Raped and Tortured For Years as a Child, Victim Remains Silent About Who Abused Her

Did anyone see nineteen year-old “Logan” on Dr. Phil, who was raped for years as a child by her father and his friends?

I could barely watch the program.

I do not think “Logan” is her real name, but starting at age three, Logan was used as a sex toy for several of her father’s friends, including women. Logan’s father also raped his daughter, and in order to support his drug habit, he had friends over to the house for sex parties with his child.

Logan, now nineteen, sat stoically and without emotion, as she told her story to Dr. Phil.

Logan spoke about her father’s rapes; “Usually, I would be tied down to the bed, or the floor or the wall because I would flail, and I would scream. He would tie me with duct tape or rope. Usually, I would just be left there, tied up for a couple of hours. When he would walk out of the room, he would cover me up with a blanket. My dad would tell me that this is how princesses become queens. I had never felt so much pain as a 3- or 4-year-old girl.”

“My dad would give me heroin. He thought it was so funny to watch this little girl walk around, fall all over herself. When I was 4 years old, my dad shot me up with heroin, and I overdosed. Drugs were a lot of what helped keep me quiet.”

Logan said her perpetrators would cut the faces of people out of magazines, cut holes in their mouths and tape the picture to her face for the rapes. She also said there was usually at least one female in the room while she was being raped and tortured. Logan said the women did nothing except sit there and laugh.


At one point, Logan was sold to her father’s drug dealer for a month-and-a-half of rapes and abuse.

When Logan’s father (above) gave her to his drug dealer, the man kept her naked, forced her to clean his house while naked, made Logan give his guests oral sex, and she was raped by them.

“Even women who were dating these men,” she says. “I don’t understand how somebody never came into that house and said, ‘What are you doing? A 5-year-old little girl — how could you victimize her in the way that you have?’”

The rapes stopped when Logan turned eleven. She did not see her father any more, and Logan did not tell a soul about what she endured for eight long years. Five years after her last rape, Logan received a phone call. Her father was dying of cancer.

On his deathbed, her father confessed to her. Logan said she told him she forgave him, but of course, says she really didn’t.

At her father’s funeral, Logan saw many of the people who raped and sexually abused her. When Dr. Phil asked her if she wanted to see them punished, Logan said no.

I am fairly certain that Logan was threatened with death or otherwise mentally programmed by her abusers to not want to see them pay for what they did. There is no other explanation for her response, except that she feels guilt for the rapes. Dissociation from the torture and abuse is of course taking place in her mind, but Logan has not dissociated to the point of isolation and not being able to tell her story, so dissociation is probably not why she says she does not want to see them punished.

It does not matter if a child is raped at age three, and continually tortured and sexually abused for years…they will undoubtedly feel guilt anyway! But Logan has to move beyond her guilt for the sake of other victims.

I was furious with Dr. Phil for not asking Logan if she would like to protect other children. He should have asked her to seek justice so these monsters don’t harm anyone else. I am 100% certain they have already sexually abused and raped many other kids!

Logan is nineteen years-old, she is not a little girl anymore. Dr. Phil should have asked her to help other children by naming her perpetrators.

Victims need to have the truth spoken to them, even if it might be a hard truth. Dr. Phil blew it when he did not confront Logan with the fact that her silence is allowing little children to be put in serious danger.  I hope and pray that he spoke with her off camera about this.

Logan was duct taped to a recliner chair with her legs spread open. Her rapists used to spin her around in the chair like a bottle. When the chair stopped spinning, Logan was raped or molested by the person whom her legs pointed to!

These people are satanists and monsters. They need to be taken out of society.

Logan, unable to have children because of the rapes, says, “I remember the first time like it was yesterday,” she says. “I still have the nightmares. Those mens’ faces don’t ever leave my mind … I don’t know what to do with these faces that I see every day and these memories that I have. I have nightmares almost every night. And regularly, it’s my father more than the other men.”

Logan can help stop those nightmares by putting her rapists in prison.

Logan says, “I usually have nightmares about four or five times a week. My nightmares are vivid memories. So many faces. I see it happening again, and again and again. It seriously sometimes feels like I’m there. My entire life, I’ve used drugs to numb the pain, pretend like it didn’t happen. I’m scared that I’m going to keep going on this path that I’m on right now and wind up dead.”

Logan is abusing drugs to get her through the pain and trauma, but she needs to put down those drugs and pick up a telephone to tell authorities the identities of those child rapists and all the women who stood by and did nothing while she was brutalized and humiliated.

She cannot pretend that it did not happen by ignoring the fact that her perpetrators are out there –free to rape and torture children. If Logan can speak on Dr. Phil to millions of viewers, she can name her perpetrators and face them in court. If she does, I guarantee she will help minimize the nightmares, and rid herself of many of her other mental health problems.

Silence is complicity and says to the perpetrators: “I approve of what you did.” Logan has a moral duty to go beyond herself and tell authorities who those people were.

I am not judging Logan in anyway. I do not know what she endured mentally to stop her from speaking up. But Logan must speak up for other innocent children.



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30 Responses to Raped and Tortured For Years as a Child, Victim Remains Silent About Who Abused Her

  1. Michael says:

    What kind of fucker does this to a daughter that young? Anyone for that matter, but to treat a little girl like some kind of pleasure toy is sadism to the power of sadism. I sincerely hope that this guy is caught, and put in a jail cell where he can be welcomed accordingly by his cell mates. I don’t claim to be perfect myself, but I would never THINK of doing something that wicked and vicious to a little girl. LET alone if she was my daughter. If anyone dared do something even CLOSE to this to my daughter, I would ACTUALLY kill him. No one who acts on these kinds of demented fantasies should be allowed to live.

    • Michael says:

      A girl at 3 or 4 years old shouldn’t have any worries as far as even SCHOOL goes, this kind of sadistic absurdity is just intolerable. There is no reason why this guy and his friends should be alive. It’s must be horrible that she never got a real father, that protected and loved her rather than torturing her senselessly with his pedophile friends. People like this that use preschoolers as sex toys in their iniquitous games should be put down. No, tortured for days and then killed. I’m sorry, but to hear that people actually exist and do shit like this to children is surprising and horrible. NO kind of punishment in our known universe could compensate for what this girl put up with for years.

  2. Samiah says:

    I was one of these little girls.

    Daddy hurt me from 5-19, and he shared me with his friends and my uncle who was a police chief for a while… I never told and wont. If anyone yelled at me about other kids I’d probably lash out at them….

    I use disscoiation, extinguishing matches on my skin, hard drugs and anorexia to escape… she’s already brave enough and helping kids enough by going on the show… stronger than I for sure…

    • Alethea says:

      “I use disscoiation, extinguishing matches on my skin, hard drugs and anorexia to escape”

      You use what benefits YOURSELF. Maybe if you took action to do something to benefit another human being, then you would be able to break these destructive energies. Use your energies outward, instead of directing them inward on yourSELF. The self, the self-survival system can never heal anyone.

      I have every right to speak my mind about Logan. If you want to lash out at me, that’s your prerogative.

      • Lera says:

        I belive that Logan needs to speak out and give names of these sick men and women to help save another child. I was eight yrs. old when my oldest brother raped me. I did not remember because I buried it so that I can try to be normal. When I turned eighteen and finsh school I changed my name and not one person of my brothers and sisters never ask me why I changed my name. Today I still hurt and now I finds out that the same brother raped my sisters and one he raped over and over again and started paying her. He also paid my baby sister not to tell our father. After all those years I finally whispered to my oldest sister I know who raped me as a child, when she asked me who I told her to ask another sister who it was. For some reason I was still scaerd to say his name. But what hurts more is that I have tried to have him arrested and everyone in law tells me its to late. That is wrong because I know that my case and my sisters fall under special circumstances. This incest rape ruin my life and the harder I tried to finish college I just could not do it because I always disasociates with out knowing until I come back to reality. This brother is now a millonair and he still says I’m lying but three of my sisters know different because he got them to. I wish I can prosecute him but at every try I am told its to late. Thier should not be a statue on childhood rape in any state because everybody traumactic expreince is different.

        • Alethea says:

          I don’t think there is a statute of limitations in civil suits. If you can’t have him criminally prosecuted, you can consider bringing a civil suit. Any award can help you pay for therapy, or to go back to school. It will also put his friends and neighbors on notice that they need to keep their kids away from him.

      • Lera says:

        I would never speak out against another survivor of incest rape because we are all different beings with different stories. Today I will speak out because after fortyfive years I know that telling my story can help that person come forth and not be afraid to speak out.

        • Alethea says:

          Yes, we are all different. This does not mean we do not all have an obligation to protect other innocent children. If she was strong enough to go on Dr. Phil, she is strong enough to quietly contact police and give them names. Not doing so is complicity and approval of further crimes against children.

      • Karen says:

        I think Logan and Samia are both brave for telling their stories. What an awful thing to have to live through, not just at the time but for the rest of your life. How dare you Alethea, make anyone feel bad for not doing more for other people! Samia is right, Logan went on national television and told her story, that will help so many people to not feel alone or to inspire them to speak up. I think your attitude in near-sighted and hurtful and if you want to help people, then start by not attacking people who have been through this or making them feel guilty.

        • Alethea says:

          Dear Karen,

          Imagine being a child currently being sexually abused, raped, and tortured…then see a woman who you know has been raped and tortured by the same people who are currently raping you…see her go on national TV, with the support of a nationally known man, and the help and support of law enforcement/FBI etc…and then see the woman tell her story but not reveal who your current rapist is, and see her tell everyone about HERself, but not reveal who is raping you.

          Now maybe you can understand why I think she is wrong for not disclosing the perpetrators.

          I am thinking of current and future victims, not the woman who got an hour of time on national TV. You might call it “attacking her” but I call it trying to wake up her conscience.

  3. Meagan says:

    Maybe she thinks that if she was to go to the police, they wouldn’t believe her. Unless there is some hard physical evidence (which I don’t know if there is or not), the lawyers who represent her abusers would tear into her. Yes she needs to stop using drugs to get through her pain, and even though I don’t approve of the use of drugs, I can’t blame her; that was the only way she learned to get through life’s pain.
    I, too was horrifide when I saw this on Dr. Phil. It made me sick to my stomach to think of any human being doing this to a little girl. But as Alethea says, God designed us to have free will. And because of free will, Logan has decided not to speak out against her abusers. She may not be doing anything to stop child abuse, but what are you doing? What am I doing to stop it? Focuse on yourself, and not others.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Meagan,

      When Dr. Phil said, don’t you want to see them punished?” she said “no.” She did not say, “If I go to the police, they wouldn’t believe me.” Obviously Dr. Phil’s staff checked her story out enough to know that she does have a valid claim.

      “She may not be doing anything to stop child abuse, but what are you doing? What am I doing to stop it? Focus on yourself, and not others.”

      What have I done? Since the day I remembered what happened to me, I have done nothing but take action against child sexual abuse and incest. I have written numerous letters, articles to newspapers, articles to online mags. I have written judges and joined countless groups to help others. I have joined legal groups, tried to get laws changed, written three manuscripts for publication, donated money, donated time, contacted other survivors to ask “what can I do?” I have joined support groups, attended conferences, and started this blog so I can help educate, enlighten, take action, support, speak the truth, and help break the denial bubble out there.

      What have I done? A lot.

      What have you done? It’s none of my business, but if you tell me a story on national TV and I choose to speak my mind about your story, then you had better be ready to not be affected by what I say, or to be affected; your choice.

      • Samiah says:

        Congratulations for all the work you’ve done in helping bring awareness. (You surely cant take true creit for having stopped anything, but efforts in awareness are always good)

        Don’t curse those of us whom aren’t as strong yet. You’re just feeding the ignorance around us. People like this are why people tell me I must have liked it, because I didn’t tell.

        I didn’t like it. Ever.

        • Alethea says:


          “You surely cant take true credit for having stopped anything, but efforts in awareness are always good.”

          How do you know what my words, actions in life have stopped or not stopped? I certainly have never gone around tooting my own horn, but to address what you say here, I can say with strength that no one knows what good comes when someone speaks up, writes a letter to a judge or state’s attorney, or when someone speaks their mind about something. Maybe something I have done or said in my work has indeed stopped a child from being abused. You don’t know, nor do I. But at least there is the possibility… and that’s why I will continue to do what I do.

    • PM Stefan says:

      Recently, I reported my abuse to law enforcement in the state in which it occurred. They most likely disbelieved me because I never heard back from them. I thought of going to the FBI since the abuse I witnessed involved kidnapping. I have not done that yet. My therapist encouraged me to report the crimes which involved serial murders.

      The bulk of these crimes occurred almost 50 years ago with some occurring over 50 years ago. Definitely a cold case crime.

      The first time I reported my abuse to law enforcement was 22 years ago. At that time, I only knew about one place where the crimes occurred and I did not know the perpetrator.

      The problem for me in reporting the crimes I saw and what was perpetrated on me is that I do not recall my father’s name. To hide his crimes, he forced me to call him different names which confused me.

      I blocked so much out from the abuse and the criminal acts I saw that I did not know the state in which they occurred was a state. I thought it was a town in another state. Talk about dissociation! It was not until 22 years ago, when I first started to remember what my father did, that I discovered that town was a state!

      • Alethea says:

        Wow, you really suffered mind control by your father.

        I would encourage you to at least attempt to contact the FBI. It is possible that your story might help them solve old cases. Not all cops and FBI agents are bad. But know going in that you will face hurdles. Have no expectations either way about the outcome, that way you will not be disappointed or hurt if things do not work out, or worse case scenario, you are totally disbelieved. But have an open mind because doors might open for you when you least expect it.

  4. Andre' says:

    Problem is, there is no authority to go to. many times they seem to protect and cover up these situations.

    • Lera says:

      Andre you can tell your story now, time has brought about a change people are now listening and the law is now doing something about it. I am still trying to prosecute my brother but in Oklahoma is far behind on assisting me because of the years that have past. But I will keep on fighting until something is done. I not only want justic for myself but also for my sisters.

  5. Sue says:

    This makes me feel like I have to vomit! Cancer was not horrible enough for her dad. No form of death could be comparable to what this child has gone through. I can’t help but wonder why God allows these sort of things to happen to the innocent.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Sue,

      Out of God’s love for us, we were given free will. With free will, comes a price for everyone. But it is a GOOD price in the end because I would rather have gone through being raped at age seven by my father, and repeatedly raped and abused by him, than to live in a world with no free will –a world where humans are robots and cannot think, choose, or feel for themselves.

      • little nel says:

        I would hate to think what the lawyers would do to Logan on a witness stand if she participated in the arrest and prosecution of the perps who raped her.

        She would have to endue more humiliation and pain in a public courtroom, so she avoids it. The perps would get all the protections under the law and she would be called a liar and scorned by those who support her rapists.

        Who wants to relive all that trauma and get punished for being a child who was sexually abused in court? Her father is dead and yet he still controls her feelings of guilt and fear because of his abuse of her.

        Her feminine soul and mind have been severely damaged and she thinks that naming her rapists will not change what happened to her or fix her childhood.

        It takes a long time to believe that God cares about what happened to you in childhood.

        She grew up with a sick mother-effing father who did not give a rat’s ass about her. I hope that he died of groin cancer and his balls rotted off.

        Give this girl some time and maybe she will find the strength, the courage, and a will, to end her oppression by all that trauma.

        It was the hiring of bodyguards that finally ended my nightmares.

        • Rhonda says:

          I understand what you are saying, however….I hate to think of all the other children who are being raped and tormented by these individuals when she could have done something to stop it. And also, she is going to live with trauma anyway! I have been abused, I let it go for a long time, but now as a 42-year-old woman I wish I had done something when I had the chance. I agree with the author of this artical.

          • Alethea says:

            Thank you Rhonda. I think what is being missed is that she appeared on National TV, had the support of Dr. Pill’s staff, mental health professionals, and would have had the help of authorities I am sure.

            You, and the vast majority of others like you, did not have that kind of support and help.

            Logan probably even had some family members who knew about this and who believe her. Most other victims don’t have that either.

        • Lera says:

          I want to face my accuser only if I can get through this dam limitation law. I have made up my mind to be as outspoken as I can to bring those sick demons to face thier own sick minds in a court room. Today I am strong enough to handle just about anything because I am not afraid anymore, but it took time to get thier. That dog that rape me stays out of my way and also my sister way.

      • Samiah says:

        Aletha, I disagree. Having gone through what I went through… I’d rather we have been robots… at least then believing God loved me and don’t hurt me through my Daddy, would make more sense.

        • Alethea says:


          God has nothing to do with what your father did. God is not an entity separate from yourself. God is within. God is not an old man with a beard floating around the cosmos somewhere. God is Beauty, love, truth, joy, abundance. We go through what we do in this imperfect, physical world in order to find our Divine Nature.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That is the hard part why she doesn’t tell. That is the part that we do not understand because it allows the abuse to continue. There is a major mindset because of the nature of teh abuse. I never told and wouldn’t hae except my mother read an article and came to me and it all surfaced like it was yesterday.

    • Lera says:

      Anonymous, You are much stronger than you think at least your mother stepped up and I hope did something about it. But I want to tell you that it was not your fault and when you are ready to tell the world it will come out and thier will be know fear on your part. The truth has a way of comming out when you least expect it. Keep strong and learn to love you.

      • Alethea says:

        “The truth has a way of coming out when you least expect it.”

        Boy is that the truth!

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