs hopes and prayers right now. I am certain that Logan would have hoped for, and prayed for someone, to have spoken up for her while she was being repeatedly orally and vaginally raped, and drugged as a child.

And I think that my father’s repeated death threats with a knife to my throat, and being choked by both parents, and being chased and locked in closets…and my family’s continued threats to me as an adult…all constitute a subject I know a thing or two about.

“Go beyond herself”. Most likely Logan has no idea who she is. Get off your moral high horse and take a good, long look in the mirror and say “shame on you’.

When I spoke the truth to my family, and was cut off and threatened, and called humiliating names…I looked at myself in the mirror and thanked myself for finding the courage to stand up for the child inside me, who no one else would speak for. I then told myself that I would speak up again in a minute…in spite of what I endured.

“You, my dear, I feel have nothing good to bring to the table. I’m sorry you experienced what you did, but to me, people like you are the very reason I would be hesitant in speaking up. I could point out so many things in your blog that make me want to yell “shut up, shut up, shut up”, but I won’t. Instead I’d ask you to read your own post.”

You Kyllingsara, are exactly why so many abuse survivors are afraid to express themselves, and fear being called names and shunned. YOU Kyllingsara are part of the problem because you tell people who happen to disagree with you, “to shut up,” for daring to speak their mind and to speak uncomfortable truths. You are a hypocrite because you did to me, in your Blog post, exactly what you accuse me of having done to Logan.

Thank you Kyllingsara, for reminding me of why I spoke up and why I continue to speak my mind and speak my truth –in spite of those who try to intimidate me into silence.


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7 Responses to Child Victims of Rape and Torture Cannot Wait Around For Adults To Find the Courage To Rescue Them

  1. Rhonda says:

    I totally agree with you! I endured sexual abuse at a very early age. I was a child prostitue. i am now 42 years old and I have not had a romantic relationship since I was 25. I have been in therapy for most of my life, and I just recently got a Masters Degree in Counseling to help other victims. I believe that Logan will eventually regreat not helping other victims. I totally feel she is being selfish. Because of her refusal to stand up to these monsters more and more children will suffer…and she will have that on her conscious. She could have made a difference. I totally get this is difficult for her. But it will always be difficult for her. Might as well make good come out of it. otherwise, what good is her story? Peace

    • Alethea says:

      “Might as well make good come out of it. otherwise, what good is her story?”

      Peace to you too Rhonda! What a great observation you made.

  2. mary says:

    Thank you for writing this post. In these past 2 months alone ive had people in my family and workplace intimidating and guilting me into silence. Some times i dont know what to do. How do you find the courage to speak when your supply of it runs dry? When do you know to keep fighting and when it’s the right time to just walk away and move on?

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Mary. So sorry it has taken me a while to respond. I would have to know more about your situation to answer you in a more helpful way. But generally speaking, I would not speak up in times that I feel depleted. Although, once in a while, it makes you feel damn good to speak up when you are feeling low.

      I would love to be able to answer you in depth, but I can’t without knowing your situation a little better. If you want to share, I can try and help you. I have not only experienced things first-hand, but I have read a number of books and articles on speaking up.

  3. manuela says:

    “SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP” – well, that’s a very mature attitude. You know, miss K, that Silence it only allows to the wound to grow deeper and deeper, and to affects the every other aspect of your life. It is not the pill for healing…but the TRUTH is.

  4. little nel says:

    Go Alethea!

    Intimidation is the most effective way to keep a victim silent.

    Kyllingsara sounds like a victim who identified with the perp’s plan of silence.

    Kyllingsara was attempting to freely spread around the guilt and fear in the response about Logan. When you point the finger at someone else…three more are pointing back at you!

    Wake up to the truth Kyllingsara. “Punishing” the messenger will not stop the truth of the message or stop the abuse.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Little Nel. On this Good Friday, I say thank you for standing up for truth, even when you might be one of very few who do.

      The truth is never popular and rarely wanted.

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