Children Are Not Dead Horses

In response to my concerns about Logan, who was raped and tortured by many people as a child (You can read the two previous articles by clicking here and here,) Sara has again replied in a manner that cannot be ignored.

Sara refers to this as “beating a dead horse” but when one defends children with the truth, it is to defend the innocent victims. Children are not dead horses. They are dependent upon the adult world to help them. They are impotent against a sexual perpetrator unless, and until, an adult does something.

Sara has misunderstood me. I am not trying to force anyone to speak up. Expressing myself about a vital issue is not trying to force someone. Logan may or may not even read my article, but if she does, I would only hope that she sees a grain of truth with eyes that have been wounded.

The truth is spoken, not to force, but to make others aware. It is spoken to wake people up. Sadly, the truth is rarely accepted or even welcome.

Yes, Logan was victimized and brutalized and has years of healing ahead of her. This does not excuse a person from reaching out to help other victims. Social responsibility, is the responsibility each human being has to one another, and it is also the responsibility of speaking the truth to one another.

Sara’s personal experiences have nothing to do with my thoughts about Logan’s silence. Sara’s situation is most likely quite different from Logan’s. There is a huge distinction between someone who is highly likely to be raping children right now…. and someone who has raped or sexually assaulted a child in the past and no longer hurting children.

If a person is aware that little children are, right now, being raped or molested, and that person decides to remain silent about who the victimizers are, but can appear on national TV to talk about their childhood, then this is not okay. It goes against the law of love –against the harmony of life.

If a survivor is silent about who raped her as a child, when her rapists are not in contact with children, or are supervised with children, and are no longer sexually abusing children, then remaining silent is most likely based in prudence. If one day, the truth needs to come out for the sake of healing a relationship, or for finding personal strength, then that is a choice that can be made at a later time.

“Saving other children by destroying myself in the process will not benefit anyone. If that makes me a heartless bitch, then so be it.…Yes, the important part here is my healing. If I don’t heal and go on to living a good life, then he won. To me it’s that simple and yet so difficult. I don’t see that as the “motto of this generation”, I simply see it as something I need to do in order to survive.”

Not a heartless bitch, but certainly a decision based in selfishness. Self-survival is the largest component of selfishness.

“As far as Logan goes, in my eyes she is still a girl. She is only 19 years old and in many ways still a child. To me, she is the important person in all this, not potential future victims.”

It is NOT just potential victims! If Sara thinks the people who raped, tortured, used, kidnapped and molested Logan for years are not, and have not sexually abused (or even killed) other children, then I do not know what world Sara lives in, but it sure sounds like a happy place to be –Lala land.

Logan having faced her abusers at her father’s funeral, and her having gone on national television to share her story, is indicative of a girl who can very well stand and face her perpetrators in court. If nothing else, she can at least contact authorities. The people who raped and tortured Logan are sadists and child rapists who need to be exposed.

My articles were never about Sara, nor were they about me. The only reason I brought my own story into this, is because Sara chose to try and intimidate me into silence… for daring to have an opinion that is contrary to hers! She was just like my family and I wanted her to know that her personal jabs and wanting me to “shut up” are why so many survivors of rape and incest do indeed keep their mouths shut. But Sara is willfully blinding herself to that truth.

“Now, please leave poor Logan alone. There are other ways to prevent sexual abuse of children from happening without re-victimizing the survivors.”

And who exactly has been “re-victimized?” If I had not done as much healing as I have, then I would be pointing my finger at Sara for making me feel intimidated for speaking my mind. But thankfully, I instead used Sara’s words as a spring board for self-empowerment.

Logan may or may not feel re-victimized by my comments, but even if she does, then she might want to examine those feelings and use them to help her heal, and to help make her stronger.

A person can only feel victimized if they still feel like a victim inside themselves. We are not injured by what others say; we are injured by our reaction to it. I will not ever remain silent when an innocent child victim can be helped by speaking up to someone –even if my speaking up is done to another person who was once a victim.

What we do with our experiences is just as important as what we experienced, and how it affected us.


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3 Responses to Children Are Not Dead Horses

  1. little nel says:

    Logan went on national television and told her story of pain and abuse at the hands of her father. Logan’s father is the source of her victimization and she told the world.

    Logan is not “re-victimized” by responses from people who listened to her story. She knows that or she would have never agreed to be broadcasted to so many people.

    She is keeping silent because she is intimidated and afraid of her abusers like so many other victims. It’s a “no brainer.”

    She was bullied, exploited, and sexually abused by adults. WE BELIEVE HER.

    • caselight says:

      While she may be intimidated and afraid of her abusers, it is still wrong for her to be silent while other children are at dire risk. “Evil persists because good men do nothing.” Also, in a sense, she already spoke to her abusers when she spoke of them on Dr Phil. “Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me.”

      • Alethea says:

        “…in a sense, she already spoke to her abusers when she spoke of them on Dr Phil. “Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me.”

        Right on Caselight! You are so correct.

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